Clean Your Furnace Filter in Easy Steps

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HVAC units have furnace filters that need frequent change, especially if you do not maintain them well regularly. If changing the filters is a tedious task, it is advisable to learn some steps to change the filter. This will also help you clean the filters and even replace them.

Steps to Change Furnace Filters

Websites such as recommend that you need to disconnect the fuel or power source before you work on the furnace. Read the maintenance service panel of your furnace and understand if you require any particular tools for changing the filters.

1. Look for the filter panel. You can lift this door off its holding hooks or unscrew it.

2. Check the filter. The filter is often near the blower motor. See if it is a disposable filter or needs to be cleaned or replaced. If it is a disposable filter, look for the size and model on the edge of the frame.

3. For filters that need cleaning, you can clean it with water. Make sure that no dust or dirt remains. Dry the filter properly before reinserting it into your furnace.

If it is a disposable filter, buy a replacement filter and slide it into place. Make sure that you follow the directions indicated in the proper direction of the airflow.

Learn to handle the furnace filters

Next time professional plumbers visit your home for furnace replacement in Utah or elsewhere, learn how to change the filters easily. Well cleaned filters will help your furnace function efficiently as the air flow will be open. This will also protect the respiratory health of you and your family.

The cleaned filters can filter out pathogens and harmful substances from the air in your interiors. An efficient filter will not only save you a lot of money but also decrease the risk of a fire in your home due to a clogged filter.

Check your filters regularly

Check your furnace filters at least once a month and clean the blockages thoroughly. This should be done especially during the winter when you might use the furnace more.