Choose the Right Type of Siding for Your House


There are reasons you should choose to install sidings onto your house. For one, it will serve as the first line of defense against the striking heat of the sun, heavy rainfall, or the biting cold of winter.

And if you ask any home appraiser, they will tell you that having a new siding in your Utah home installed by firms such as Double T. Inc would increase its value.

There are different types of sidings to choose from. But before you decide which siding type to install, you should understand the kinds of materials it comes in, among other factors.

Vinyl Siding

Due to its cheap cost, hundreds of color options that are available on both horizontal and vertical panels, flexibility and durability, and easy maintenance, vinyl siding has become the top choice for homeowners. However, a poor installation may lead to mold among other issues. It also gets easily dented and scratched while it tends to bend when exposed to extreme weather condition.

Metal Siding

Usually associated with modern designs, metal siding needs little maintenance and is fire resistant. Metal siding could get rusty though and is vulnerable to discoloration if incorrectly installed, plus, it gets easily scratched and dent like vinyl.

Wood Siding

Wood siding gives your house a simplistic, natural beauty. Replacement is easy since you can supplant the specific damaged portion. However, you have to repaint it every 4-5 years to retain the natural look. Most of all, it’s not fire resistant.

Brick Siding

Another expensive siding is brick, which could easily last 100 years. Plus, it gives your house an elegant, antique look that would be the envy of your neighbors. Fire resistant, no bugs, and termites, and can withstand the test of time. And like fiber cement, the installation cost is quite high.

Stone Siding

The siding that could last a lifetime, stone siding is fire resistant; even Mother Nature cannot penetrate. No more repainting – just pressure washer and it is back to natural beauty. The only downside is the installation, which could drive the cost up.

Good luck in your search. Choose wisely!