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Defending Against Child Support Cases: What You Should Know

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Child Support in CaliforniaVery few men are ready to admit their true fears. What’s true, however, is there are only two words that can make almost any man weak in the knees: child support. The ‘weak in the knees’ statement rings true for many, at least in financial terms, as monthly child support payments can range from $300-$400 a month. The amount owed yearly can get even bigger, reaching over $6,000 at most, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Not all child support cases are levied with justice, still. Some custodial or non-custodial parents can still choose to refuse paying child support, provided that their case is duly vindicated. A number of factors constitute legal defense for such cases, which must be kept in mind at all times by involved parties.

The DNA Test Dilemma

DNA testing is almost always the go-to course of action when trying to legally avoid child support. Unfortunately, most family courts don’t stop with DNA test results, and a lot of parents end up paying for kids that aren’t theirs. says it’s always a good idea to ask for a DNA test and potentially sue for restitution.

Identifying Advantageous Situations

Various circumstances can present the possibility of child support payment termination. For instance, payments can be ordered to stop if the child is no longer a minor. In California, payments can be terminated as soon as a child turns 18 years old. The limit can go up to 19 years old if the child is living with a parent and is still in high school full time. In this regard, payments are terminated when the child finishes high school or turns 19 — whichever comes first. Payments can also stop if the child marries, enlists for military service or dies.

Custodial Battles

In most child custody and support cases, men often face an unfair, uphill climb. The general rulings state that the parent who wins the custodial contest receives the support money. This is where the age-old “motherhood bias” comes to play. It’s not surprising to see court rulings on custody go in favor of the mother, assuming that the woman is the better choice when it comes to raising kids. Asking the other parent for financial help is another different hurdle alongside this long-standing bias.

A Few Critical Points to Consider

Child support payments cannot be levied without an official court order. If payments are being made informally without such an order, it’s much easier to stop child support. Wage garnishment also plays a factor — this is a situation wherein a parent’s employer automatically deducts child support payments from the paycheck and issues the money to a distribution agency.

3 Critical Consequences of Taking Up the Wrong Paralegal Course

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Paralegal CourseBeing a paralegal nowadays can be a rewarding profession. Pursuing this career might not match the earning potential of a lawyer, but you can earn up to $90,000 a year if you’re in the right field and market. You might not enjoy the prestige of being called an attorney, but you can get to perform intellectually challenging tasks with less stress. You might likewise have to burn the midnight oil, but you’re entitled to overtime pay, unlike lawyers.

Generally, working as a legal assistant these days is something to be proud of, but the success of your career heavily depends on getting the right education. If you take up the wrong course, you might find it hard to feel satisfaction in this profession.

Waste of Everything

Even if the program is offered by a prestigious college, you might just be wasting your time if the course you enroll in is not in your field of interest. reminds people that paralegal work is not just a job; you do it because you’re passionate about it, at least to some extent.

If you discover the specialty you love too late, you might have to study again. Instead of using your time to gain some experience and beef up your resume to earn a high salary, you might actually have to pay again for your tuition and wait for a couple of months to earn your certification.

Low Salary

Finishing the wrong program might land you industries with less green pastures. Not all paralegal jobs are well compensated, so it’s truly worth your while to concentrate on specializations that tend to pay more.

No fulfillment

This is the combination of the two. If you have zero interest in your field of specialty and don’t make that much, being a paralegal can really be a living hell.

Many paths can bridge you to the legal industry as a paralegal, but not all can lead to promising careers. More than getting an education, you must invest in the right education to help guarantee your satisfaction in this profession.

How to Bring your “A” Game to Divorce Mediation

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Going through a DivorceThe road to divorce is a long and arduous. Once you’ve decided to go through with it, you’ll need a solid plan to help you efficiently transition to the next stage. Divorce mediation may help.

The primary goal of divorce mediation is to help you and your spouse agree on the crucial divorce issues, preferably without wasting money on various fees or unwarranted stress and time in court.

To prepare you for mediation, these tips can help.

Be Really Open to Mediation

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be BFFs, but both of you must be willing and ready to negotiate with open minds and hearts.

Ensure that Both of You Do Your Homework

Organization is key to mediation, says a divorce mediation expert in Long Island such as You can’t expect your mediator to help you if you don’t have a list of things you need sorted out and what you want to do with them.

Make a master list that must include both of your properties, assets, records, income sources, and expenses. Note that a majority of state courts will require that you pass a financial affidavit, so consult your lawyer about this.

Determine Your Goals

After itemizing all your possessions, determine what both of you want to actually do with them. You will need to look into it yourselves and determine the things you can and can’t live without. Again, making detailed lists is important.

Your Children Before Anything Else

Although your children may be tough, divorce will be difficult for them so make sure that you do all you can to minimize the drama and stress that can negatively impact them. Whether your children are 17 and five or six and 10, tell them what’s going on, because chances are they already know there’s something major happening.

Your children deserve and need to hear that both of you will go on loving and supporting them and that this event will soon pass. Keep in mind that you’re divorcing your spouse — not your children.

Divorce is rarely easy and breezy on anyone, even with divorce mediation involved. However, being prepared mentally and emotionally will directly affect how productive the mediation process will be.

Beyond Law Firms: Sectors That Are in Great Need of Paralegal Services

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Paralegal ServicesThe demand for paralegals these days is unheard of. The profession is booming, the salary is rising, and the career opportunities are spiraling. Gone are the days that you’d end up in a law office after you earn your certification, due to lack of other options. Modern legal assistants have the luxury to choose which route to take after school, simply because new paths are being built for paralegals to take.

Other than exploring the temporary employment market, there’s a long list of organizations and institutions that require the services of a certified legal assistant like you. After graduating from a national paralegal college, says the pastures may be greener in these sectors than in legal practices:

Real Estate

Most real estate firms have an in-house legal department, where you can play a crucial role in. The real estate transactions are legal in nature. You’d draft sales contracts, perform lien searches, check appraisal reports, prepare documents for closing, and many others.

Whether it’s an ordinary residential sale or a large-scale property development project, firms in the real estate industry can’t afford to leave such tasks to anyone without working knowledge of the law.


The need for specialized legal support in the medical field never goes away. Organizations belonging to the healthcare sector know that a single legal oversight can easily cost them millions of dollars, should certain cases escalate to litigation. Especially if you have some nursing background and other credentials, you’d be a huge asset to hospitals and insurance companies.


The private sector in general has different legal matters to deal with. Corporate paralegals help manage a wide variety of tasks with close collaboration with the company’s other departments. Corporations need skilled paralegals that have in-depth knowledge in every law and regulation that may apply to incorporation, taxes, employment, and other aspects of a particular business.

The services of a paralegal are needed everywhere. While it may require you to finish a specialized degree, landing a job in any of these sectors are rewarding financially and professionally.

Get Fair Compensation for All Your Losses with the Help of Brain Injury Lawyers Atlanta

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Brain Injury LawyersThe matter of which bodily organ is the most important may be debatable, but the brain is undoubtedly the seat of human functionality. It is the one responsible for making you come up with thoughts which form your personality. At the same time, it initiates the actions you have to carry out down to the smallest muscle in your body so you can flow through your day.

Unfortunately, brain damage can happen in the case of an accident, which may be brought about by another individual’s recklessness. If this has occurred in a loved one, you ought to get the support you need from brain injury lawyers in Atlanta like

Don’t Settle for Less Than What You Deserve

Of course, you need to have an effective approach in the case to ensure you receive proper compensation for your losses. If the victim is the breadwinner in the family, this would be even more important for you to go through.

Moreover, you should realize that you may be up against more than one party in this case. Apart from the defendant, you may see that the insurance company that will help with the medical expenses of the victim may label it as a mild injury. You need to have a lawyer who could reason this through properly especially if the damage is a lot worse than the insurance company claims.

You Have Every Right to Get Just Cause

During this time, you may feel very helpless. But with the help of a competent attorney, you will be made highly aware of your rights so you can carry on the will to fight in the case. You could also file for punitive damages. This entails financial charges to punish the defendant for his wrongdoing.

Injury to the brain, as in most cases, is likely to have permanent implications. At the very least, you should be compensated for financially for all the expenses and the future gains you would be deprived of. Do not forget that there is a time limit in filing a case. The sooner you act, the better your lawyer can help prepare a strong presentation. This is to ensure your ability to win when you end up facing the court.