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The Key to Making Your Registered Nurse Career More Exciting

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Nowadays, more and more registered nurses are exploring other methods to further their careers aside from applying or waiting for a promotion. Some undergo continued healthcare and medical training to have a specialization, while others complete programs that allow them to work both as a nurse and a legal professional. Those interested in the latter should consider taking legal nurse consultant classes.

As you familiarize yourself on the process of how to become a legal nurse consultant, you’ll learn that pursuing this line of profession will lead you to numerous career growth opportunities. And here are just to name a few:

Bringing your network outside of the hospital walls

One thing that makes nurses great at what they do is their natural ability to connect with others. And they need to, seeing that this ability allows them to have a better understanding of their patients. This attribute is also essential when it comes to mediating disputes between patients and their healthcare providers or insurance companies, or health care facilities and insurers.

As such, becoming a legal nurse consultant opens doors of opportunities for you to bring your contacts outside of the healthcare industry. This way, you canbuild relationships with professionals other than those you already have an affiliation with.

Improved analytical skills and overall professional growth

Legal nurse consultants provide their expertise and skills to a myriad of practitioners and industries, including those in the insurance and law, as well as the government. With their tasks extending beyond the needs of their patients, they have to have strong analytical and communication skills. They use these abilities to decipher facts and jargon that the other professionals they work with can understand more easily.

All these then create possibilities for registered nurses to experience considerable personal and professional growth. This alone should already make a career as a licensed legal nurse consultant strongly appealing to you.

Intestate Succession of a Māori Land and its Process

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Whenever a Māori passes away without a will, there is a priority rank for succession to the interests of the land. Rainey Collins Lawyers says that your Māori land lawyer will inform you that the kids of the owner (or their grand kids if the kids already died) have the primary entitlement to equal shares. If the owner does not have any kids, then their siblings or their siblings’ kids (if their siblings died) will have the right.

Moreover, if the owner does not have any kids or siblings, then the closest relatives from the whānau’s side will be entitled. If no one belongs to any of the said categories, then the Court will decide who will acquire the land interests according to Tikanga Māori.

When they finally figure out the right inheritor, the succession process starts by filing an application to the Māori Land Court. Their application must contain the details below:

  • Whakapapa of the deceased
  • Birth certificates, names, and contact information of their kids (including any whāngai)
  • Contact information and names of their surviving partner or spouse
  • Record of the Māori land the deceased owned that the whanau know about. As soon as they have filed the application, the Māori Land Court will conduct further research. This will guarantee that they include all the land owned in the succession orders.
  • Copy of the probate files (if necessary) and the Will
  • Death certificate

You can download the succession application form template on the website of Māori Land Court or get it at any of their offices. As soon as the Court receives all needed details, they will set down the matter for hearing. During the hearing, the Judge will listen to the applicant and other concerned individuals. They will then determine the rightful inheritor of the Māori Land interests.

Landowners should speak to their whanau and inform them about what they want to happen with their land when they die. This ensures that there are no surprises when the time comes.

Gaining a Better Understanding of Criminal Law

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Lawyers are categorized based on the section of the law they practice and the responsibilities they undertake. A lawyer may focus on family law, criminal law, and other types of law.

Similarly, criminal law attorneys are also categorized according to the branch of criminal law they deal in. The various branches of criminal law seek different methods to define a crime. An experienced business attorney in Colorado shares more information about criminal law.

Objectives of criminal law

Criminal law is supposed to perform three duties. One is to define what the crime committed is. The second is to find the victim affected due to the crime committed and the final duty is to determine the accused or the perpetrator of the crime. To perform these duties, the criminal law is divided into two major sections.

Different sections of the criminal law

The first section of the criminal law deals with criminal procedures. This involves handling the court trials of the case. The procedure they follow will pave the way in which the investigation will take place. It also deals with the collection of evidence and facts. There are many criminal lawyers and business attorney firms in Colorado and other states.

The second section is the practical criminal law, which focuses on the specific crime and the suitable punishment. The criminal lawyer handling this section is called the defense attorney and is the legal representative of the individual/s accused of committing the crime. They begin their task only after the accused hires them. If the accused cannot afford a lawyer, then the court will appoint one to represent them.

After they are hired, these lawyers will meet their clients to gather details about the crime from the perspective of the client. If the client admits guilt, the lawyers will hand over their clients, but if they do not, the lawyers will aid their clients with the required legal support to get courtroom success.

Today, lawyers have updated websites so finding the right one is easier and affordable. Work with a reputable attorney to ensure a positive outcome for your case.

Medical Malpractice: The 3rd Biggest Killer in the US

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Medical Malpractice and GavelFor years, headlines in America teemed with stories of medical malpractices that left families bereaved, patients disabled for life, and health professionals stripped of their license.

In the US, medical malpractice is prevalent, and it is important for both doctors and patients to arm themselves with information to prevent these fatal errors from happening. Medical malpractice has already claimed the lives of 250,000 people.

Common Medical Errors

Most doctors get into hot water because they mistakenly diagnose a patient. If they misdiagnose a patient, they could give the wrong treatment, which is usually harmful, if not fatal. For instance, a patient may be allergic to the medicines given to him. On the other hand, if the doctor does not diagnose a disease in time, any treatment might be too late and useless.

Another common case of medical malpractice is injuries incurred during child delivery. The mother could suffer from heart attack, seizures, or internal hemorrhage that cause death.

Other times, it is the child who suffers when the designated nurse fails to administer the right care to him, and he is neglected. Negligent prenatal care is likewise a cause for concern because there is the likelihood that congenital disabilities and other problems won’t be identified and given attention.

Mistakes in surgery and anesthesia are other medical errors that doctors and health professionals can commit. Both may also end up in the death of the patient.

Should You Hire a Lawyer?

Just in case you are living in Springfield, IL and medical malpractice happens to you, it is your right to seek the help of an attorney. Don’t be afraid to narrate the circumstances surrounding the incident, however embarrassing, as every detail could be helpful in solving the case.

If you are a doctor, surely you don’t want to risk your license. If you are a patient or a relative of the victim, you would want to ensure you are given all the assistance possible. Contact an attorney and help stop the prevalence of medical malpractice.

In Love and Incarcerated: Are Prison Relationships Now Common?

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Man behind barsIn 2015, a female North Carolina prison employee made it to the news after investigations found a connection between her alleged sexual relationship with a prison inmate and a jailbreak. According to corrections officer Robin Kay Miller, sexual relationships between inmates and officers have always been a problem, especially as allegations arise that felons may be using such affairs to break out.

For other prisoners who found love behind bars, however, a life outside is not the only factor that can fuel a relationship. A lot of them did fall in love, and with people from the outside who they met through websites and apps.

Snail Mails are Out, Apps are In

Some inmates were fortunate enough to be able to turn to bail bonds in Raleigh, NC, to attain freedom, start anew, and find love outside. Others, however, have no other choice but wait for their case to move on.  

In the past, these inmates relied on snail mail to meet friends and potential partners. With the arrival of websites and apps such as,,, and, it is easier for inmates to communicate with people and even find love interests from the outside.

Not Old News

Records show that inmates who serve time, even for the most heinous crimes, have the ability to woo people outside.

Take Lyle Menendez, for example. Lyle was incarcerated with brother Erik in 1989 for the murder of their parents. After they had been given a life sentence, he married Anna Eriksson, his pen pal, in 1997. They split up after one year, but in 2003, Lyle married another pen pal in a prison ceremony.

Scott Peterson, meanwhile, who was in the death row for the murder of his wife and his unborn son, reportedly received a significant amount of love letters from admirers.

Many people reach out to inmates to show compassion to those behind bars. Sometimes, however, it’s easy for the lines to get blurred. While some conditions can restrict inmates from forming new relationships, there are instances when such relationships work out.

You Just Need These 2 Quick Steps to File a for Divorce in Colorado

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Divorce Text Written in a Torn Piece of PaperIn Colorado, if you can no longer get along with your spouse, you may find it easy to file for a divorce. The state would gladly grant it to you if your marriage is “irretrievably broken,” without citing other concerns.

Now, before you go straight to the courts to file for a divorce, you should meet the residency requirement. You should have lived in the state for a minimum of 3 months or 90 days. Next, here’s what you got to do. Consult with a divorce lawyer in Denver, Colorado who can better explain to you the entire process.

Step 1: Fill-Out and Submit Necessary Forms

Although there are many forms that you have to fill out, there are only three main ones. First is the Case Information form, then the summons (Summons for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation form), and the petition (Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation form). There are two kinds of petitions, one for “with children” and one for “no children”.

You can get copies of the forms at the courts, or you can just download them online through the website of the Colorado Judicial Branch. Print your copies only on acid-free bond paper.

Submit your documents to the county court where you and your spouse live. It will be filed, stamped, dated, and photocopied. You will be given copies as well.

Step 2: Serve the Summons and Wait

Now you can provide copies of the documents to your spouse. You will be sending the summons form that should be signed by your spouse, too. However, if you jointly file for divorce, you can opt not to provide a copy of the summons.

After the summons is signed, it should be returned to the courts for proof that the divorce case is in progress. However, you have to wait three months before anything is done about it. All you have to do now is wait.

If you can’t do everything by yourself, you can hire a divorce lawyer in Denver, Colorado to help you accomplish all these tasks.

The Return of the Child: A Seamless Handover

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Child Custody in AlbuquerqueIf you are a divorced parent, one of the best feelings in the world is seeing your child come back after a vacation or stay with the ex – because if you were honest enough, you’d rather avoid handing over your child, in the first place.

Despite the fact that your ex will take care of your child, it’s still difficult to endure the long wait before they come back. As a parent, it’s natural to worry about their welfare, as well as wonder if your ex will do a good job (especially if you came from a high-conflict divorce). You want the kids by your side, but even the best child custody attorney in Albuquerque would discourage you from being selfish with the non-custodial parent.

Handovers are bittersweet moments and in some cases, difficult to manage.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to ease the angst:

Realism Matters

The upcoming reunion results in a basket of mixed emotions: eagerness, excitement, and nervousness. You need to come to terms with the reality that there’s bound to be some emotional baggage – if not from you, then perhaps from your child, your ex, or maybe someone else in your immediate family.

Acknowledging the reality that not everyone will accept the “handover moment” in the same way should be where you start. Approach the future reunion (or, the future goodbye) realistically. Know that the possibility of an awkward shift is very real, and give people – including you – time to adjust and settle back into normalcy.

Sympathize with the Other Side

Your reunion with your child encourages anticipation and excitement. The ecstatic feeling makes it easier to ignore the feelings of the other side. While you dream of the day your child hugs you back, your ex probably dreads the day they hug them goodbye.

There’s nothing to lose when you sympathize with your ex-spouse. Don’t take it personally when they become frustrated or angry; they will just miss your child. Rather than lash out or be smug about the ordeal, keep your feelings in check. Be polite and keep it as civil as possible.

Having your child back can be an amazing experience, especially if you get through the handover. With a little sensitivity, you’ll get through this awkward phase. 

Contesting a Will? 3 Legal Grounds You Should Know

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Probate Lawyer in DenverDid your deceased relative promise to include you in their last will but they didn’t? Or are you an estranged son who felt left out of your deceased parent’s will? If you feel that you should be part of a person's will, you can contest it in court. But read the following legal grounds for challenging a will before proceeding with the legal process:

1. Ignoring State Law

According to probate lawyers in Denver, each state in the US has specific laws governing last will and testament matters. In some states, for instance, a Testator and at least two witnesses must be in the same room at the time of signing the will. If you can prove that the will wasn’t signed in accordance with particular state laws, it is a strong reason to invalidate the will.  

2. Lack of Capacity to Sign

Commonly used when the Testator had grave health conditions before passing, this ground to invalidate a will is somewhat difficult to prove. As long as your deceased loved one understood the will and had the capacity to sign it at the time of signing, their last will and testament will be deemed valid. Even if they have signs of dementia before passing, it’s hard to prove that they lacked the capacity to sign at the time of signing. However, you can still use this legal ground if you have the witnesses’ testimonials to support your argument.

3. Undue Influence

Do you have proofs that your loved one was pressured by another relative to sign the will? If yes, then you can challenge the validity of the will using the undue influence as a ground. However, you must prove that the pressure was extreme, causing the Testator to lose free will during the time of signing. Threats, nagging, and verbal abuse are often not enough to prove extreme pressure, says a number of estate lawyers.

Apart from knowing the possible legal grounds you may use, you must also consult with an attorney who handles last will and testament matters. With a professional help, you will have a better chance of claiming the sufficient benefits from your deceased loved one’s estate.

A Responsibility to Millennials: Letting Them Know About the Rules

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Young Employees in New ZealandYoung people today know what they want and what they need to do to achieve it. This ends up at the subject of working, something they are famous for, but not for something good. They know what they have to do, but as employees, they must know where their obligations start and end. This means explaining to them the rules that they have to follow and the law that requires it.

It is not the easiest thing to talk to ‘millennials’. Most of them are only starting to work and while they are technically adults, they still need guidance. They may never break these rules, and knowing about them will definitely play a part.

The Unseen Rules Matter the Most

As the employer, you have no obligation to ensure your employees are taking the right path. You pay them in exchange for their effort, but it is a part of your responsibility to know what they can do and what you can do. This is why a course on employment law is important. It is far from a prelude to a late career in law, but it is what you need. You will then use this knowledge to create your own rules in the company, one that you find fitting in your industry, and pass it on to them.

A lawyer is necessary at times and in most cases, it is about setting boundaries. You do not want to suffocate this crowd, but if they know their limitations, it would be easier for them to do their work. Either this or utter chaos when someone breaks the rules; it is your duty, plain and simple.

For the More Serious Part

As young people get older, they will have more freedom to do what they want. A good foundation for this inevitable occurrence is for them to know what happens when severe actions receive an equal reaction, i.e. about redundancy. NZ’s I.R. Thompson Associates notes that this is one of the more serious things they should be made aware of. Fair is fair, which is the most important thing about redundancy, among other austere issues about employment.

It may seem a lot now, but this will become a mere footnote of your business. Rules are there for a reason and in a work environment, it will lead to more learned employees and a more fit workplace.

Qualms about Divorce? Science Says Better Days Are on the Horizon

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Divorce Cases in UtahTo most Utahns, divorce is generally the answer to ending an unhappy marriage. While it may be the ultimate process to legally move on and find your happiness elsewhere, you know it’s more complicated than that. Divorce is full of uncertainties, a long, dark tunnel perhaps paved with years of emotional, mental, and financial difficulties.

Good news is there’s always light, a glimmer of hope that await divorced couples—particularly in the Beehive State. If you have misgivings about getting a divorce, make peace with yourself since research shows that things are going to be alright:

Love is Likely to Last the Second Time Around

Mt. Nebo Law says that even if you ask any experienced divorce attorney in Spanish Fork, Provo, and Orem would say that divorced Utahs tend to find their perfect match if they remarry. This is the reason men and women in Utah have the lowest chances to be divorced (again) in the country.

While the state registers an above-average divorce rate, numbers show that second, or sometimes third, marriages seem to last.

Things are Expected to Work Out if You Remarry Old Enough

To reduce the odds of divorce in succeeding remarriages, you must also say “I do” at the right age. According to a study, couples that get married after the age of 32 tend to stick together forever.

This is why divorce is only popular to the young in this state. The study’s author reveals that the case could be due to the economic recession, millennials tending to put off starting a family until they’re more financially capable.

Whatever the reason, the key is to never rush and ensure you’re 100% ready to commit to another person again. If you are to make your next marriage last, time is your ally.

Your Children are Possibly Happy That it Ended

Surprisingly, a study shows seven of 10 children with divorced parents actually understand the motivation behind the separation. They feel it’s the ultimate solution to solve marital issues.

This doesn’t mean they’re not affected by the divorce to some extent, but, at least, more kids view a broken family better than a complete family without love. If your children are the only reason holding you back to file for divorce, realize that even they know it’s for the better.

Nobody dreams of getting a divorce, but it’s usually a blessing in disguise. It may spell the end of your failed marriage, but it likewise marks your life’s new chapter that’s full of opportunities to be happy.