Protecting Your Business from Security Breaches


Security BreachSecurity risks are real regardless of industry. They are the reason many business owners invest a significant amount of money in finding ways to protect their business data from breaches. In fact, they don't mind investing in the most sophisticated methods and products they can find for protection.

Managing Your Business Assets

When you run a business, you know you are responsible for its assets. The bigger your business grows, the more assets it will have. The sad reality is that these assets grow side by side with the risks they are exposed to. If you ignore such risks, your assets may fall into the wrong hands.

Invest in training and guidance under professionals regarding the handling of such business assets. To make sure you are on the right track and your security never fails, recommends getting ISO 55000 for asset management certification.

Keeping Your Documents Secure

In the 90s, there was worldwide concern about digital theft. This was when the Internet’s power was beginning to be harnessed, and many cybercriminals were getting smarter and bolder. In time, different types of protection from such criminal acts were introduced. Firewalls now come standard. Make sure to hire professionals in incorporating security protocols for your digital structures.

If you invest in a roomful of servers, protect your servers 24/7 from theft, illegal access, fire and other threats. It is necessary to have redundant copies in case a server fails or gets stolen or compromised, as well. Use the cloud to your advantage, but deal only with highly competent cloud service providers. In most cases, you get what you pay for, so set aside a considerable budget for this.

Protecting Your Physical Files

Your physical files are at risk of theft, too. To protect them, always have them returned to storage. Limit access to your files, especially if these are sensitive client files. If you must hire storage for your files, interview the storage providers and check their premises for the amount of protection they offer. It makes sense to backup and have your files scanned and saved in a separate server or the cloud.

Don't put your business at risk. Invest on the most reliable services and programs to make sure that your data is safe from leaking to people with malicious intent.

In Retrospect: The Last Five Years of the Internet


The Internet has changed a lot, and it is still evolving at a lightning pace. Despite the many things that altered the online landscape, it is still important to look back and appreciate the revolution.

Five years may seem like too short to possibly accommodate thousands or millions of changes online. But if you take into account the world’s population and the needs of the people across different societies, you will realize that this is possible.

Other than advances in hardware, such as using sophisticated transceivers from Optdex, the changes in the way people use the Internet is more especially worth taking note of.

Different Devices Have Become Internet-Ready

Half a decade ago, the word Internet was linked to desktop and laptop computers. Mobile devices back then were already Internet-ready, but they were not that popular among users. Fast-forward to present, almost all things we know are already connected to the Internet. Other than computers and mobile devices, watches, digital cameras, televisions, and even washers are made to connect to the web.

Businesses Have Gone Social

Social media back then was only for communicating and meeting new friends. Five years after, businesses from different industries are all online for customer engagement and leads acquisition. With this particular change, social media have become part of core marketing and branding strategies.

Influencers Affect Online Buying Decisions

People could already buy products online five years ago. Today’s difference, however, lies in the number of influencers that affect the purchasing decisions of customers. People nowadays consult a popular blog before buying anything. Likewise, or visit review sites before finalizing their decision to get a particular product. With this shakeup, many businesses have started capitalizing on popular online personalities and thought leaders.

The web has undeniably changed a lot over the years. And the evolution is unstoppable. What will be in store for us five years from now?

Elements of a Results-Driven Parallax Website


When it comes to web design, what images, colors, and fonts you use can mean the difference between failure and success. To get your target market to stay on your site longer and explore or buy, you have to come up with an effective strategy that produces desired results. This is where parallax scrolling comes in.

According to companies offering website design Lakeville MN businesses recommend, parallax scrolling is a technique in web design that quickly became popular – and not without reason. Many reports show that it can help businesses drive more traffic, build trust, and increase conversions. You’re now probably eager to use this type of layout to your advantage. To design a powerful parallax scrolling website, you need to be familiar with the must-haves.

An Eye-catching Navigation Bar

Perhaps you’re curious why a parallax website still needs a navigation bar, since all the information that customers will need is already on one page. A simple yet attractive navigation bar makes sense, as it tells people where they need to go. For instance, if a visitor wants to get in touch with a company immediately, he must be easily be transferred to the “Contact” tab instead of having to scroll many times just to find the details. To include a navigation bar to your site, you can use a drop down menu or a series of small dots.

A Changing Background

Whether you want a parallax website that flows vertically or horizontally, having different background colors or images is a great idea to keep your target market engaged. In addition, this tactic helps make it easier to determine when the content switches.

A Creative Loading Page

Due to the motion effects, most parallax websites can take a bit longer to load. This is the reason you have to create an attention-grabbing loading page, so you can give your site visitors something interesting to look at while waiting.

With advancements in technology, it’s now possible to have more interesting and advanced effects on the browser. Keep in mind that parallax scrolling isn’t just about stunning layouts and cute images. It can backfire when overused. Your main goal should be to provide a great user experience.

Pay Attention: Hire the Millennials to Succeed


A few years from now baby boomers will leave the workplace in great magnitude. Author Paul R. Dannar believes that along with this departure is the exodus of knowledge and expertise of people who have sharpened their saw for many years.

How will companies in Perth and other Australian cities cope with such loss of great talents? The answer lies upon the entry of the new breed of working force, the Millennials. Known as the Gen Y, they were those born during the 80s until the year 2004.

Commercial and public organisations need to prepare for them because based on research they will form fifty percent of the global labour force come year 2020. It will indeed be challenging to attract and retain them. Start with a straightforward approach. Make the following changes:

  • Create a collaborative atmosphere at work.

Millennials are talented and energetic professionals who want to make a positive impact at work through collaboration. They desire close relationships and crave for teamwork in the organisation.

  • Offer a creative and open working space.

A recent survey found that the design of the workplace is a priority for this generation. Accordingly, they are happier and more motivated in a well-designed space. This extends also to their preferences for cars and homes.

These young professionals do not like isolation. They prefer commercial interior designs that showcase open spaces.

  • Invest in technology.

Millennials have an inclination to technology.  The PWC research mentions how technology empowers this digital generation. Employers need to upgrade its IT policy to offer a more lucrative option for them.  Some offer smartphones and an open connection to social media.

There is an evolving landscape at work.  Companies need to hook the influx of great talent if they want to thrive.

Fix It: Underperforming SQL Server in Trouble


SQL is relevant. It is second to JavaScript in terms of popularity among developers. As complex as how Structured Query Language sounds, SQL Server performance problems are equally difficult to fix, to say the least. On your end, it may be as complicated as filtering the necessary information from your system before the troubleshooters can do their job.

The most probable causes are there to put the blame on: queries that take the longest time to execute, concerns with design application, resource contention in systems and the so-called blocking. Before being able to solve the problem, dive through the system to fish for some much needed information. Only then can SQL Server performance troubleshooting start.

According to, SQL server support services minimise downtimes and reduce risks. This is why companies want to resolve server issues as soon as possible. To get started, know the information you need when problems strike.

1. SQL Server Performance

Know the usual culprits in restricting access to the SQL server. Familiarize yourself with locking, file I/O, memory and the CPU.

Pay attention to the essential information to be included in the monitoring record. Take note of the logical and physical disks, memory, processor, threads, every SQL Server counter, paging file and processes.

2. SQL Profiler Trace

Find all recordings of computer activities running on SQL Server from the SQL Profiler trace. Use this record to find time consuming queries and execution plans that need optimization. This also traces everything that happened before the performance issue that may lead to the precise cause.

3. Blocker Script Output

Blocker script is very important in verifying when blocking occurs. Refer to the script output in SQL Server performance troubleshooting.

4. Microsoft Windows NT System and Application Event

There are certain problems that do not appear in the other records. This is when Windows NT system and application event records come in handy. When you want to have a clearer, wider view of the system and server activity even after resolving SQL problems, these records fit the bill.

5. Sqldiag Utility

Get information on computer configuration, error records and the operating system by turning to the sqldiag utility that comes with the SQL Server.

There you have it. Those are all the information you need. Once you’re ready, call SQL server support services to start troubleshooting.

Tips To Improve SQL Server Performance


Structured query language or SQL is an open system tool that manages databases, housed in the Microsoft SQL server. Similar to other database applications, the performance of SQL can vary and depends on the design of the database and the speed and efficiency of programs that access the database itself.

Through thorough analysis of tables and establishing more efficient programs, and monitoring real-time database operation, it is possible to troubleshoot and improve the performance of an SQL server.

I/O Performance

I/O, which stands for input-output, performance on a database is what IT engineers call the ‘silent killer.’ Any database specialist can tell you that I/O performance is crucial and is the primary bottleneck within the database, because of its main task of retrieving and storing records within the files itself.

By instituting measures to prevent bottlenecks of data, a DBA can improve overall performance.

Processor and Memory Related Issues

The term scaling up refers to the process of moving an application to a higher class of hardware. This includes more powerful processors, higher memory and faster disk drives.

Upgrading to a higher processor or adding more maximizes the use of your existing hardware. You can easily resolve memory bottlenecks via the addition of more memory.

Use of Performance Enhancing Software

There are many software programs available in the market today that database administrators can use to improve system performance. Features of a good program should include the ability to take over tasks of assigning memory, CPU load and storage to other applications accessing the database.

The program can manage data requests and provide intelligent data routing to different applications running on the server. Management of data throughput minimises server slowdown and congestion.

Database administrators can use several techniques to enhance an SQL server performance. Only DBAs know which method is appropriate to enhance its productivity, but a combination of several is advisable.