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Kapitolyo, Pasig City: A Perfect Foodie Hub for Families

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Barbecue in KapitolyoKapitolyo is setting a new standard when it comes to budget-friendly restaurants that offer a scrumptious selection of food. The appeal of Kapitolyo lies in the fact that it contains some of the best hole-in-wall restaurants that adventurous families will surely enjoy.

Pasig’s very own food haven is, in fact, strategically located at the heart of the Metro with quick access to C5. Prospective homeowners may want to consider buying a condominium in the area, to be in close proximity to Pasig’s very own foodie hub.

Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew

Families looking to enjoy the best of Latin American and Filipino-inspired dishes in a restaurant that features the colorful murals of local artists would love dining in Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew. They have an exotic line-up of food, which includes the Kare-Kare burrito, Nacho el Gigante, and 18-hour Gancho Steak. The diner has a festive vibe that’s sure to be a hit with the kids as well.

Locavore Kitchen & Drinks

Families looking for a modern twist to classic Filipino dishes might want to try the food at Locavore Kitchen & Drinks. They serve a unique variety of dishes such as sizzling sinigang, lechon and oyster sisig, and kare-kare wings. The restaurant also has an open-kitchen layout with long tables, which makes eating at the restaurant feel like a festive boodle fight.

Diner on 16th

Diner on 16th is one of Kapitolyo’s first American-inspired hole-in-wall eateries. The red-and-black themed retro fixtures and upbeat tunes make it the perfect haven for families who want affordable comfort food in a vintage setting. Must-try dishes include their Bourbon BBQ Beef Kabobs, Soy Ginger Glazed Chicken, and Ube Waffles. Make sure the kids try the milkshakes, too — they’re the first restaurant to introduce overloaded milkshakes in the city!

The extensive line-up of food in Kapitolyo makes it the perfect place for families who want to satisfy their weekend food craving. With the area’s current restaurant boom, Kapitolyo is definitely the place to be for those who want to shake up their gastro-trip.

4 Essential Reminders When Horse Riding in the Cold

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Horse RidingHorse riding in the winter can be as magical as it looks. Following the snow-covered trail and enjoying the scenery atop your horse is a lovely experience. As fun as it looks, riding in the winter can be challenging because of underlying dangers the weather can bring.

Even horse riding in warmer weather already requires important riding wears such as a properly-fitted riding helmet, riding boots, full seat breeches, and a pair of riding gloves. During winter, wearing extra garments, for both you and your horse, is important to prevent any chance of catching hypothermia.

Here are four essential things you should consider when riding your horse in the cold:

Keep Your Feet and Head Warm

Without feeling your legs and feet, stirring your horse can be quite an impossible task. Keep them from the cold by wearing thermal riding boots. You also lose most of your heat through your head so choose a riding helmet with ear flaps to keep your ears warm.

Invest in a Good Riding Coat

Your riding coat should protect you from the wind and keep you dry even when snow falls. A coat made of polyester and feathers works well in keeping you from the freezing cold. A breathable sweater or vest underneath is also advisable.

Waterproof Blanket for Your Horse

Keeping your horse dry is essential when riding in the snow. Use a quarter sheet to prevent the muscles of your horse from cooling down while riding, but if the temperature isn’t that cold anymore, a thick coat can make a horse sweat very quickly. There’s a risk of catching a cold if your horse takes longer to dry, so use a cooler after riding for a proper drying off.

Prepare for the Early Nightfall

The sun goes down faster during winter months. Riding in the dark could pose a lot of danger when unprepared for the situation. Use bell boots, reflective vest, bridle covers, or other reflective gears so you and your horse are still visible at sundown. If you don’t want to risk riding in the dark, take a shorter trail and go back to the barn before sunset.

Riding your horse through the snowy woods is an enchanting experience not everyone gets to enjoy. Whether doing it for the first time or already an expert, wearing gears for safety should be everyone’s priority.

Replacing Your Heating and Cooling System: Three Things to Consider

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Heating and Cooling System ContractorOne best way to heat and cool efficiently is to replace your old heating and cooling system. This is especially true if the equipment is more than 10 years old or if some of your rooms are too hot or too cold. Be sure, however, to choose and install the right equipment to get the best performance. Note that the wrong system, as well as improper installation, can lower the equipment’s efficiency and increase your bills.

Here’s what you should consider when replacing an old system:

The Right Size Matters

Obtain the best possible indoor comfort by choosing the right size. It is common for many homeowners to assume that a bigger heating or cooling equipment is better when buying a new one. The truth is, however, a large system will not make the house comfortable because of the constant on/off cycle. The wrong size can also put additional stress on the components and shorten its service life.

Sealing Ducts and Air Leaks

It is best to assess you duct your system to identify leaks and seal them. This will help ensure that the new equipment delivers cooled and heated air in all of the rooms. Action Plumbing reminds you shouldn’t forget to seal common and hidden air leaks by caulking or weather stripping. Heating contractors in Salt Lake City suggest adding insulation in the attic to prevent heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.

Prioritizing Energy Efficiency

When choosing a heating and cooling system, be sure to select an energy efficient equipment. While those with the highest efficiency rating cost more, they give more savings in the long run. Quality ones are also designed to last longer than cheaper systems. Energy Star products are a great choice, as they can help reduce your energy bills.

Choose and install the right equipment for a more comfortable home. Get in touch with a reliable contractor to make sure that your system is sized and installed properly. This will ensure that your new equipment will perform at its best.

Shrink Sleeve Labels: Why is It So Popular?

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Shrink Sleeve PackagingShrink sleeve labels are growing in popularity and for good reason. It is versatile and its visual on-shelf appearance is appealing. It also addresses the packaging of surface materials whose shapes may not be traditional. For instance, if you are in the beverage manufacturing industry, you realize quickly that any other type of label will not work for your industry, as beverage bottle may have contours. Stick-on or wrap-around paper labels may not be good enough in this situation as they may not cling properly to the bottle and leave unattractive air bubbles on the label.

Here are some benefits that make shrink sleeve labels popular:

Versatility and Brand Identity

Since manufacturers use heat to shape the plastic film, shrink sleeve labels work with any size and shape of a bottle, box, or container. It effectively and smoothly hugs contours that standard adhesive labels would otherwise not be able to do so. This is also a cost-effective way of labeling and decorating highly complex shaped containers. Additionally, this kind of label eliminates the need for colored glass or containers.

You also have to take into consideration the beverage labels printing and designing. It is also easy to play with the design. You can opt to cover the whole body or start at the shoulder. Either way, this is sure to make your product stand out.

On-Shelf Impact

On a study conducted in 2011, Eastman Chemical Company commissioned AC Nielsen to understand the consumer preference for label format. It was found out that high-contour bottles with shrink sleeve labels have a high on-shelf effectiveness among consumers. Shrink sleeve labels are highly customizable giving you a lot of opportunities to play with the design. This gives your product that extra boost to stand out on shelves.

Practical Advantages

Practicality is also one of the advantages of shrink sleeve labels. Consider this scenario, pre-formed shrink film bands, that are manufactured to fit particular surface material shapes without needing a custom design, can become a tamper-evident seal when attached to container caps. This is a great way to let consumers know if there have been any tampering. This undoubtedly boosts the consumers’ confidence in the brand.

After all has been said and done, there’s more to just sticking a label on a bottle. So what if the label is perfectly adhered to the bottle without any air bubble, if the design was poorly made and printed?

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Carpet?

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Carpet Restore in RedmondIt doesn’t matter how powerful or high-tech your vacuum cleaner is; you’ll still have to deep clean your carpet every now and then. Most manufacturers recommend deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months. This will depend on the traffic in your house and how good you are with the weekly vacuuming. Though convenient, this recommendation is rarely applicable in the real world.

Calling in professional carpet cleaners more often might seem like a bother, but Anderson Carpet Cleaning says it’s the best thing to do for both your carpet and family.

There’s More to It Than Looking Spotless

Vacuuming every day and dabbing on any visible stains might keep your carpet looking spotless, but it won’t get rid of the deep-seated dirt and germs. According to allergen specialists in Redmond, your carpet and drapes hold most of the allergens in the house and get worse by the day.

The only way to restore the carpet’s freshness is through deep cleaning. The safest way to deep clean your carpet without voiding your warranty is by calling in a professional cleaner.

It Will Keep Your Warranty Valid

Many carpet companies will ignore your warranty if you didn’t hire professional carpet cleaners to work on your carpet every 12 or 18 months. The cleaning procedure of choice would be steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction).

The cleaning frequency could be at the bare minimum (once every 18 months, or the time indicated by your warranty documentation) if you live alone and don’t have so much traffic on your carpet. Consider doing it more frequently if you are a complete family with kids running around, spilling drinks, and playing with your pets on a daily basis.

You won’t get a standard scale telling you how often you should deep clean your carpet. Following the warranty and estimated traffic impact on the carpet will give you rough estimates. Inspecting the carpet as you vacuum will give you the visual cues you need to call in the hot water extraction professionals.

A Guide to Different Types of Event Marquees

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Event MarqueesA marquee is a traditional or modern type of portable structure or shelter that’s more flexible, durable and stylish than a typical tent. Choosing the right marquee is crucial to holding successful events. Marquees are great for all of life’s special occasions, as well as big corporate events, community gatherings and other commercial functions.

Today, people can choose among a variety of marquees to suit the unique needs of the event they are hosting. Marquees, whether constructed especially for the event or hired temporarily, come in different sizes, designs and configurations. To know which type fits your event, here’s a quick guide to the different types of event marquees.

Traditional Marquees

  • Canvas/Pole – a traditional canvas pole marquee or tent has been around for thousands of years and is a popular choice for English country-inspired garden weddings and summer events such as festivals and shows. The typical design consists of a large roof canopy, with the bulk of its weight supported by tall central poles. Side lines or guy ropes connect the canvas to the stakes and ground pins, which provide extra support and that classic tensioned look. Canvas is the traditional choice for the cover, but some prefer modern fabrics, such as PVC and polymer for longer shelf life and reduced maintenance.
  • Persian/Indian – also referred to as exotic or oriental marquee, it is a variety of half- or fully-enclosed marquees used for outdoor summer parties. The Rajasthani designs add a dramatic and distinctive flare to a conventional tent party. They come in a variety of lining options and waxed cotton canvases that bring an Indian summer feel to any event. It is an ideal option for traditional Indian weddings and other intimate or lavish celebrations. Most traditional marquees use cotton because it is more breathable, and still remain watertight in the event of rain.

Modern Marquees

  • Corporate – a corporate marquee is quite the opposite of an exotic tent, as it features simple but elegant designs. Companies that offer marquee hire for corporate clients usually use more modern materials, such as PVC and modern fabrics for the canvas, and aluminium poles and nylon ropes. However, because of the choice of fabric, a modern tent would usually require air conditioning for better air quality. Some marquees incorporate clear windows and several openings to give a more spacious and airy ambience.
  • Modular – the modular type is an innovative range of event marquees that offers numerous benefits. Modular structures are either semi-permanent, such as shelters for horses in equestrian business, or temporary, such as those used to house livestock animals and provide shelter during and agricultural shows. It is a practical solution to large, high-traffic events as it is highly durable, flexible and easily adjustable. Modular marquees can also accommodate modern equipment, such as HVAC systems and ClearSpan technologies. It is extremely spacious and safer than those that use guy ropes.
  • Custom-made – some marquee suppliers also offer custom-made marquees to really capture the essence of the event and provide ideal comfort to guests. There are designs that blend traditional aesthetics with modern materials and equipment. It is an ideal option for those who wish to enjoy the modern benefits of modular systems and still keep the charm and experience that traditional marquees offer. A custom-made marquee is also an ideal choice for an expo or event display as it offers the dual benefits of sun protection and subtle advertising. Businesses can have their logos and slogans printed on a nylon canvas to have a more customised look.

Both traditional and modern types of marquees offer numerous benefits. Unlike conventional tents, marquees have a distinctive design and offer a unique experience to event attendees. Have a memorable and successful event with the right choice of event marquee.

All That Glitters: A Guide to Starting Your Own Jewellery Business

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Jewellery BusinessThe jewellery industry is a competitive arena for those who want to start a business. Key Note, a business intelligence group, reported that the industry remained stable even during the recession and it continues to grow.

Apart from financial reasons, many entrepreneurs are attracted to the jewellery-making business because it gives them a way to express their creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. This venture also allows individuals who have a limited budget to start part-time.

Like other businesses, a jewellery business, though promising glittery returns, takes hard work, dedication, talent and reliable partners, JewelCast Ltd reminds. Among your would-be partners are the companies offering metal casting services. To ensure success, choose a company that uses the latest CAD and 3D printing technologies.

Here are other factors you need to focus on before launching your jewellery business.

Planning and research

To succeed in the jewellery industry, one has to do a careful planning and thorough research. Identify prospective target market, location and budget. Do you have the budget for a brick and mortar shop? On the other hand, would you rather start selling online first? Will you be catering to the local population or would you eventually venture into the global market? You can also study other jewellery shops and learn from them.

Business and marketing strategy

Have a clear business and marketing strategy before launching the business. Whilst short-term goals are necessary, keep in mind that long-term plans are also important. Determine how you will market your jewellery retail business. Think about both online and traditional marketing methods.

‘All that glitters is not gold’ is an old adage that holds true, especially in the jewellery business, but you need to keep in mind that you can only ensure success in this venture if you have enough time and effort to dedicate in the planning and strategizing before starting the business.

From UI Pattern Tech to Pre-loaded Graphics: Web Design Trends that Sell

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Web DesignWeb design trends and elements, same as fashion, just evolve in a circular motion. It was in the ‘90s when the Graphic Interchange Format, more commonly known as GIF, took over the Internet. But, in the recent years, it resurfaced from the history books and developed into the memes and gag pictures of the modern times.

According to Perth Web Design, the latest web designs today are nothing new. The minimalist design, which is now the talk of the town, is nothing but the simple revival of the simple and direct user interface of old computer models. If you carefully inspect the relatively “new” trends, you’ll identify them as either an upgrade or a reinterpretation of the past.

So, whether you’re a company fishing for good web designs or a designer looking to know what’s in or out in the UI/UX, you’re sure to learn from the following trend interpretations below.

The Rise of UI Pattern Standard

If you visit some of the newly created sites, you’ll notice that UI, which is how the elements appear to the viewer, are almost identical to one another. This universal revamps of the UI is brought by the prevalence of mobile devices. Since almost everyone peeks through the tiny screens of their smartphones to surf the web, of course, the websites should appear large. Most designers address this by limiting the descriptions and ordering extremely concise and attention-grabbing copies.

Rich Content

To make way for more customer engagement, some websites provide easily detectable rich content on their home page (landing page) such as videos, gifs, and interactive elements. These active elements create a form of storytelling, which enhances a website’s appeal, credibility, and authority to its prospects.

Flat Minimalist

As previously mentioned, simple designs derived from the interface of old devices have become popular. With its compatibility with almost every device platform, flat and unyielding minimalist design is here to stay.

In terms of web design, the trends are only the second most important consideration. To stay above the fold, anticipating what will come next in the cycle is another priority.

Handling a Crisis: How Your Company Can Weather a Storm

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Business CrisisDuring the early phase of your company, you are not thinking about putting together a crisis management plan. You are more occupied with putting together the company itself: getting partners or investors, hiring employees and building a relationship with suppliers, perfecting your product, setting up a base of operations, etc.

This is all well and good in a perfect world, but it’s not a perfect world and problems happen sooner or later. When they do, especially those issues that have the potential to destroy what you have worked so hard to build, a crisis management plan will be looking especially good. So here’s some advice for that time when you need to save your company during a crisis.

  1. Prepare Your Own. Before going public, prepare your own people. Tell them what the plan is. Your thought leaders should be aware; you could use their input. Inform your investors and partners, as well. Needless to say, act fast, before the people who matter find out about it from the grapevine.
  2. Own Up. Be prepared to make amends. Admit any mistake or wrongdoing immediately. If you are dishonest, chances are you will be found out and the public will not be as forgiving as they might be had you owned up from the beginning. You can even hire a video production company to shoot a video to explain what’s going on, industry experts at suggest. As a matter of fact, use a video to convey a message to people you can’t reach physically, like the employees at your branches. Do not forget, however, that owning up isn’t enough; talk about solutions. This is what people are waiting for: how you plan to set things right.
  3. Hire Experts. You probably never needed a PR person before, but now you could definitely use one. As a matter of fact, you can consider this as step no. 1. Calling a crisis management expert at the first sign of problems is generally a good call. They have the experience to handle such things — as long as they have enough time and information.

These steps are vital to the survival of your company. The one common denominator here is you have to act swiftly. Crises tend to escalate and gather destructive force as time goes by, so get a move on.

Air Conditioner Repair Cost: Effective Hacks to Reduce It

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Air Condition RepairYour air conditioner should enhance the comfort in your house. Over and above that, it should also be cost effective. You need to remember these two points every time summer approaches. Utmost comfort is necessary and your equipment works overtime during this time. Below are some tips to ensure that you do not incur costly repairs for your AC in the process.

Inspect and Change Filter Regularly

A dirty filter is the cause of many problems in the unit. Some these include icing of the system and a dip in efficiency. Therefore, you can avoid many AC repairs by just observing a strict schedule for filter inspection and cleaning.

Call a Professional for Risky Repairs

Some AC repairs are risky and require the attention of an expert in HVAC repair. Doing such repairs without the necessary tools and skills only exposes occupants, you and the unit to dangers. For example, high electric voltages can lead to fires and property damage.

Learn Some Basics about Your AC

Having basic knowledge about your AC will help you use, maintain and even repair it better. For a start, find out the following things regarding your unit:

•    Type of system
•    The brand
•    How the system works
•    Capacity of the system

Clean the Unit

Sometimes, the system just needs a nice clean up and it will regain its efficiency. You may not need to hire a professional to repair or replace anything. Check if there is any dirt or debris on the fan blades. Next, clean any dirt from the condenser fins. Remember to take precaution because these components tend to break easily.

The tips shared here are useful in keeping your unit running without costing you so much. Of course, an HVAC repair company can best handle serious AC issues. Determine all the things you can do and leave the rest to experts.