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Making Money Out of A Motel

Online Business and Marketing

There are more than a hundred business ideas that you can go through if you would like to start one. But motels and hotels are some of the most lucrative ventures any time of the year. If you are interested in starting your own accommodation business, you might need to know first a few things.

  1. How to Get Through

There are actually three different ways by which you can enter the motel and hotel industry – through lease motels, through freehold motels for sale, and through an investment, says Resort Brokers Australia. Of these three, it is the lease motels that is considered to be the most popular as it enables you to grow your business with very little capital. Going for a lease agreement could hold you to a strict set of guidelines, though. If you are not up for this kind of business, you should go instead and try freehold motels.

  1. Valuing the Property

The first thing that you would need to look into would be if the business is worth buying. One quick way to determine this is to check how much the land is worth, the, and the business. Of course, you would also need to figure out what the going rate for motels in the area is. By comparing the two, you would be able to know if the motel is a sound investment.

  1. Marketing the Business

As with any business, you would need to make sure that you are able to reach the right people. If what you have is a leased motel that is part of a chain of motels and inns, then this should not be much of a problem. On the other hand, if it is not, you might need to make sure that you come up with your own online presence. You might also need to consider doing a press release just to let people know that your motel is already open for business.

4 Helpful Reminders for Modern Retail Store Owners

Online Business and Marketing

Running a retail store today is starkly different from how things were back in the day. The facilities are so much better and geared towards better operations. Employees and managers these days are more knowledgeable in effective retail store management as well. Thanks to modern technologies and standards, retail store owners are now in a better position to do what they do best.

mobile appsIf you want business to reach its fullest potential, there are things you need to consider. Modern conveniences only work if you know how to use them well. Take a look at the following ideas to get started:

Good Store Layout Offers a Better Experience

There is a good reason you need to take the layout of your store into careful account. A good floor plan can increase sales and provide customers a pleasant experience. The cardinal rule is to make shopping as easy as possible. Remove unnecessary shelves or corridors, and make sure there is sufficient lighting throughout the day.

Create a Mobile App

Mobile applications can be a handy tool in driving business growth. says it can help you engage with customers and build a good relationship. One thing you can do is to create an interactive catalogue of your products and services. You might also want to have an online transaction option. This will make it more convenient for those who wish to make purchases but live too far away from your actual store.

Tighten Security Measures

A secure store means customer can shop in peace. This can translate to better sales performance. Fortunately, there are various options available to secure your store premises. For example, you can use CCTV cameras to monitor sketchy characters and pass code-locked doors to keep off visitors from certain areas like your stockroom.

Explore the Digital Marketing Landscape

Finally, the Internet provides a whole new platform for marketing your retail store. Try to boost your online presence to draw more customers in.

It is up to retail store owners how they want to use these features to improve their operations. One thing is for sure though, with plenty of modern conveniences, the possibilities are endless for those daring enough to break boundaries.

The Integration of Important Features in Web Page Design

Online Business and Marketing

Designing a web page is a painstaking task, and not a lot of average users realize this fact. Successful web pages have all the features needed by a business to reach customers. Web design companies in San Diego and around the world are tracking customer habits and trends closely, and incorporating what they learn to make the user experience that much better.

It is important for businesses to insist on these changes because customer awareness and availability of new apps is changing the landscape.

Digital marketing and development experts like MOZ and future-ink say things like a seemingly simple call to action button encourages visitors to interact, and can lead to conversion from casual visitor to paying customer. A call to action is an important part of a website, and yours should start implementing it if it doesn’t already.

What a Call to Action Achieves

The basic aim is to get people to remember a website and also to measure the success or number of hits that a site can get. It provides direction to users and encourages them to, well, take action.

Techniques to Set Up a Great Call to Action:

A call to action has to be different and present new ideas and possibilities to consumers. These should offer people response benefits in the form of something free and extra. It is also important to pick the right tone and not to sound too forceful or use too many so that customers are not overwhelmed. This will vary by site and working with expert digital marketers can help with your goal.

Calls to action have to use active language to get a message across and create a sense of urgency and need. Placement is also important – if it is a button, it should be in the middle column and placed high on a page to get the user’s attention. If it is part of the text, the call to action should also act as a closer after some compelling content.

Color is another way of focusing attention on elements, especially if there is limited space on a page. One important factor to take into account is to make sure that calls to action are noticeably larger. This way they can get the attention necessary.

Call to action features should be included on every page so that customers are reminded of the importance of your product or service.

Creating and Sharing Awesome Content That Hits the Spot

Online Business and Marketing

Content marketing mentoring is recognized and acknowledged as an inextricable part of content creation as constant supervision is required in the whole process. With mentoring from the experts, companies can achieve its desired goals and leads to the creation of effective strategies and content that keeps visitors coming back.

The following is a quick look at how to go about creation of some awesome content; it is a preview what says content marketing mentoring is all about:

All About Evolution

The best content evolves and constantly keeps its audience in mind. Reader interest should always be the biggest consideration when creating any form of content. Don’t just update old content; new, fresh, and relevant posts are what make sense. This is particularly true when blogging about developing stories or continuing topics.

For easier navigation, you could also create a theme-based blog series and link the old pages with the new ones.


Using online data for discovering trends is yet another way to create great content. You can resort to twitter because it provides some great data on trending topics. Being social media savvy is always a plus because the different platforms act as a portal into the psyche of what audiences are thinking about and what they are interested in. Make it a point to share your content through the most popular channels, which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. This will give you some great connections and comments as well.

Structural Components Matter, Too.

Paying attention to Title Tags and URL structure will work in your favor. You should also keep things like keywords in mind because these are the elements that boost SEO. Testing will help you discover what’s working and what’s not in the advertisements that you put up. Minute examination of those pieces that are top ranking will reveal why such is the case.

Using dynamic content and internal links is also appropriate; anchor text makes it easier for visitors to get additional content and aids seamless navigation throughout the site. Inserting such keywords with long tails into the content is a great technique to drive targeted and relevant traffic.

Remember these three components as you put your digital marketing campaign together. Compelling content will always hit the spot, so make sure that is the only thing you churn out.

Beyond Better Asset Management: Why Companies are adopting the EAM System

Online Business and Marketing

If you are in the business world, EAM system is a term you would have heard often. EAM is the abbreviation for Enterprise Asset Management System, which refers to the overall life optimal management of any organisation’s physical assets for value maximisation.


Every enterprise has two prominent objectives: to maximise their profits and to manage their assets better as a means to increasing returns on investment. All businesses are constantly developing strategies and policies to meet these two goals, but through the enterprise asset maintenance systems, they can effectively integrate their strategies and policies to boost productivity and profits. To understand what this system contributes to any enterprise, here is a discussion from

More on EAM

Essentially, EAM refers to asset management. It comprises of planning of investment, specification and design and maintenance of available assets. Through the implementation of an effective EAM system, an enterprise can gain better control over its inventory, improved business operations, enhanced serviceability and boosted growth rate.

How it Works

EAM works by creating a database of all available assets, including important information such as costs, location, serial number and other vital information that the asset managers can use for the following:

Identifying repairs and maintenance
Analysing vendor performance
Analysing capital utilization with greater accuracy
Improving the understanding of company operations

Simply put, the database created by EAM gives the managers a clear idea of where the company assets are, what condition they are in and whether they need any repairs or maintenance.

Advantages of EAM

With a proper EAM system, a company can enjoy the following benefits:

It helps an organisation manage its processes in a better manner.
It helps make its operations more efficient and cost-effective.
It helps reduce the costs of labour, production and maintenance.
It helps boost the life cycle of the company’s assets.
It boosts all the stages of company operations right from planning to execution and maintenance.
It enables the company to perform in compliance with strict regulations.
It enables the company to control its assets properly.
It minimises the downtime for the company.

Through these benefits, what an EAM system does is to improve the overall productivity and profits gained for a company. No wonder why more and more enterprises are adopting this system for better operations.