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Autocorrect: Combatting the No. 1 SMS Marketing Campaign Killer

Online Business and Marketing

A phone on a laptop So you bought ad spaces on print ads, billboards and even on national television, all telling consumers to text your keyword to your SMS short code.

Instead of having users flock to get a coupon, download a whitepaper, or subscribe to email, however, you get nothing.

Have you checked autocorrect?

No. 1 SMS Campaign Killer

Autocorrect is one of the biggest SMS marketing campaign killers. Denny’s, for instance, once asked customers to text the keyword “DENNYS” and other personal info to 73757 to enrol in the new Denny’s Diner Perks Loyalty Program. But mobile phones autocorrected “DENNYS” to “DENNY’S”, returning an error message.

What can you do to avoid suffering the same fate as Denny’s, other than hiring an SMS marketing expert?

1. Trim the Keyword Fat

Avoid using two words for the keyword. Yes, you want your keyword to be descriptive, but this will only lead to excessive or clunky keywords.

Make your keywords as quick and easy to type as possible. One-letter responses (e.g. “Y”) are fine, but if you really want to be clever with your keywords, check the Apple and Android autocorrect to see what each system does to the keyword.

2. Avoid Misspellings, Invented Words and Special Characters

Avoid misspellings as keywords. Even if done on purpose, phones will autocorrect it to the proper spelling or to the closest word. Adding a special character is a no-no as well, due to the configuration of mobile phone keyboards.

For anything else, check your error messages. What customer responses preceded an error? You may find patterns that you can address, either by accepting common autocorrected keywords or drafting a more helpful error message.

Sure, an autocorrect fail happens easily in normal, everyday conversations. You can easily fix that with a simple explanation. Unfortunately, however, when an autocorrect fail happens while a potential client is trying to join an SMS marketing campaign, you can easily lose a subscriber.

Being Proactive About Reviews Helps Your Local SEO Strategy

Online Business and Marketing

A businessman staring at a blackboard, focused on the five star option In a typical Google search, reviews now play a big role in how people (more importantly, potential customers) perceive your business. Searchers can immediately see your rating, on the first page, and it sets the tone for the way your customers perceive you.

It’s a tricky thing, getting a customer to review you. You don’t want to seem pushy because that turns customers off, but neither is it wise to your services or products go unnoticed. This is why you must proactively urge customers to leave reviews whenever they can. It can be as simple as leaving a short comment on Google reviews, or as thought-out as submitting a long testimonial or in Yelp. It’s just a matter of asking your consumers after all – something, by the way, which is always more effective when you offer an incentive.

Getting those precious five stars isn’t the endgame, though, as you can push these reviews and enhance your local reputation. The more positive your reputation, online, the bigger your profile and reach become. That can only be good for boosting your local SEO efforts.

Building Trust

This is, in part, what SEO services are about, whether you’re in Denver or Los Angeles. It’s about convincing people that you’re worthy of their precious time, and a positive review goes a long way in proving that. It trickles down, too: you can make positive claims within your web copy, establish your authority and improve your PPC chances – but bear in mind that your claims have to be grounded in truth.

A Bigger Priority

These days, SEO services are no longer privy to just a few select businesses; big or small. This year, investment in SEO is projected to increase to 20%, which means that you won’t be the only one who will leverage the popularity of Google search within your vicinity. This also means that time is of the essence, for you to get a leg up on the competition, and there’s no better time to get into local SEO than today.

Leveraging Optimism

Marketing is a lot more effective when you utilize several methods. Don’t limit the reach of those positive reviews. Use them in press releases, make these the focus of your off-page blogs, and leverage these to get more sales.

The best thing about being proactive is that you’re getting exactly what you want without broaching ethical standards. You get reviews, you leverage their value, and you’re able to improve the quality of your service. This comes full circle when you draw in new customers and are able to provide them the same level of service. It can only be good for your business, in the long run.

Mistakes to Avoid in the Earthmoving Business

Online Business and Marketing

Excavator digging a holeRunning an earthmoving business presents several unique challenges that you need to overcome if you want to succeed in the industry. Such unplanned problems as harsh weather conditions can seriously affect your business. However, many of the problems you may be facing in your business could be the result of mistakes you’ve unknowingly made.

Here are four common mistakes you want to steer clear from as you run your business:

Poor choice and maintenance of machines

While buying earthmoving machinery parts, be sure to select genuine ones from a reputable supplier. Machine downtime can cost thousands of dollars and pull your business down, according to Tuff Stuff. On the other hand, delivering quality work on time will earn you a good reputation and give you the opportunity to start the next job more quickly.

Unsatisfactory customer service

Customers are the bloodline of your business. Getting good clients is a challenging task. Maintaining them is even harder. The vast majority of your customers will stay away from your business if they are not happy with your services. Keeping your customers happy will motivate them to give you more business and refer other clients to you.

Failure to delegate

You may be the most skilled and experienced person in your business, but trying to do everything is a sure way to fail. Trying to do all menial tasks will suck your time and energy, leaving little time for you to grow your business. Hire talented employees and allow them to handle some of the duties in your company.

Poor marketing strategy

Effective marketing is much more than placing an advertisement in local dailies or magazines. Unfortunately, many business owners do not realise this. You need to be clear on who your target customers are, how they will know about your business, what their needs are, and how you intend to convert prospects into sales.

Many people who come into the earthmoving business are attracted by the lucrative opportunities that abound in the industry. Unfortunately, they make obvious mistakes that cost them dearly in the long run. Finding out these potential loopholes and taking care of them is a sure way to boost your chances of success.

These AdWords Mistakes Might be Dragging Down Your Strategy

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shift button replaced with adwords

Like the rest of SEO, AdWords management is always evolving. With Google frequently rolling out updates and techniques, it can get difficult to master entirely, even for digital marketing veterans. The dynamic nature of AdWords management also makes it easy to commit mistakes during campaign execution.

When setting up an AdWords campaign, it pays to onboard a reputable company that offers relevant pay per click services.  Setting up your AdWords strategy, especially if it’s your first time, can lead to mistakes such as the following:

  1. Crowding your ad groups with keywords

It’s common misconception that dumping more keywords into an ad group can lead to more revenue. The truth is, crowding too many keywords in an ad group can make it impossible to make your ad as well as your landing pages relevant.

Using up to 15 keywords per ad group is ideal. You also need to remember that Single-Keyword-Ad-Groups or SKAGS also does wonders for businesses.

  1. Steering clear of negative keywords

Don’t get us wrong, choosing the right keywords is essential. Adding negative keywords, however, lets you rule out specific terms unrelated to your services or your business in general.

The important thing is to look for search terms that are triggering your ads to pave new ways for fresh negative keywords. If for instance, you notice that when your keywords trigger your ad for searches such as “24-hour plumbing services” but your office closes at 5 PM, you can include “24-hour” to your list of negative keywords. Doing so eliminates ad spend wastage from irrelevant clicks.

  1. You don’t have relevant landing pages

It’s not enough to simply link an ad to your homepage. Doing so will drive your leads to a destination that doesn’t match the offer from the ad, which may lead you to lose potential customers.

These are just some of the most common AdWords mistakes, and the best way to find out if you are making the same errors is to have an expert audit your website. If you find you have made any of these mistakes, don’t feel discouraged – a professional will know how to correct such mishaps.

How an Ad Agency Works for You

Online Business and Marketing

Advertising Agency at WorkAdvertising agencies work their way through almost every media channel – television, radio, print media, online magazines and websites. They send important and compelling messages through ads, but mostly, these messages revolve around selling products, services and ideas.

Industry leading company, Sphere, agrees that a typical advertising agency has three functions: to serve their client, to plan strategies and make a business succeed.

The Core Groups

The group that breathes life into an ad agency is its creative team, which is composed of an account manager, copywriter, and graphic artist. They fight for an account, and once they win it, they do everything to make the client like their output. The creative team is in charge of sending the brand’s message to its target audience.

On the other hand, the client servicing team is in charge of communicating with the client, negotiating with them and arranging meetings. The number of accounts an advertising agency has depends on how reliable and efficient the client servicing team is.

How Ad Agencies Work

During the meeting, the client servicing team makes a pitch to the client. A pitch is an idea or strategy the agency is planning to implement. Once the pitch has been approved, contracts are signed and the real work begins. Working in and with an advertising agency isn’t a walk in the park; there are rejections as much as there are project proposals.

Sometimes, the ad agency presents a solution to the client – a solution that usually puts everyone in a win-win situation. But more than just earning money through accounts and successful pitches, advertising agencies work hard to promote brands. Each project is important to the agency, as team members devote their time, effort and creative juices to it.

Once the material or ad is ready, the creative team will present it to the client for approval. The next step is to make the material known to the public. The client then pays the advertising agency.

Working with or for a client is not easy for an advertising agency. Once the material becomes successful or effective, everyone involved in the project – the client, the advertising team, and the public – will enjoy the benefits.

Language and Its Wonders: Monolingualism vs Bilingualism

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Translation ServicesMichel Foucault, Jurgen Habermas, and Noam Chomsky are among the pillars of language as a system of learning. However, someone who is not familiar with the academic aspect of language would find it hard to understand their thinking and explanation. A more familiar concept of language to people is the classification between a monolingual and a bilingual. 

A lot of individuals are monolingual inasmuch as a huge number are bilingual. This explains the rise of certified translation services in different countries around the world. There are a lot of various studies between the two groups of people and here are some similarities and differences worth noting and knowing.

Similarity of Monolinguals and Bilinguals 

Despite differences in languages used, the prominent similarity between a monolingual and a bilingual one is its neural structure. Regardless of which or how many languages you speak, all individuals use that very same part of the brain in processing and using the language of their choice. In short, monolinguals and bilinguals have similar brain construction and function.

Difference of Monolinguals and Bilinguals 

Many different tests were conducted to analyze the difference between a monolingual and a bilingual brain. In the research conducted, it was found out that bilingual brains respond more intensely when they hear certain syllables as compared to monolingual ones. A different test was done that shows that the movement of brain waves of a bilingual is similar to that of a musician.

Those tests are just among ones that are conducted that led to the conclusion regarding bilingualism and brain function. Bilingualism serves as an enrichment tool for the brain, allowing it to fare better when it comes to attention span, thus, enabling it to organize and processes language and other things that might have a connection to it.

Truly, language and communication are unique forms of art that transcend physical construction and capabilities. Enjoy it, regardless of how many languages you can speak.

On Advertising Strategies: The Intricacy in Digital Marketing

Online Business and Marketing

Advertising StrategiesDigital marketing is taking the world by storm year after year. With the explosive smart phone trend and easy access to the internet, people of all ages are online. This is how useful the internet has become. And technology has enabled it to prosper even more. From desktops to laptops and mobile phones – the world is now your audience. This is an opportunity for all types of businesses.

Innovation and Adaptation: Advertising Today

The people behind today’s technologies grew up in an environment emphasizing images. Companies made the most of this rise in visuals through traditional print and media advertising. Marketing services then transformed into a need.

It takes time and research to understand how consumers think. Their buying preferences and tendencies differ from one another. Along with this, there are a number of factors that affect consumer behavior. According to Laura Stevens of The Wall Street Journal, 51 percent of 5,000 shoppers bought more things online, than in actual stores. In addition, a significant part of these shoppers made the purchase through their smart phones, instead of a computer. A business has to consider all these things and this is where marketing campaigns can make an impact.

From traditional advertising strategies like television and radio commercials, among other media, the focus has shifted towards the net. Facebook is one example. As a social media site, a lot of people use it on a daily basis. This is a website that can serve as place to engage an audience, along with Twitter and LinkedIn. This has set forth Social Media Marketing – another platform for businesses to advertise and increase revenue.

Apart from Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild, Google is another website that’s in-demand. There are many digital marketing strategies, like Pay-Per-Content (PPC) Advertising, that prove how effective online advertising is through the search engine.

Digital MarketingThe Demand for Digital Marketing Expertise

Given the constant progress of technology, the internet is also changing over time. Google, as a search engine, updates its values when it comes to providing search results. This is where businesses may find themselves most profitable – when they rank in the first page of a search engine’s results page. People would oftentimes click on the top results whenever they make a query. As audience, they trust the search engine to provide them with the most relevant sites.

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires careful analytics and technical knowledge. It’s more than mere keyword stuffing. This is why there has been a steady rise in the number of digital ad agencies. Meanwhile, traditional ad agencies are opening up their services to include digital marketing campaigns. At present time, there exists a demand for digital marketing skills.

Unsurprisingly, traditional advertising strategies haven’t fallen off completely, but digital is where it’s at right now. Outbound marketing strategies are still a good way to gain exposure, but inbound marketing allows for better results. Driving traffic, generating leads, and optimizing landing pages are a few examples of digital marketing’s precision. It will take some time to build online presence, but it won’t last long before a business achieves success.

LinkedIn: A Powerful Platform That Can Help Sales

Online Business and Marketing

B2B MarketingChoosing which social media network to spend precious resources and time is a task that can be a bit confounding. Looking at statistical data, however, it appears that LinkedIn is pulling ahead of the pack.

In the constantly evolving world of digital advertising, it is very important to have all points covered. For some, having a Facebook and Twitter accounts greatly help in this aspect with the belief that this is already enough. Such belief, however, is a bit misplaced because there is one aspect that they can be overlooking, which might turn out to be the most important of all. Today, you will learn why you must seriously consider LinkedIn in your digital marketing endeavors.

B2B View LinkedIn with Greater Importance Than Other Social Media Networks

According to Social Media Examiner, LinkedIn cemented its number 1 spot and easily trumped other social media networks as far as B2B marketers are concerned. This is particularly significant because the B2B market provides more solid business deals compared to direct sales from customers. Just think about this. Which one would you want to happen, marketing to 10 customers and selling 8 or marketing to 4 businesses, each purchasing 10 items, and closes a deal with 2? From you vantage point, you will definitely choose marketing to businesses as they purchase in bulk and not individual items. This makes it more profitable for your company.

LinkedIn is an Ideal Platform to Launch New Products

The days of using press releases when you are launching new products are slowly dying down. Today, the best platform to launch new products is through social media, particularly LinkedIn. In fact, PPC management service providers like Disruptive Advertising have seen this trend and have started capitalizing on it. In one poll, results show that majority of B2B businesses prefer to use LinkedIn to launch their products compared to other social media platforms. This means that a lot of businesses and users constantly monitor LinkedIn for any new products. You would be crazy not to capitalize on this.

LinkedIn is an Effective Headhunter

Want some fresh ideas on a new project? Post your job availability at LinkedIn and in less than 48 hours, you would be inundated by emails from qualified individuals. Although job boards may have made their mark in terms of looking for qualified applicants, Forbes said LinkedIn is following not too far away. Since many of these applicants are members of LinkedIn, you will not have a hard time combing through their qualifications and past employment.

For companies who are constantly on the lookout on how to use social media platforms to bolster their brand, LinkedIn should be on top of their list. The network has proven its worth when it comes to B2B businesses. It has also helped increase the search engine rankings of companies and individuals that are LinkedIn members. Given this fact, perhaps it is now time for you to consider LinkedIn

The Rise of Online Shopping Sites and What They Mean for the Busy Bee

Online Business and Marketing

Online Shopping in LahoreIt’s already a challenge trying to complete your never-ending workload without burning yourself out. As much as you try to squeeze in as many tasks as you can for the day, it could still seem like work keeps eating into your personal time. If you aren’t careful, it could even end up compromising your health.

Fortunately, online shopping sites are becoming more popular and affording the busy worker all the conveniences of retail stores, minus the commute and the crush of other shoppers. You can do it in the confines of your home after another hard day’s work, after all.

Finding unlimited Options in a Single Place

By choosing to shop online, you literally have an unlimited number choices right at your fingertips. The categories are endless too. Whether you want a new mobile smartphone to replace your overused one or need specific home appliances to make life easier, you are bound to find something to your tastes on the internet. You’ll also find clothing, books, accessories and other novelties that will surely appeal to you.

Moreover, the online shopping industry is growing continuously, so there is almost nothing that you cannot buy from the comforts of your own room — or in the office during a break!

Staying Safe on the Internet

While the internet makes accomplishing your everyday chores a little easier, you still have to watch your online activity. For online shopping sites that need passwords, use a strong one that isn’t easy to hack. For actual purchases, choose secure payment methods. Furthermore, check if your anti-viral software and firewall are up and whether or not your wireless networks are encrypted.

With online shopping, you don’t have to stress about squeezing errands into your tight daily schedule. You don’t have to brace yourself for the rush of people in the stores, either. As long as you have a gadget on you and a safe connection, you can cross out all the items on your shopping list in no time.

You Should Realize By Now the Value of a Business Website

Online Business and Marketing

Business WebsiteA website is one of the most important assets your business can ever have. Without it, you have an incredibly lower chance of maximizing your organization’s reach in the market. However, there are a lot of things that go into having a great site – one that will attract and retain the attention and interest of your audience.

Content is one of these, and optimizing it will help you make sure that you have a search-engine-friendly site. And when you achieve this, you have greater chances of ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). However, for you to really get the best results possible, you should consider hiring professional SEO services offered in Ottawa, suggests

The Shocking Truth About Internet Usage in Canada

The total population in Canada amounts to nearly 36.3 million. From this number, 85.5 percent (more than 32.1 million) uses the Internet. In fact, in a 2015 article from Huffington Post, it cited the nation as the number one Internet user in the entire world.

With this in mind, you should already realize just how precious it is to have a website that contains information and facts relevant and useful to the consumers you cater to. Especially when you want to get your message across to Ottawa consumers about your products or services.

How Expert SEO Services Pulls Up Your Site and Brings More Profits

One of the specializations of SEO experts that make them a worthy addition in your team of advertising and marketing pros is they know exactly what content to deliver for your audience. Their services revolve around your audience, while still making sure they abide by all the laws and regulations of search engines.

Search engines make use of so many factors when ranking websites, and you need to make sure your own site complies with all of these. Since the algorithm used by these online programs continuously change and evolve, it can be too much for you to handle. So rather than risk your business’ visibility, authority, and profitability, you should invest in professional SEO services instead.