Online Business and Marketing

Business Necessities: Why You Need a Professional Website

Online Business and Marketing

Advertising, marketing and sales are necessary for any business. Without these, your business will inevitably fail. When there is a slowdown in sales, here are the things you can do to reinvigorate your business:

Take Advantage of Technology

Currently, one of the best ways to market your business is by having a professionally-designed website. Using free, do-it-yourself websites may seem like a great idea when you are starting out. But unless you can properly maximise all the tools that come with using the website, your site may get fewer visits and exposure than you expect.

Professionally-created websites lend credibility to your business. It tells viewers that you are serious in your trade to make sure every detail is done well. Nothing turns users off faster than having to navigate a poorly-created site.

It Costs Less Than You Might Think

Websites used by the bigger players may intimidate you into thinking hiring web design services in Hertfordshire may be too costly. In reality, the cost may vary depending on your needs. Look for companies that can help you create the right website that suits your needs and budget.

The amount you spend on these services will be repaid to you in time: more time on your part to focus on other aspects of your business and less time on trying to understand how to create a comprehensive, easy-to-use website.

The Cheaper Alternative

Paying for the creation and maintenance of a site is cheaper than running ads on television or the papers. With traditional advertising models, you pay for a specific amount of time. Once that time elapses, you need to spend more to get them running again.

A website is always up and easily modified to suit your changing needs. It can also become a way for customers to contact and communicate with you directly, something that TV and newspaper ads cannot do. Remember that flashy is not necessarily the best. A site that reflects your brand accurately is the best way to establish your presence in the business world.

Here’s Why Your Business Needs SEO

Online Business and Marketing

Since the mid-1990s, the acronym SEO has been slowly growing into a phenomenal process in the online world. Now, almost every business with a website uses it. Almost.

Surprisingly, there are still companies who aren’t taking advantage of search engine optimization mainly because they think they’re either too small or they’re too new.

If your business is one of the two or somewhere in between, here are five good reasons you should start looking for SEO services in Denver.

It’s Cost-Effective

Advertising on social media, PPC, or purchasing leads for email marketing strategies can cost your business more than a simple SEO strategy. This doesn’t mean you should only work with SEO, but it’s wise to make it a part of your online marketing strategy.

It Works

The techniques of the algorithms that search engines use are the same and will stay the same for a long time. As long as you focus on the user experience of your website alongside SEO, you’ll be getting better rankings.

It Helps You Get More Market Share

Most online sellers have reviews scattered on the internet as their online marketing strategy. Without a good SEO strategy for these reviews, your potential customers will find your competitors first, instead of your business. 

It Can Keep Your Business Afloat

This is true simply because if you have high rankings in search engines, it’s more likely that visitors will go to your website and read your content first. This gives you a bigger chance to increase your conversion rate and your sales.

The Competition’s Doing It

If your competitors have a good SEO strategy, you can drown in the search engine sea unnoticed. Step up your game by giving your content more value through SEO.

Some 77 percent of Americans go online every day. That’s 77 percent of the American market share already. So, stop thinking about whether or not you’ll start an SEO strategy. You know you’re business will benefit from it today and for many years to come.

Designing a Website for a Successful Digital Presence

Online Business and Marketing

Websites today are more than images, words and animation. Websites are now a presence. Their presence allows anyone from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection to know about your business. Indeed, websites have become more of a necessity than a want. You need to have a well-designed online presence, or your online visitors may lose patience and leave.

Luckily, there are web design services in Jupiter, Florida, who can give you the right information and help. Here are three features every good website should have:

Ease of Navigation

Navigation is an important part of a website’s structure. Ease of navigation is almost always the first criterion that site visitors notice when they visit your site. The navigation bar should be placed clearly with clear demarcation of the sections. The sections should be clickable and lead where it indicates. The company logo should be visible and clickable. The user should find it easy to surf your website and find what they need. If it requires them a long time or they need to use “search” to find what they need, you could lose a lot of customers.

Quality of Content

Content is king online. Most surfers usually surf the Internet looking for information that will help them make a decision or gain knowledge. Either way, the content on your website should contain information that is clear and authoritative. This will include knowing what your organization offers and why a customer might want your expertise. Use images, graphs, and videos to present this information, so your audience will find the different kinds of presentation very helpful and informative.


Smartphones and tablets are becoming a driving force for web traffic. As of 2017, 57 percent of website traffic came from smartphone and tablet users. This number will continue to grow as mobile technology becomes pervasive. Websites need to be accessible not only from personal computers but also from mobile devices. Companies that don’t adopt this trend will find their online traffic severely limited when they are not accessible from different platforms.

A good website designer should be able to do all of these for you to make your online presence a success. Having a website allows you to have a strong digital presence and help you in your digital marketing efforts.

PPC Metrics: How to Measure the Success of your PPC Campaign

Online Business and Marketing

To accomplish your business goals, your advertising efforts, which include your PPC campaign, must perform well. But how do you measure the success of your PPC campaign? With specific metrics, of course.

Understanding these metrics and making informed decisions based on these is important to getting the most out of your advertising budget. Below are crucial PPC metrics you should know about.


This metric is the number of users who have clicked on your PPC add that landed on your landing page or website.

CTR or Click-Through-Rate

This is the percentage of users that saw your ad and then clicked on it. People use them for assessing the quality of keywords that you bid on and your ads’ quality.

CPC or Average Cost-Per-Click

This is the amount of money you spend on each click directed to your site from your PPC ad. Do note though that CPCs significantly differ by market and industry, so there’s no universal standard for what constitutes cost effective CPC.

Enlist the aid of a PPC campaign manager from a top PPC management company in Ottawa such as He adds that this metric could help you work out your PPC spend if you’re looking to achieve particular objectives.


The number of users who have seen your ad. This metric is a viable indication of the amount of search volume, on the average, a particular keyword or campaign gets.


These users have “converted” or completed an action you want them to do, such as purchase a product on your website, subscribed to your mailing list, or contacted you to learn more about your business. You could use this metric for assessing the quality of your site and PPC campaigns.


This varies from business to business, but is commonly the cost per sale or cost per lead, which is the specific cost you spent to obtain a lead or sale.

By understanding how these PPC metrics work, you could get a better handle on how your PPC campaign is doing. Ultimately, though, the most important thing is to analyze the appropriate metrics that correspond to the right circumstances and leverage that data to make them work for you.

Make Your Company Website Irresistible

Online Business and Marketing

website design online marketingEverything is ready for your new business. You only need to have that website set up before the launch. You can look for writers and designers for the content that will go into each page on the site, but what about the overall design?

You need to work with a web developer to create a website that is attractive and fully functional. When it comes to design, your site should have colors that can attract visitors and users.

Primary Colors

Your website should be recognizable and easily associated with your brand, so the colors should be the same. C1 Partners explains that your web development partners in Denver will ask to see your logos, and they will try to incorporate those colors into the site to bring everything together. If you have specific ideas, tell your web designer to use a company photo where the colors complement the logo.

Bold and Sharp Colors

You can use black and other bold colors to emphasize the other elements in your website. it can also prevent the website from looking too busy. You can also have a predominantly black website, using bolder and sharper colors to highlight links or small but significant elements. Black also serves as a good background, in case you do not have a full-page image or text.


>White is a grounding color you can use to highlight the spaces on your website. It can make the page more welcoming. It’s especially helpful if your site uses bright colors because white makes them pop out. You also want this color for balance–if one part of the page looks dense because of the text or the images, another part can be in white to make it look cleaner and bigger.

You don’t need to use a thousand elements on your website just to attract user traffic. When it comes to web design, less is more, and the clever use of colors will get you far.

Three Things to Look For Before Signing Up with a Marketing Agency

Online Business and Marketing

Hiring a marketing agency is akin to entrusting your business and your brand in their hands. Therefore, you should practice utmost discernment so that you end up with an agency that can truly get your message out in the market on your behalf and get results. Here are three things you need to investigate when narrowing down your oil and gas marketing agency candidates.

Client List and History

A marketing agency’s client list speaks volumes about its competence and reliability. A hefty list of familiar names means an agency is doing their job right. Otherwise, the agency is probably doing a poor job, something which you want to avoid. If you research a little about an agency you’re considering, you can also learn their client history. This knowledge can aid your eventual decision to either hire them or look elsewhere.

Creative Portfolio

A portfolio is what a marketing agency must show for their accomplishments in the industry. Studying an agency’s portfolio can give your insight into their strengths and perhaps even their weaknesses. If you see something you like, then that’s a promising start. However, if you are in a rush, you can even decide to sign up with a marketing agency on the merits of their portfolio alone.

Range of Services

Your best game is to partner with a full-service marketing agency. This will allow you to simplify processes. This allows you to avoid the stressful scenario of communicating with a variety of vendors. Why go through all those, when you could have just as easily partnered with one vendor that has consolidated all the works you need?

Once you pick a marketing agency that best suits your needs, the next step in the process is letting them know what you expect and the results you want to see.

Website Checklist: 7 Elements Your Homepage Should Have

Online Business and Marketing

A website homepage serves as the face of a company in the online world. That is why it is important to make the right first impression—of course, you want your visitors to become more interested in your business, and you want them to convert into customers.

This is also why it is a good idea to consult with web design experts in Bromley when building your site. They know exactly what would make website visitors come and stay.

The most basic information your homepage should have is your contact information, including links to social media profiles. To give you an idea of the other things your homepage needs so you can get started on assessing and improving your company’s website, here is a handy checklist.

Clear and easy-to-read headline

Your homepage has exactly three seconds to tell visitors what your business has to offer, so keep it clear and simple, yet compelling.

Sub-headline that supplements the headline

The sub-head should offer a brief description of what your business offers. Focus on letting visitors know what your product or service addresses.

Overview of products, services, or features

A short overview of what you are offering provides potential customers with enough information to make them want to know more. Include supporting images or short videos, as visual elements attract attention and break up chunks of text.

Calls to action

Provide clear and concise text that would compel visitors to take action, such as “Sign up for a free trial,” “Pre-order your mermaid blanket today,” or “Get your free e-book.” Make sure your CTAs are easy to see and tap on mobile.

Social proof or client testimonials

One of the challenges of marketing online is that website visitors are usually sceptical of your products or services unless someone credible says otherwise. Include proof that you are legitimate and trustworthy, and your products are indeed top-notch.

Benefits of buying from you

Why should consumers choose you over other companies? Write these down on your homepage but make sure to keep the copy brief and easy to read.

Intuitive navigation

Site structure is an important factor in providing visitors with a good user experience. The easier it is to navigate around your homepage, the greater the chances that your visitors will stick around and explore some more. The navigation menu should be visible and easy to access even on mobile, and it’s ideal to have a search box to allow visitors to find information faster.

These are some of the elements that will make the homepage of your website leave a good impression on potential customers.

3 Things Your Interior Design Project Management Software Should Have

Online Business and Marketing

a designer looking at his devicesUsing interior design project management software is increasingly becoming a necessity for every designer. However, to get the best there is in the market, Mydoma Studio suggests you check that it has the following qualities:

1. Remote Access

You do not want to have software that you can only use at one location. You do not have to be carrying your laptop to access details of your project.

That will require you to ensure that you get cloud-based software that is running on six sigma principles or other high-level project management methodologies.

2. Compatibility with Your Devices

You should also confirm that the project management software you are planning to buy can operate effectively and efficiently with other programs that you use on your computer to run and manage your design projects.

If your computers are on the same LAN, it is necessary that the applications in each of these PCs can communicate and complement their functionality. It is, therefore, advisable that you always run compatibility tests of every design project program you plan to have before purchasing it.

3. Interoperability

It is necessary that you also confirm that your design software can run together with its future versions with near-zero hitches in functionality. It would be handy if you can also use it in different computer hardware and programs that you use to either present or render your design projects.

The software with these standards should be able to communicate and exchange data seamlessly with other programs that meet the same project management objectives you have set. It should also be able to interact well with other computerized systems that you use at your workplace without extra effort on your part.

Confirming that management software that you buy has all the above features will increase the significance of IT products in your running of interior design projects.

Top Techniques to Connect Emotionally with Customers

Online Business and Marketing

Man smiling to a woman while showing her a paper‘Branding demands commitment…Striking chords with people to stir their emotions.’ This is a quote from Sir Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin. This is a mantra that the most successful brands follow; they resonate on a personal level with their target markets. This results in loyal, sometimes rabid, fan bases that willingly promote their products and services.

Experts from Red Rider Creative, an ad agency from Utah cite the following techniques on how you can emotionally connect with customers.

Creating a Unique Experience

You create a loyal, and even sometimes rabid, customer base by making them feel they are special to you. One of the ways to achieve this is to provide them with distinct experiences; this includes using appropriate language that your audience uses regularly, quick responses to queries via email or social media, posting product or service testimonials, and even using your customers in some promotional materials.

Valuable Insights

Apple distinguished itself from other devices because of the feeling of exclusivity they created, even if other gadgets had similar or even superior features. Provide your potential customers with a special ‘something’ they can’t find anywhere else. This can come in the form of an old topic with a distinct take or perspective, or a service or product they can’t find anywhere else.

Be an Authority

When a person perceives you as an expert, they will hold your opinion in high regard. This perception puts you in a position of authority with a lot of influence and sway. This position enables you to elicit the emotions and actions you want from your intended audience.

A Compelling Story

A strong narrative is far more memorable compared to advertising pitches and commercials. A story resonates and stays with those that watch or read it, because someone may have gone through the same experiences.

These are some of the ways you can connect with your audience emotionally. Implement these to relate to your customer base and keep them loyal.

Don’t DIY It: Why It’s Best to Leave Web Design to the Professionals

Online Business and Marketing

Professional website developer at workA website can be instrumental to the success of a business. It is a portal that can communicate a brand’s message to the world, after all. Moreover, it can serve as your first (and if you’re not careful, only) impression. Thus, a website needs to compellingly describe your firm and entice visitors to purchase your products or services.

A properly designed website can act as a driving force of your business. Given the possible boost it can provide, it would be best to leave custom and creative web design to professional companies like Webs Unweaved. Here are a few reasons you should consider getting the help of web design specialists instead of taking web design into your own hands.

These Professionals Can Optimize Your Site

It’s not just enough to have an eye-catching website. It’s also important to be visible online by ranking well in major search engines, such as Google and Bing. Accomplishing this goal usually requires that you design and build your business website with the right code and structure.

Designing a website without the necessary SEO know-how — from optimizing header and title tags to including geo meta tags — could lead to missed opportunities to significantly increase your number of visitors. So, if you’re not familiar with both web design and SEO, it’s highly recommended that you let professionals handle your site.

These Experts Can Enhance Your Site’s Performance

It is possible that you can adversely impact your site’s loading speed and performance if you are not well-versed in web design in development. Thus, it’s best to leave your site in the hands of experts if you want to improve your site’s performance. Some of the things they’ll do to enhance performance are to optimize images and reduce server response time. These can help ensure that your potential clients will stick around, especially if they are interested in your product or service.

These Specialists Can Communicate Your Brand Properly

One of the first things to do when designing a new company website is to figure out the business’ brand messaging and content. Business owners can often write down a detailed list of what should appear on the website. While your website should inform and answer customer questions, it should not overwhelm visitors with information.

This is where a professional web design team comes in. Web design specialists can trim that exhaustive list down to the essentials. Moreover, they can also optimize pages to answer certain questions and persuade visitors to perform desired actions. This will make sure that you’re communicating the company’s brand information to your visitors effectively.

A site built with the help of a web design team can optimize the business’ site, improve its performance, and convey the brand’s message properly. Working with a professional team ensures that your business gets an optimized and functional website consistent with your value and brand propositions.