Retirement Preparation Measures to Do Now


Old man sitting on a log smilingAs you near the age of retirement, you start thinking about the most comfortable way to maintain your lifestyle. Even if things have to change, you want to keep your independence as long as possible and have enough money to cover your growing medical bills.

Here are three preparation measures to consider:

Reverse Mortgage

Those who are 62 years and older may qualify for reverse mortgage programs to get an amount that they can use to augment their finances in old age. You have the option to get the money through a line of credit, as a lump sum, or as regular payments. HUD backs this kind of mortgage so that when the time for repayment comes, the borrower will not have to pay for more than the fair value of the house on the market. What remains of the mortgage will be shouldered by HUD.

Retirement Home

A lot of things have to be considered when choosing your home in your old age. Though you can stay in the house you’ve lived your whole life; some changes may be necessary to prevent common problems faced by people in old age, such as trips and falls. A retirement home is an ideal place for you to move into because the facility is designed to address the needs of the elderly. They also offer the assistance you might need, and they have an in-house physician to check your health regularly.

Funeral Plan

The taboo surrounding early preparations for one’s death is slowly being lifted, and the earlier you prepare, the more you will be saving in the long run. Funeral arrangement prices keep increasing because of the limited plots of land available, which means the plan you get now might cost significantly more if you only start paying for it in the next decade.

There are several reasons to prepare for old age as early as now. The biggest reason is that you want to be able to make sound decisions and keep your worries to a minimum in the future.

Go Big on Safety for Your Little Swimmers


Swimming babyYour little one could get more from swimming than just fun. While having a great time splashing around the waters, they could learn about water safety, too. Although subtle, learning these water safety skills is important. Teaching your child how to swim reduces their risk of drowning and getting into other pool-related incidents, after all. Additionally, swimming allows for physical, social and intellectual stimulation. So, if you think it’s time your baby reaped the benefits of a dip in the pool, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Right Temperature for Babies

Because babies are extra sensitive to the heat and cold, parents need to keep the pool temperature comfortable. Parents could install pool heat pumps to maintain the temperature at around 32 degrees, even if daily temperatures fluctuate. In Perth, for example, temperatures could go as high as 31 degrees and as low as 18 degrees in February, so heat pumps could help keep pool temperatures constant.

Vigilance and Bonding

Even with water lessons, an infant is not entirely safe against drowning. Parents must be vigilant and supervise children in the pool. Similarly, flotation devices should not be substituted for parental supervision. Moreover, babies who are still under a year old should only stay in the water for around 30 minutes.

This shouldn’t stop you and your child from having a good time, however. Let the baby play, and join in their fun, too. After all, swimming is an excellent bonding activity for parents and children.

Baby Swimming Lessons

A parent could also opt to enrol their babies in formal swimming classes. Baby swimming teachers make sessions relaxed and fun, as well as encourage learning through play. Teachers build on the babies’ natural reflexes until they are confident moving through the water.

If you’ve decided on giving your infant formal swimming lessons, then choose ones that are made up of small groups. This way, instructors can pay more attention to each infant.

Swimming strengthens the baby’s body as well as teaches them about water safety. Once your child knows how to swim, you’ll be a little more assured of their safety. You’ll also have more reasons to bond with your child during the summer months.

Maintain Your Independence with a Walk-In Bath


Independent young womanPeople are more afraid of going into a nursing home than they are of dying, according to a Disabled Living Foundation survey. Losing independence and relying on others is the top fear of growing older.

After a lifetime of building a career, caring for children and grandchildren and managing a home, the idea of giving it all up and going into an old people’s home is nothing short of terrifying for some people, worse in fact, than the notion of death. While lots of homes are designed to be like a home-from-home and the carers genuinely care for their residents, most people still don’t like the idea of losing their independence and facing the embarrassment of having to rely on others.

Needing help with intimate tasks can also be a source of anxiety and embarrassment, but there is a way around it.

Help to Stay in Your Home

Slipping accidents in the bathroom and difficulty getting in and out of the bath can be remedied by getting a portable tub from Heavenly Tubs. Instead of risking a fall by climbing over the side, the user can simply open a door and walk in. Once the door is sealed, safe temperature water fills the tub, allowing them to enjoy a relaxing soak. When they have finished bathing, the water drains, and they can safely exit the tub. The flat access bath gives older people their independence back, so they can continue to wash and groom themselves without needing a relative or assistant to help them.

Easing Aches and Pains with Aromatherapy Bathing

Some models of easy access bath have an aromatherapy mode so that the user can take in the aromatic scents while they soak. This is also beneficial to soothing arthritic joints and aches and pains.

Models have grab handles and integrated non-slip surfaces, so it’s not necessary for a bath mat. Together with ramps, stair lifts and other independent living aids, many older people can successfully continue to live in their own home.

Using Bamboo Bed Sheets: What’s In It For You?


Bamboo textile is among the latest technologies in the bedding and bath industry. It is currently gaining more popularity, thanks to the eco-friendly product’s many benefits, including durability and affordability.

If you are thinking of buying bamboo bed sheets, here’s why you should go for it:

Easy to Maintain

Bamboo sheets are easy to care for. They do not shrink and are machine washable. Washing them in cold water saves water and makes them more attractive as well. You can line dry them or use a low heat dryer. With proper care, bamboo beddings can last for many years.

Safe for the Environment

Bamboo is a renewable resource. It grows fast, even without fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals. Compared to cotton, it yields more useful materials and is less costly to produce. Bamboo likewise absorbs more CO2 compared to other materials. As such, it provides more help in improving air quality. Bamboo is also biodegradable.


Bamboo bed sheets offer extreme comfort. They are just like silk, but less slippery. The material gives you the impression that you are sleeping on a luxurious bed. The softness makes you comfortable and gives you a good night’s sleep.

Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial Properties

Bamboo is ideal if you are suffering from allergies. It is hypoallergenic and has the ability to resist mold, mildew, and odors. It also has natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. These make the material perfect for people with sensitive skin, as well as those with immune system disorders.

Sun Protection

If you are sleeping in a bright room, you don’t have anything to worry about. Bamboo provides ultraviolet protection. It reflects UV, and this helps protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Bamboo can filter as much as 94% of UVA rays and up to 97% of UVB rays.

Bamboo is a new bedding material, but it is quickly gaining popularity for good reasons. Go find a reliable supplier of bamboo products and materials so you can enjoy all the benefits.

The Real Reasons You Shouldn’t Overlook Routine AC Tune-ups


Many consumers in St. Louis, MO often overlook the importance of having their air conditioning systems serviced routinely by a professional. They only take notice of this integral comfort-giving component of their home once it starts to malfunction.

Tune ups play a crucial role in keeping an air conditioner functioning at its best capacity. In fact, it helps the unit reach its intended lifespan, or even extending it in many cases. While certain situations may require the immediate attention of an AC repair specialist in St. Louis, MO, it’s always better to have these experts tune-up the system at least once a year to prevent major breakdowns.

Maintaining the Thermostat’s Consistency

An average house could have several air conditioning units — one for every room — of varying sizes or a central unit that cools the entire house through the ducts. Whichever you have, it’s likely that you experienced temperature fluctuations (also known as hot or cold spots) in certain parts of your home.

A possible reason for this is an out-of-tune air conditioner, specifically an inconsistent thermostat. Your AC is supposed to provide comfort and increase your home’s livability, so you have to minimize this problem as soon as possible. Good thing, your local HVAC expert can bring back the optimal consistency of your thermostat, providing a balanced supply of conditioned air throughout your home.

Maintaining an Optimal Cooling Capacity

Neglect of your air conditioning system can reduce its cooling capacity drastically. This can manifest in the worst time possible, like during the hot summer season. For this reason, you should have an expert check and inspect your unit after a long time of non-use (ideally after the winter months) to prepare it for the summer season.

These are only some of the reasons you should always include routine tune-ups for your air conditioning. Besides, a professionally inspected and serviced unit contributes to better indoor air quality.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep


Many Americans experience trouble sleeping nowadays due to some factors such as over consumption of mobile technology and stress. You may have sleep issues of your own. If you want to sleep better, Cozy Earth suggests that you follow the practices below that may help you sleep.

Set a Schedule

One of the ways to achieve better sleep involves following a sleep schedule. When you follow a schedule, you will be able to accumulate enough “sleep drive” that makes you want to sleep. You can schedule what time you will sleep and what time you will wake up. The schedule will be able to ensure that you gain enough sleep no matter what day it is.

No Caffeine After Noon

For students and employees, coffee may be everything for you, but it may be what keeps you from sleeping well at night. Caffeine can last up to six hours before wearing off. To get better sleep, you can stop drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and sodas by noon. This practice ensures that the caffeine leaves your body well before bedtime.

Foster a Sleeping Environment

A good sleep also requires an environment conducive to sleeping. You can set the mood an hour before you sleep by dimming the lights and by stopping mobile device or laptop use. You can also change your bed sheets for a more comfortable bed. Many choose cotton sheets, but many have been choosing bamboo sheet for their beds. Bamboo has become a popular bedding choice.

Be Flexible

Sleeping according to a set schedule and set guidelines may seem easy, but you should always be flexible with your sleep schedule. You can sleep later in the evening or wake up later in the day, but as much as possible, follow your schedule. When you follow a schedule, and you have already adapted to it, you start to get used to it. Good sleep will come naturally as well.

Anti-Aging Lifestyle Choices


Do you notice how people seem younger than their age? Do you ever ask how they manage to appear as such? You would probably get answers like healthy lifestyle and therapy modalities that are effective for them.

Aging, like time, is an unstoppable event. However, unlike time, you can slow down the process of aging with your lifestyle choices. Here are some tips to get you started.

Non-surgical beauty treatments

With aging comes the residual effect of your previous choices of beauty regimens. These adverse changes can affect your self-confidence. However, there are non-surgical solutions to correct these facial and skin problems, solutions that will not require you to go through surgery.

These types of therapies use a holistic approach, and most of the time will not require you to alter your daily activities. For instance, the Ultherapy treatment here in NYC uses sound waves to initiate collagen production.

Collagen is a protein found in muscles and bones that gives the skin its elasticity and replaces dead skin cells. If you are considering treatment for wrinkles, this is a safer choice.

Exercise daily

Exercise keeps the blood running in your system. You may not be able to do the same intensity of exercise that you did when you were younger, but aging should not prevent you from doing light ones. Some of the best choices for you would be yoga, bicycle riding, brisk walking, and Tai Chi.

These exercises relieve stress and make use of your muscles without the strain of a vigorous workout.

Right food choices

When you were younger, you probably enjoy the big servings of fried or grilled menu from fast food restaurants and drive thru. It may be difficult at first, but you should try to replace them with fruits and homemade salads. The body’s metabolism is not as active as it was.

You will notice that a cup of mashed potato during lunch is enough to keep you energetic until dinnertime. The fibers in fruits and vegetables will help with digestion and will ease constipation, which comes with a decreased metabolism rate.

Aging comes with limitations for people. These restrictions may be about the food you eat and activities you can do as well as surgeries that you can undergo. However, with the right lifestyle choices, you can appear younger than your age and have fun!

The Way to Go is Solo: Why You Should Try Traveling Alone


There are those who would never last five minutes alone, even if they are only out for coffee in their own city. Then there are those who would rather be alone, even if they’re traveling to another city, state, region, or country.

Even people who used to fear traveling alone, however, may swear by the benefits of solo travel when they finally try it. Here are some of those benefits.

You only have to worry about yourself

If you’re sick of having to “follow the leader” around all day or making do with what the most influential member of your group decides even if you don’t like it, solo travel may be the break you’ve always wanted.

Serenity Massages of the Palm Beaches added that you can get a massage any time you feel like it without having to hear someone complaining that they’d rather see a show. It’s the perfect “me” time.

It may help you get out of your shell

If you’re shy around strangers, traveling on your own may help you get over that shyness. When you begin to crave the company of someone while you’re out and about, you may finally gather the courage to befriend someone you don’t even know.

You can read on the road

On a train, a bus, or a plane, there’s nothing quite like reading to pass the time when you’re tired of the scenery or the sheer lack of it. You don’t have to make small talk or listen to someone discuss ways to spend the time at your destination. You can just bury yourself in a thick novel or several (if you carry a Kindle).

Do what you want, when you want

Want to enjoy a nice, warm hotel room and room service? Do it. Rise early or sleep in, totally up to you. The downside of having a companion or a few is that someone might feel the need to fill your itinerary to “maximize” your vacation. That may be all right for some, but if you would rather just really enjoy some relaxing moments, go alone. Enjoy a latte at the bakeshop down the road, or a swim at the beach. Nobody can tell you otherwise.

Everyone should try traveling solo at least once. It lets you find out about things you never knew about yourself and other cultures without having to worry about how a companion might feel about it.

Pre-Facelift Procedure: What You Need to Know


Only a few people in the world who seemingly possesses the fountain of youth. If you are not among them fret not, because you can still look as youthful as ever, thanks to the help of modern cosmetic technology.

One of the most famous cosmetic procedure today is rhytidectomy or more commonly known as a facelift. It is a procedure that involves lifting of soft tissues as well as removing excess skin. This procedure prevents sagging and drooping giving you a more youthful look. Like any other medical procedures, there are things you need to be aware of in order to make the most out of the procedure.

1. Consultations Are Important

Before undergoing a facelift, it is important to consult with a professional for an assessment. Your bone structure skin type, medical history and other important factors that can affect the whole procedure is checked and taken into consideration. Make sure to consult with your doctor routinely before, during, and after the procedure to ensure proper healing.

2. Know Your Expectations

Center for Facial Appearances​ reminds that a facelift may help you look a few years younger, but it won’t help you look like you’re 18 years old once again when you’re already at the age of 50. There would be positive and evident changes in your appearance when you undergo facelift surgery, but make sure to have realistic expectations. Consulting with your doctor can help you better understand the pros and cons as well as the realistic outcomes of undergoing such procedures.

3. Dietary and Hygiene Concerns

Take a bath and thoroughly wash your hair before undergoing the procedure to prevent infection. Likewise, ask your doctor about dietary restrictions such as avoiding alcoholic beverages etc. days before the surgery to make sure the procedure would go well.

Like other cosmetic procedures, the secret to a successful facelift is a skilled doctor, great tools and technology, and a well-informed patient.

How to Sell Jewelry Online Successfully


If you are into buying and selling jewelry, or into making your unique style of pendants, earrings and other similar items, then you know that turning a hobby or passion into a lively business could be a truly rewarding experience.

How do you get more people to know about your beautiful creations? Marketing your jewelry can be a bit challenging at first, but do not worry. In this article, you will learn the ropes on how you can get started marketing your very own online shop, and how to reach more people.

Online Marketing

The Internet greatly expands your reach, and if you do it right, you will be surprised at how much it can transform your jewelry shop. Imagine a potential customer searching Google for jewelry and your site coming up first.

This is what search engine optimization (SEO) for jewelers can achieve for you, and it might be a good idea to look into it.

Who Are You Selling To?

In whatever business, it is important to define who or what your market is. Are you selling to middle-aged socialites who love to flaunt their stones? Are your customers the “girly-girl” types who collect just about any shiny object there is? Imagine your ideal client. What does he or she look like? How old are they?

Once you have a clear customer in mind, that is your market, and that is where you will focus all of your marketing strategies.

Research and Promotions

Doing research can be as simple as attending a small community fair and selling your wares there. Your main objective is not to make a profit (although it would be great if you did), but to know whether there is a demand for your product. Big companies do this all the time.

It is like testing the waters, gathering more information before jumping head first into it. Additionally, promotions can also be a way to increase your market and gather information. You can use loyalty promotions, discounts, and other prizes to gauge the impact your jewelry has on the people.

Just like with any other business, a little bit of diligence and research can go a long way into giving you the jewelry business of your dreams.