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Decorating with Dark Hardwood Floors

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Wood Flooring Installation When it comes to home flooring, nothing beats the warmth and charm of hardwood floors. They bring a timeless appeal to space, making the room look polished and incredibly sophisticated. It is still important, however, to decorate properly or pair them with the right elements to bring out the best features of the floor.

Hardwood floor installation experts in Meridian, ID share a few tips on decorating with such flooring.

Add Softness

Dark wood floors lack softness so many homeowners add carpet. Apart from softening the floor and adding comfort, it also helps minimize the impact of repeated footsteps. Area rugs on top of wood floors, furthermore, define sitting areas, especially in open spaces. Light colored carpets usually complement dark wood floors and avoid feeling of heaviness.

Infuse Light

If most rooms in your house have dark wood floors, bring some light into the room. You can, for instance, paint walls white or have lighter cabinet choices. Light colored and patterned rugs can also provide contrast to space. These design suggestions will bring in some light to space, while also showcasing the beauty of your dark floors.

Make it Chicer

For a trendy and urban look, combine hardwood floors with a variety of textures. Try to add leather, velvet, as well as muddied hues like sage or gray. You can also add wooden furniture pieces and those made of steel. If you think that the room feels dark and heavy, neutral furniture and a Moroccan rug can soften the atmosphere.

Add Bright Pieces

Painted furniture pieces can take away the focus on your dark wood floors. In the kitchen, for instance, you can paint the island with a bright hue or add cheerfully colored bar stools. The colorful accents can give the space an energetic vibe. For family or living rooms, add upholstered chairs in bright hues to bring softness and color.

Whether you have wood floors or thinking of installing them, incorporate these design ideas. These will provide an additional aesthetic appeal and bring out the best of your floors.

Aluminium Wall Cladding: Better than Paint

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Aluminium Wall Cladding in PenroseLet’s face it; the excitement of applying a fresh coat of paint to your home is only at the start when you’re just imagining how beautiful your house’s facade will look like. When you’re actually going to do it, you’ll find that painting your exterior walls isn’t as easy. It’s a tedious task that has a bit of a learning curve, and even experienced DIYers find it tedious to do.

Wall cladding is becoming a great alternative to applying a fresh coat of paint to your house’s exteriors. It’s not only easy to install, it provides less upkeep too. Not to mention it offers more advantages than regular old paint.

Wall Cladding Benefits

Wall cladding is low maintenance and easy to clean. Paint will eventually lose its protective properties as it gets older, meaning that in time, you’re looking at painting your walls again. Not only is this tedious, it’s expensive too. An unfortunate event like a rainstorm just after your finish painting isn’t going to do wonders for your new coat of paint either.

According to an expert from Nu-wall Aluminium Cladding, with wall cladding, maintenance only involves washing the covering with water and soap. Aluminium and textured cladding, for example, only really need a good washing every end of the week to keep it pristine. As a greener alternative, wall cladding is also highly resistant to weather changes – something that paint can’t really boast. Wall cladding can bear the brunt of rain and heat and only require washing, compared to paint that can easily get chipped and worn out.

Another not-so-known benefit of wall cladding is how it can actually increase your wall’s durability. Aluminium cladding, for example, can actually increase the structural strength of your exterior walls, making it more resistant to wear and tear. You’re also effectively making your home more wind-resistant, and there are cladding types that are specifically built to withstand storms.

Aesthetic Cladding

Many would say that cladding isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as paint. This was true a few years ago before the advent of the textured cladding. This type of cladding is essentially any wall covering that can imitate a certain texture – the most popular being wood, vinyl, and stone cladding. They look just like the real thing, and requires less upkeep!

Even ‘plain’ cladding has an aesthetic charm since it modernises the look of your home. Many homeowners even use them for their home’s exteriors – a testament to how visually pleasing cladding can really be.

So the next time you’re looking to revitalise your exterior walls, ditch the paint and install cladding instead. The upfront price might be a bit higher than paint, but the fact that it requires little to no upkeep means that you’re saving more money in the long run.

The Current Developments in Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood FlooringHardwood flooring delivers the perfect balance between uniqueness and classic beauty. In Orange County, California, proper installation of this custom hardwood floor is vital to protect its distinct look.

If you are thinking of redesigning your kitchen floor with this type of flooring, Gate Hardwood Floors shares the latest trends:

Distressed Wide Planks

Wide-plank flooring provides homeowners who prefer fewer seams the rustic type of elegance. This flooring comes in a variety of wood types, but you have to stick with distressed wood if you love the rustic look.

Sapele Hardwood

Sapele is a type of exotic hardwood that is less durable than others, but its sophisticated and gleaming pattern makes up for its slight drawback. Its durability isn’t as low as others for it still ranks better than Oak that is an industry benchmark.

Red Oak

One of the preferred flooring choices available in the market today is the red oak because of its ability to coordinate and adapt to any design style. It can also resist wear making it a viable choice for traffic areas, such as the living room.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood

Out of all exotic hardwoods, Brazilian cherry has to be one of the hardest woods. It provides a naturally rich diversity of colors that doesn’t even need to undergo staining. This type of flooring currently holds the reputation for being a stylish and long-lasting floor.

Reclaimed Pine

The majority of reclaimed pines come from historical buildings. Using this kind of flooring in your house not only has eco-friendly benefits, but it also delivers a luxurious look and a historic touch.

Tigerwood Hardwood

Tigerwood hardwood is another kind of exotic hardwood that is a durable and striking option. It has an appealing coloration and grain pattern that other species of trees cannot duplicate. It is somewhat less resilient than Brazilian cherry, but it ranks in between Brazilian cherry and Sapele.

Hardwood flooring’s attractive designs make it an easy preference for homeowners. They will be able to choose from an array of options without having to sacrifice their dream designs.

Another Stage in Life: Building Your Dream Home

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Dream Home in VirginiaBuilding a house is a major phase in every person’s life. It will be best for you and your family to get everything right the first time. Any mistake can cost you money, time and peace of mind. Here are some ways that can help prevent disasters from levelling your dream home plan:

Council Approval

There will be rules and regulations that your house needs to follow. Communicate with your local council to know what you have to fulfil. You can likewise share with them your plans for building a home. They can provide you with all the information you’ll need.

Design Stage

Once approved, you can move on to designing your home. You will a good architect for this to happen in a hassle-free manner. Ask friends or relatives for architects they can recommend. When you have your architect, you can communicate what you want to happen with your home. The more you communicate, the better the architect can design it.

Construction Time

Your next step will be to find home builders. Again, you can ask friends and relatives or search on your own to compare one company to another. McCarthy Homes suggests checking builder licenses and expertise before signing the deal. Knowing their portfolio can greatly help choose your builder, as well.

Cladding Style

In designing your new home, you may want to consider a few current trends. First, you may want to look at the fad of cladding. Many homes seem to have installed cladding to their homes. Timber cladding and metallic cladding, for instance, are all the rage these days.

Interior Trends

When it comes to your home’s interior, metallic finishes continue to be a trend. Open-plan spaces are likewise popular, as people desire to have a sense of vastness in spite of the actual size of the room. Sculleries and mud rooms can be a great addition to your home if space and budget permits.

With careful planning and an open mind to suggestions, your dream home is achievable. Of course, don’t forget to hire a reliable building company to make it a reality.

Advertising Methods: Drawing People in for Better Business

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Advertising in Park CityA small business or a start-up has plenty of hurdles to jump over when it opens for business. Even before the grand opening, preparation is highly needed. This is true even for your advertising. Advertising is what draws your market in. With good advertising, you can have more chances to grow your customer base.

Here are ways you can improve on your advertising strategy, whether you have an in-house team or you have hired an advertising agency:

Creativity over Production Budget

Now, some business owners may think that it is better to go big in advertising or to go home. You can actually have a solid strategy even at low prices. All you need is creativity, as creative ads that play on your company’s brand, motto, product, or services can draw more people than an ad with special effects.

Targeted over Generalized

With creativity comes audience targeting. Concept Marketing and other advertising and marketing companies noted that creative ads can only go so far if you only target a general market. The more you focus on clientele with certain characteristics, you will be able to produce creative ads that will draw that specific clientele into you.

Knowing Progress over Ignorance

When your advertising starts drawing clientele, it will be beneficial for you to track your progress. Data collected from your advertising campaigns can help you understand your market, showing you how you can improve your next campaign. Online advertising can be easily tracked by online analytics tools. You can also track offline methods that you have in place.

Programmatic over Regular

Another great boost to your advertising is using programmatic advertising. This method is almost purely digital with little human involvement. Programmatic shows your ads to people who went to the publishing website, but will most likely click on your ad. In this way, you get to target your audience even more, while costing you less.

There are many other ways you can improve your advertising. All it takes is for you to learn them. You can consult your hired team, and they can guide you to advertising success.

Taking Control of Air Conditioner Hazards

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Air Conditioner HazardsYou will find an air conditioner everywhere. Unfortunately, using one can be a nightmare because of hidden hazards. You need to offer your system proper care and maintenance to stay safe and healthy as you keep your cool.

Effects of a Malfunctioned AC

Some years ago, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) revealed that there were more than 2,000 AC-related fires annually. Apart from fires, AC can cause other types of hazards. Dirty and damaged filters can allow the proliferation of allergens that cause skin diseases. Occupants can also get drowsy from the sweltering heat and carbon dioxide buildup.

Other risks associated with poorly working air conditioners include:

  • Exacerbation of eye illnesses such as blepharitis and conjunctivitis
  • Allergic reactions from airborne dust
  • Respiratory conditions because of sudden humidity and temperature changes

It’s important to deal with a malfunctioned air conditioner immediately to avoid serious accidents.

What You Can Do

Mechanical and electrical malfunctions are the main causes of AC hazards. Therefore, performing maintenance more often can keep most of these problems at bay. The easiest component to check is the filter. Make sure that the filters are not only clean, but also correctly sized. Shutting the unit and restarting immediately can “short cycle” the system and stress the compressor. Therefore, wait for at least five minutes before restarting your AC. Remember that proper installation is essential for a safe and functional unit. If you suspect the prevailing hazards are due to poor installation, hire a licensed act professional for a thorough system check.

Everyone expects the air conditioner to offer comfort, but this is not always the case. Poorly maintained systems are recipes for hazards and disaster. Scheduled inspection, maintenance, and repair is the only way to continue enjoying the benefits of your AC.

3 Things to Remember: Purchasing a Malpractice Insurance

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Malpractice InsuranceA health care professional (and even lawyers) are not exempted from being sued by their clients over malpractice allegations. That is why it is important for professionals to have a malpractice insurance. Like other insurance types, malpractice insurance can be availed in different insurance companies in Florida. However, there are things to consider before purchasing your deal.

  1. Consider necessary coverage and cost

There are two kinds of malpractice insurance, the Claims-Made and the Occurrence Coverage. Insurance cost starts differently, although typically, a $1 million minimum will be paid by the insurer per claim. Different states have different laws so it is better to be familiar with your state laws before purchasing your insurance, an expert from said. The decision on which type of insurance to purchase should be made based on your professional affiliation as well as the nature of your work.

  1. Know the difference between Claims-Made and Occurrence Coverage

For both kinds of insurance, the timing of the incident occurrence, as well as the filing of the complaint, are vital. In Claims-Made, an insurance company will provide coverage for the claim when the alleged incident and the claim happened while the period of policy is still enforced. Occurrence policy, on the other hand, has a permanent coverage for the incidents that have occurred during the period the policy covers. Meaning, an incident that has happened during a policy period that was claimed after the period has gone can still be under the coverage of the insurance company.

  1. Evaluate yourself

It is important to evaluate yourself before choosing your insurance claim. Are you a careless professional? Are the risks involved in your work higher than the others? Does your hospital provide you with insurance of some sort? Knowing all these can help you in your decision making.

Having an insurance can save yourself and your career during tough times. But no amount of insurance coverage can beat the importance of being careful in your profession.

Increasing the Functionality of Your Warehouse

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Increasing the functionality of a warehouseTo make your warehouse more functional, you need a proper system. It can’t be a free-for-all kind of system where any of your employees can come in there and drop a pallet or two of products, or grab a box of whatever they need. That is a sure way to problems in the near future.

To improve your warehouse’s performance, here are some of the things you should avoid.

Lax Security

Employee theft is a reality in any workplace. In a perfect world employees would take ownership of their jobs and the companies they work for, so they would never do anything dishonest. But it’s not a perfect world, so employee theft is something you should still be able to prevent. Improve your security, from getting more security personnel to installing security cameras. You may get some complaints regarding intrusion, but the truth is if there’s nothing to hide they shouldn’t be too concerned.

No Organisation

Warehouses cannot be disorganised; that is just a nightmare for logistics. Come up with the right system of stacking things and arranging them. To make the work even easier, use software for this specific purpose, and put clear identification labels on all the products inside your warehouse. Labels with barcodes will make the job easier, as whatever leaves or enters the warehouse can be instantly added to your digital inventory.


A crowded warehouse is a dangerous place. If there are too many items in your warehouse, filling it to capacity, then perhaps you need an additional warehouse for the other incoming items. Do not use passageways as additional storage spaces. That is an accident waiting to happen. Stacking boxes higher than their recommended stacking height is also risky. Either get a new warehouse or temporary storage, or get rid of products that are not moving.

There are many things you can do to improve your warehouse operations. In time you will find the system that works for you. In the meantime, keep searching for possible solutions.

Workplace Workshop: Getting to Know Generation Y

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MIllennial at Work

Generation Y comprises more than half of today’s workforce. They have been described as many things, and while not everything associated to millennials is true, it’s undeniable that they are different from their older colleagues. This difference creates a gap that not only sets each generation wider apart, but also creates a tension in the workplace due to the clashing of interests, attitude, and philosophy.

Millennials are more than 23 million strong, and they carry with them a strong suite of skills that the previous generation could only dream of learning and experiencing. This is why they are valuable in the workplace, and this is also why it’s difficult to find them the ideal setup at work. If you’re a C-level professional or a manager, here are some important things to note about the Gen Y crowd in your office.

They Appreciate Social Connection

And no, this doesn’t simply refer to going online on social media platforms. It means millennials appreciate any form of opportunity or space to interact with people and build their network. You can amplify this need by throwing regular casual networking events in your workplace. There are endless opportunities for connection in New York. Corporate entertainment and events could be one of them. Throw a simple party every last Friday of the month and your millennials are sure to block off their calendars for this one, Bounce Music & Entertainment suggests.

They Are Strong in Work Collaboration

Connection and collaboration are two of Gen Y’s strongest traits. Growing up in the digital age has honed their skills in doing many things at once without a miss. They learned to cope well with being bombarded by the internet with so much information, and can easily tell which they can find useful. Channel this valuable skill by building collaborative spaces in your office that allows millennials to work seamlessly with their cohorts and even with older colleagues.

But keeping these in mind shouldn’t mean you disregard the interests of your Generation Y workers. Actually, they are not too different. They share qualities such as growing up with smaller families, heavy use of portable technologies, among other things. Incorporate these ideas in your workplace but don’t forget to listen to your other employees, as well. Find the happy middle to keep everyone happy.

Gold Sovereigns: Most Expensive at 516,000 Pounds

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Sovereign CoinsSovereign coins are valued not just for their historical impact, but also for their investment aspect. The sovereign coin your grandmother bought in her day might fetch more than 500,000 pounds today.

Edward VIII Gold Sovereign

As of this writing, the most expensive gold sovereign fetched 516,000 thanks to its highly rare status. Featuring the image of Edward VIII, this sovereign was minted in 1937 and is rare for a variety of reasons.

To start off, there are only 80,000 of these minted – and they are not even the ‘final’ pieces. A large part of this number is trial pieces, which mean that they are not perfect in terms of weight, sketching, size and quality.

The coin itself, which eventually sold for 516,000 pounds at an auction, is also a derivation from tradition. To start, Edward VIII may have ascended to the British throne on January 20, 1936 – but he did not stay long. It was not because of his death, but rather from a voluntary abdication on his part. Renouncing the crown a year later, the coins that were made from the time he came to power were never released.

Furthermore, Atkinsons Bullion says the coins were not exactly made according to tradition. He insisted that his effigy face left, thus going against a tradition that has been 300 years in practice.

More Coins

Of course, this 1937 Edward VIII is just one of the few sovereign that fetched a huge price in the market. As the Royal Mint Museum starts to become more active online, it is expected that more and more sovereign coins will be declared rare and fetch an excellent price. Even the ones that are not rare are equally valuable and will prove to be an excellent investment in the long run. After all, gold rarely depreciates and tends to appreciate in value over time.