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Top Ways Commercial Painters Can Breathe Life Into an Office

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Designing an office goes beyond installing a new carpet and applying a new coat of paint. Preferably, office space should be functional and should have an aesthetic appeal that will attract new customers and motivate employees to do their best.

That said, commercial painters in Wellington could help you achieve all the above goals. Read on to find out what they can do for you and your office.

Identifying Needs and Setting Priorities

If you want to have an office that stirs creativity or promotes professionalism, you must remember that the colours you choose must be aligned with your company image. The painters will go for colours that will help you achieve your goals while maintaining the consistency of your brand image.

Finding Relevant Solutions to Problems

Whilst choosing the appropriate colours is a step forward, it is not enough to get you your desired outcome. Factors, such as scale, lighting, focal point and proportion, play a significant role in determining whether you are going to meet your objectives. Relying on their experience and skills, professional painters will help you identify aspects that you may have otherwise overlooked. This will allow you to achieve that ‘wow’ factor.

Providing Professional Guidance

Commercial painters are not just about colours; they can likewise help you determine what to do to achieve the results you want. Most professional painters work closely with interior designers, constructors, carpenters and architects. They will refer you to the right specialists.

From the points above, you can say that commercial painters have the right skill set and strategies to turn a dull space into what you want it to be. That said, hiring such professionals might be the best decision you will make for your office improvement project.

Home Prices in Ottawa Surge as Values Plunge in Toronto

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Home prices and sales in the Canadian capital have surged in recent months, according to industry data. The growth in the city’s residential real estate market contrasts the situation in Toronto, where the market has suffered a decline in housing sales and prices.

This means property management in Ottawa will eventually be more in demand.

Survey Says

During the second quarter of 2017, Ottawa’s housing prices rose 8.2% to $432,864, according to the Royal LePage House Price Survey. However, the increase might be because of a smaller supply of homes across the city.

The survey noted that the city’s housing inventory fell more than 20% compared to the same period in 2016. This figure represented three-year lows across Ottawa, which isn’t particularly good for buyers amid a shortage of listings. On the other hand, sellers may see this as a good opportunity to liquidate their investment. For instance, the value for a two-floor house in the city amounted to $460,277, up 10.4% year over year, while the median price for a condominium unit increased by 3.9%.

Home Sales

Data from the Ottawa Real Estate Board revealed that more homes were resold in June. More than 2,100 properties changed possession in the month, representing a 10% increase compared to almost 2,000 homes in the same month of 2016.

Sales of properties worth more than $1 million also rose, according to the data. Still, the Ottawa Real Estate Board said that properties in the city remain affordable in general. An estimated 35% of listings still amount between $300,000 and $400,000, significantly lower than the average sale price of $793,915 in Toronto.

Whether you intend to buy or sell a property, it will often be better to consult a professional so you can make an informed decision for every real estate deal. Expert opinion is also helpful when it comes to property valuations.

5 Non-Negotiable Pieces in Your Carry-On Bag During Long Flights

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For neophyte travellers, the idea of long-haul flights is exciting. However, as with a lot of things in life, expectations don’t usually meet reality. In truth, long-haul flights are exhausting and boring. While it is more comfortable than driving cross borders inland, there are no sights and sounds to enjoy. If it is your first time travelling via air for at least half day, be strategic in choosing what to bring in your bag. Here is the most basic list – the non-negotiable:


It’s a given that you have your passport with you all the time, but you must also include other necessary documents like your itinerary, invitation, addresses of contacts abroad, and identity cards. You would be surprised that cases of lost baggage happen often. If these important documents are in your suitcase, you could imagine the nightmare.


Aside from the medicine that you are supposed to take on a regular basis, you should also put in other basic medicines in your carry-on. You should be ready if ever you suddenly experience tummy aches, headaches, and muscle aches.

Basic Toiletries

Don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste, especially if you’re planning to eat or sleep during your flight. You wouldn’t want to be talking to strangers with a bad breath. Include small bottles of hand sanitisers, wet wipes, or alcohol as well. Another must-have to be refreshed is a facial mist.

Comfort Pieces

You would assume that it is going to be cold on the plane, but it isn’t always the case. Heavy jackets could be a hassle in case it gets warm, so pick a light cardigan instead. Everyday Cashmere added that another long-haul flight necessity is scarves wraps. Get one with a soft and good quality fabric, and it can make a huge difference. Also, don’t forget to bring a neck pillow. Bringing the inflatable kind, so it wouldn’t add up to your bulk of baggage when you touch down. Ear plugs also come in handy because chances are, there will be babies and toddlers crying all throughout.


Ideally, you would want to sleep sound during a long flight, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Entertain yourself by bringing a book, perhaps a pen and a journal, or your gadgets if you are a game addict or if you want to catch up with your favourite TV series.

They say it’s not only about the destination. If the journey involves a gruelling long-haul flight, it’s quite tricky to experience comfort. But if you want to make it at least bearable, you should never forget to include these things in your carry-on.

Preventing Stampedes During Your Events

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House on FireStampedes are an imminent threat to every concert or event where large crowds are  involved. If you are an event organizer, you have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of every attendee. It is not uncommon for stampedes to result in injuries and deaths and, consequently, major lawsuits. So what can you do to prevent a stampede at your event?

Be Organised

Dis-organisation on the part of organizers can be blamed for many instances of stampedes. If you are planning to hold a big concert or event, do not wait for the last minute to finalize arrangements. Last-minute rushes are likely to lead to assumptions and oversights. Inspect the venue well in advance and remove bottlenecks that could affect the flow of people. Most importantly, have an estimate of how many people you will be expecting, to make proper arrangements.

Understand Crowd Behavior

If you have never dealt with large crowds, seek expert opinion on what to expect. People are selfish and competitive in nature and will want the best spots for themselves. Try to create an environment of ‘there’s plenty for everyone’ rather than ‘everyone for himself’. It is also important to understand that people gathered in large crowds tend to feel a sense of diffused responsibly. Often called mob psychology, it can lead to destructive behavior.

Have Enough Security

It would be stupid to have ten marshals to control a crowd of one thousand people. Armed policemen may not be a requirement in all cases, but police officers offer a sense of authority even without being armed. Also, let your security detail be properly dressed; uniformed marshals are more likely to be effective than regular guys in T-shirts. The bottom line is that you should have enough crew who evoke a sense of authority.

Divide the Crowd into Manageable Units

It goes without saying that smaller crowds are easier to handle than big ones. The secret is to break up big crowds into smaller groups. Temporary fences and barriers for hire can be erected to separate the venue into zones and prevent large crowds from pooling closely together.​ Superfence, a temporary fence provider, says support blocks are standard additions you also need, to avoid the occurrence of tripping.

Have a Clear Exit Strategy in Case of Emergencies

Even though you are not expecting any trouble, it is good to be prepared for it. As a rule, you should always have a clear entry and exit strategy, but in the case of emergencies such as fire or any kind of threat, extra measures are necessary. This might include providing emergency doors or exits.

Most stampedes are avoidable. With proper planning and management, they can be eliminated. Event organizers should constantly sharpen their skills on crowd management to read signs of trouble and act before disaster strikes.

Better Business: Guaranteeing Satisfaction with Your Supplier

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Supplier ChartSuppliers are an integral part of any business. The quality of their products and the performance of their business can directly affect yours. Should your supplier fail to deliver, it’s your reputation on the line so it pays to choose well.

Value for Money

Choosing lower cost materials increases your profit margin. If you make your supplier choices based only on the price, however, it can backfire. Check the reliability of the supplier. Completing a rushed client request relies heavily on the ability of your suppliers to deliver the materials you need to fulfill the order. The adage “you get what you pay for” is apt in today’s market. What you need then is to strike a balance between reliability, quality, price, and service from your suppliers.

Business Stability

A way to ensure proper handling of your orders and purchases is to check your supplier for stability. Some enterprises require steady and stable sources for materials. A microbiology lab, for example, is among the businesses requiring a reliable source for supplies. If your supplier suddenly closes down or disappears, this can spell trouble for you.

Fort Richard Laboratories Ltd recommends checking how long the supplier has been in business. This is an easy way to gauge their stability. Some may even have readily accessible financial records so you can see for yourself if they’re stable. This can assure that you could partner with them for a long time.

Tried and Tested

While you can easily Google for suppliers, it helps to get referrals from people you trust. When evaluating a possible supplier, ask for the contact details of their other clients. Check the suppliers’ website as well for customer feedback. While it’s possible that the supplier will only provide contact details of customers they’re sure will give a favourable review, if you dig deep enough then you’re sure to discover if they have any anomalies.

Though you may have a trusted supplier, it always helps to keep a second referral on-hand. Should there be any emergencies or a sudden increase in demand, having a backup means having a safety net to ensure continued service for your clients.

4 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Fishing in Orlando

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Fishing in OrlandoAre you visiting Orlando? Are you thinking of doing something else besides riding roller coasters or looking for Mickey Mouse? Then why don’t you try fishing!

Does the idea get you excited? Before you book a trip, learn these cool facts about Orlando fishing:

1. You can fish in a Disneyland Resort.

Although Orlando is home to seven of the ten most visited theme parks in the country, it’s always known to be Disneyland’s address. In 2015, around 2.4 million people visited the Magic Kingdom, an increase of 6 percent from the previous year. While many are still crazy about the rides, others drop by the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa to relax and fish!

2. Orlando is Florida’s prime fishing ground.

The metropolitan city sits in the heart of the Sunshine State, but it’s also surrounded by water—lots of it. Not only does it have the longest coastline in all of the contiguous United States, but it also boasts of more than 19,000 kilometers of rivers and streams. Its freshwater lakes cover more than 2 million acres, and these bodies of water are natural habitats of over 200 freshwater fish species.

3. There are five lakes.

Orlando has a robust marine program designed to encourage quality fishing. Under it are five lakes: Ivanhoe, Turkey, Starke, Underhill, and Clear. Even if there are a couple more amazing lakes in the city, these five have some of the best-quality bass fish. Local fishing guide Captain Micah Tolliver also adds that these lakes have an abundance of fish and wildlife that will thrill a nature lover, from alligators to dolphins.

4. Tourists can fish with a guide.

Confused where to fish in the city? You can call a fishing charter in Orlando, and you will get more than a boat. There’s a good chance you’ll also have a guide who can teach you the basic fishing skills, rules and regulations, and the best spots to fish. All these make your fishing experience more pleasant and memorable.

With so many options, fishing in Orlando is a must during your visit.

This Is What You Get from Being a Blood, Bone Marrow, or Organ Donor

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Donate Bone MarrowDonations can go beyond monetary offerings. Currently, many life-saving operations require donors for organs, blood, and bone marrow.

Consider the following benefits of being a donor of the following medical requirements:

Blood Donation

This is probably the kind of medical donation that offers the most health benefits to both the receiver and the donor. Obviously, as the donor, you offer heaps of good for the receiver of your blood donation. Meanwhile, you also get a free on-the-spot blood test and mini-health examination before your donation. Giving blood at least once a year also reduces your chances of suffering heart attacks and cancer.

Bone Marrow Donation

Though donating bone marrow actually benefits the receiver more, there are still a few vital perks to being a bone marrow donor in Salt Lake City. You may be donating bone marrow to a family member, most likely a sibling or a parent. Being able to save someone’s life – especially an individual that you have close family ties with – gives you a priceless boost of morale and self-worth.

Organ Donation

Organ donors don’t need to die to see the results of their kind-hearted act. They can willingly give a kidney, part of their liver, and other organs even while still alive. True, you can suffer negative side effects from your donation, but being given the opportunity to save a life is quite a priceless perk. Signing up for organ donation upon your death can also offer the same chance of saving lives, except this time you can save up to eight people, assist in furthering medical research, and assist your family in their grief when you do pass on.

Unfortunately, despite the said benefits, very few donors are still willing and available. Contact your doctor or hospital if you’re truly interested in offering someone a new lease on life.

Beyond Business: Company Events That are Worth Celebrating

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Team Building in HerstonOther than the typical holidays, team building programs, and promotional and marketing conventions, a company should have more reasons to celebrate. After all, hosting special events improves employee relations and morale, and is a way of promoting better teamwork and cooperation.

Here are some of the other events you can celebrate as a team.

Employees’ Day

Your employees are more than just people working in office cubicles. Allow them to connect with their colleagues and leaders by planning an Employees’ Day celebration. It can be as simple as sharing a meal and having a fun program or it could be an all-out weekend getaway at a resort. Come up with unique activities that will fit all ages.

Charity Event

Sharing is a great way of giving back to the community and promoting compassion and empathy among employees. Hold a charity event for a specific cause and ask every member of your workforce to be part of the drive. You can likewise create a follow-up event when all the donations are in. Request for some willing volunteers from your staff to minimise cost.

Employee Awards Night

Motivating your workers to do their job goes beyond giving them a fair salary. Victoria Park recommends recognising your employees’ consistent punctuality, attendance and performance, and planning an awarding ceremony. You can rent any of Brisbane’s corporate function venues and invite everyone to attend, even longtime clients and partners.

Training with a Guest Speaker

Asking a well-known business personality to talk to your people can also raise their spirits and enthusiasm. Invite a qualified and dynamic speaker who can get your audience’s attention and deliver an informative piece.

Corporate events need not always be about sales, achievements and promotions. There are a number of other occasions your company can celebrate and still benefit. These events are likewise effective ways to mix business and pleasure.

3 Hacks for Tying All Your Things Down to Your Car or Truck

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Moving HacksAre you moving or delivering a large order? Even if you’ve bubble-wrapped everything delicate and put them in boxes, you have to account for the rough road ahead. Even properly-cushioned items can get wrecked if they’re not packed properly. People in the trucking and moving business, though, know exactly how to secure your stuff.

Here are essential things to know when you plan on moving large amounts of product or stuff around:

1. Use the right straps

Tying down your stuff to the floor or sturdy, unmoving part of the vehicle is your best bet. But what do you use to tie stuff down? Perhaps the best option you have are cargo ratchet straps, says X-Pak Global. These belts are very secure and will make sure that your items don’t move. Commonly used in large shipping containers and trucks, you should use these instead of bungee cords that stretch.

2. Think about how the vehicle moves

How do you tie the stuff down anyway? Think about the movement of your car or truck. The sudden application of brakes and the swerving or turning are the most likely culprits of moving cargo. Reinforce the straps according to these movements. Make sure that you also be careful when you drive. It doesn’t matter if you get to your destination at a slower pace — as long as the stuff you’re packing isn’t damaged.

3. Grab, shake and check frequently

Securing your things isn’t just a one-time thing. Once you’ve tied everything down, wait fifteen minutes before tugging at the straps. You could also try to dislodge your cargo to see if the setup can handle jostling.

Keep in mind that you must check your cargo along the trip. Tug on the bindings and adjust the straps accordingly. If you have to re-tie them, then do so! It’s better than broken stuff.

Decorating with Dark Hardwood Floors

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Wood Flooring Installation When it comes to home flooring, nothing beats the warmth and charm of hardwood floors. They bring a timeless appeal to space, making the room look polished and incredibly sophisticated. It is still important, however, to decorate properly or pair them with the right elements to bring out the best features of the floor.

Hardwood floor installation experts in Meridian, ID share a few tips on decorating with such flooring.

Add Softness

Dark wood floors lack softness so many homeowners add carpet. Apart from softening the floor and adding comfort, it also helps minimize the impact of repeated footsteps. Area rugs on top of wood floors, furthermore, define sitting areas, especially in open spaces. Light colored carpets usually complement dark wood floors and avoid feeling of heaviness.

Infuse Light

If most rooms in your house have dark wood floors, bring some light into the room. You can, for instance, paint walls white or have lighter cabinet choices. Light colored and patterned rugs can also provide contrast to space. These design suggestions will bring in some light to space, while also showcasing the beauty of your dark floors.

Make it Chicer

For a trendy and urban look, combine hardwood floors with a variety of textures. Try to add leather, velvet, as well as muddied hues like sage or gray. You can also add wooden furniture pieces and those made of steel. If you think that the room feels dark and heavy, neutral furniture and a Moroccan rug can soften the atmosphere.

Add Bright Pieces

Painted furniture pieces can take away the focus on your dark wood floors. In the kitchen, for instance, you can paint the island with a bright hue or add cheerfully colored bar stools. The colorful accents can give the space an energetic vibe. For family or living rooms, add upholstered chairs in bright hues to bring softness and color.

Whether you have wood floors or thinking of installing them, incorporate these design ideas. These will provide an additional aesthetic appeal and bring out the best of your floors.