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Zeroing in on a Second Hand Vehicle

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old carUsed cars are the second best alternative to a new vehicle. There are many advantages to buying used, but it is important to think about several different aspects carefully. Zeroing in on a second-hand car is not as easy as walking into a showroom or lot in Melbourne and then choosing one just because it has the least dents or visible problems. There are many things you need to consider before making the purchase.

What to Keep in Mind

First things first – decide what you really need to narrow down the choices. Are you looking for a roomy SUV or minivan for the family, or are you in the market for a compact sedan for city driving? This is the first question you need to answer if you plan to buy a car in Melbourne. Once you know exactly what it is you want, you can move on to establishing a budget and then narrowing down your choices.

Getting to the Lot

Whether you are buying from a used car dealer or checking out what’s available at a local auction, it’s important to start with the basics. Check the mileage and see if the vehicle was used for leisure driving or long distance driving. Standard rules apply: the lower the mileage, the better.

After checking out the odometer, it is wise to see if the vehicle is run by petrol or diesel engines. This is a key concern given how the price of fuel is always fluctuating. Remember that aside from the purchase price, you also have to think about the cost of ongoing expenses. Owning a car means you will have to spend regularly on fuel or diesel and any repairs and maintenance needs.

Take it out for a Test Drive

Ask if you can take the car for a test drive. Take it up a hill, on the highway, and then drive through the city streets to see how it performs. You should also ask to see a maintenance record, which will ensure the frequency and nature of maintenance work done as part of regular servicing.

These are just some of the basics you need to know about the purchase of a second hand vehicle. Always be critical of what is presented to you and do not get the first vehicle you fall in love with. See all possible options and weigh all the pros and cons of each.

Photo Display Methods: Cakes and Canvas Prints

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When celebrating a loved one’s special day, many people like to express their creativity using customised canvas cakes. The technical process in the creation of these sweet delights include the use of canvas prints similar to a photo display method. offers a short guide on the technology behind these products:


The term canvas came from 13th century Anglo-French. Today, it is used in the virtual arts to mean an area where you can create a design. It is a type of heavy duty, yet simple woven type of textile conventionally used for making boat sails, canopies for tents, marquees and other products where certain strength of fabric is needed.  Canvas is quite popular with design artists and painters where it is used as the painting surface while stretched along a wooden frame.

Characteristics of a Canvas Print

The best kind of modern canvas consists of a woven plain weave of cotton, polyester or linen.  But, historically, it was made out of hemp, which was replaced with cotton later on.  Polyester canvas poses a big challenge to traditional canvas, as the technical characteristics of the former far outweigh the latter in terms of quality, versatility and longevity. When talking about canvas printing, the excellence of dye sublimation methods is more superior than traditional ones because the print is embedded into the fibers using a technique that fuses ink with a substrate that allows for continuous tone of printing.

 Gallery Wrapped Canvas

This is essentially a digital photograph developed to continue all around the edge of a stretcher frame. It can be utilised to augment the three dimensional effects used on a mounted canvas.  There are other methods that aim to replicate the procedure, such as the mirror wrap or spot color applied to the edges.

Maintaining Proper Business Etiquette during Video Conferences

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Quality video conferencing services are becoming more popular because of the time and cost they save in conducting business matters. Also known as effective video collaboration, it’s widely used to hold inter-continental meetings, training programs and communication with offshore vendors and clients. Although participants only interact virtually, they still need to follow certain decorum, particularly for international conferences. The following pointers the etiquette for video conferencing:



  • Choose a suitable place to conduct the conference. All participants need to be informed regarding the venue and date of the conference. This is to make sure that all of them are assembled at the right venue and at the right time.
  • Check the conferencing device a day earlier. Make sure all monitors and microphones are working properly. If not, arrange for replacements. In case of failure, reschedule or cancel the conference and inform all concerned parties immediately.
  • There should be someone to chair the meeting in order to ensure that the conference proceeds smoothly. This way, confusing and embarrassing situations like two people talking at the same time can be avoided.
  • A formal dress code should be followed like in a face-to face meeting. Avoid casual dressing to make the meeting look more professional.
  • When you get the chance to talk for the first time, begin by introducing yourself. Follow the agenda of the meeting and do not bring up unrelated topics.
  • Use the mute button of your remote control when the other party is speaking. Also, it’s bad manners to suddenly interrupt someone during the course of his speech, no matter what the situation is.
  • If you’re the chairman of the meeting, begin by introducing all members on your side and state their names, designations, and role in the meeting clearly. Also, if possible, remind the other parties what the agenda of the meeting is.

Moving to the Cloud: Cloud Servers over Shared Server Hosting

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The shift from traditional software model to the Internet has influenced a huge change in business applications. The cloud servers, while working in a fashion similar as their physical counterparts, offer more benefits to the users. When companies go for cloud server hosting, they’re actually paying for using a virtual space rather than physical servers. This means that you can pay for parts you actually use, instead of the whole entity.

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