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3 Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Put Off

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When preparing your home for sale in Pittsburgh, there are a few home repairs you have to make. Some of these repairs might not seem big to you, but they matter a lot to anyone looking for a new home. Failure to repair them may cause your house to stay on the market longer than you expect.

Renovating your home before you sell is necessary for you to fetch the current market price or more. Whether it is damp restoration or garage door repair, real estate agents usually insist on homeowners fixing these issues before listing their homes. Here are repairs that are worth making before you put your house up for sale.

1. Garage Door Repair

A faulty garage door is a weak point that will provide unauthorized individuals an entrance into your home. Nobody wants to forego such a critical repair. It would make sense to have reputable companies, such as Steel City Garage Doors in Pittsburgh, perform garage door repair before you show your home to potential buyers.

2. Damp Proofing

Very few people will consider spending on a home with a wet basement, wall, or roof. Even if they do, they will pay way less than your home could command if you had renovated it. Install gutters, remove mold, paint walls, and pump water from the basement before you list your home. Damp proofing might cost you a lot, but it will help you recoup your investment come selling time.

3. Electrical Repair

Minor electrical faults like damaged lights and wiring are not costly to fix. However, major electrical flaws will put off most buyers, especially those who have young children. Make sure all electrical issues are handled by a professional.

There are many other minor fixes that you can do to improve the value of your home. However, the issues mentioned above are more important and will show the buyer that you care for your home. After all, you will be delighted to sell your house fast and at a profit.

The Beauty of Gas Fireplaces: Energy-Efficient, Elegant and Safe for Any Household

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There is elegance in houses with fireplaces. Fire has an allure that attracts people to be closer to one another in an otherwise cold room.

According to fireplace expert Comfort Solutions, the modern fireplace can be as economical to use as regular heating methods. Usually, the only thing hindering a family to have a fireplace is the supposed cost of installation and operation.

Types of Gas Fireplace

There are three types of gas fireplaces: zero-clearance fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts and free-standing gas fireplace. Zero-clearance fireplaces can be placed flush against the wall without the need for any clearances from authorities. This enables the fireplace installations in even small spaces.

Gas inserts are an upgrade to a home with an existing chimney. The gas insert is practically a box inserted into the fireplace. This solution helps in the interior decor if the existing wood-burning fireplace is in disrepair.

A free-standing gas fireplace looks like a wood fireplace. It also has logs inside it, which makes it appear as if it’s burning wood, even if it was gas-operated. It can be thermostat-controlled, turned on with a switch, or with a remote control.

Advantages of a Gas-Fired Fireplace

A gas-powered fireplace has distinct advantages over a wood-burning one. For one, there is no need for logs or coal. It uses natural gas, which can come from your main gas supply. No firewood means no hauling, and no sparks when it is in operation.

Gas fireplaces are high-efficiency devices, while at the same time they can help save at least 25% on power consumption. This leads to warmer fireplaces, even if there is no chimney. They are stylish, can be controlled with a remote control and are also much safer to use.

Overall, a gas-fired fireplace is a modern heating device. It is energy efficient, generates high heat, is safe, and easy to operate.

Termite Infestation at Home: Signs to Watch Out For

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Termites may look like tiny, harmless creatures but in reality, you shouldn’t underestimate what they’re capable of doing. Termites can cause huge damage to wooden structures in your home, from foundation posts to floor joists. It’s a must to stop these tiny destructive creatures as soon as possible, or you’ll be dealing with costly repairs.

Facts on Termites

Termites thrive and eat more actively in the spring season. It only takes five months for 60,000 termites to eat 12 inches of 2×4 wood. If you don’t call pest control services in Salt Lake City immediately, then it may be too late for quick fixes, warns Greenside Pest Control.

Signs of Termite Infestation

According to The National Pest Management Association, damage to property due to termite infestation costs up to $5 billion each year. You wouldn’t want to be part of this statistics. Watch out for these signs of termite infestation and get a professional exterminator immediately.

  • Shelter Tubes – Termites build shelter tubes out of their saliva, droppings, and soil to protect them against predators and maintain a humid environment. Tube shelters are usually found on walls and are usually at least 10 mm in width.
  • Subterranean Tunnels – Some species like the subterranean termites build tunnels instead of tubes. The worker termites use these tubes for transporting food.
  • Tapping Noises on Wood – Termites produce a sound to signal their co-workers by tapping their head and mandible on the wood surface. These tapping sounds are usually a sign of a large infestation.
  • Termite Frass – Frass or termite droppings look like tiny pellets and are scattered near where termites inhabit.
  • Hollow Wood – This is an obvious sign of termite infestation. Termites don’t eat up wood from the top down but vice versa. So watch out for weak parts of a wooden structure, which means it could be already hollow on the inside.

Getting Pest Control Specialists

It’s difficult to eliminate termites on your own because these tiny creatures do their work discreetly. And if you don’t get to eliminate the king and the queen, the colony will still continue to grow. Calling professional exterminators are your best chance to get rid of termites at home completely.

How to Save on Heating and Cooling Bills in Your Home

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Keeping cool in summer and warm in winter is easy in a modern home. All you have to do is crank the thermostat up or down as needed. However, you are probably spending more on heating and cooling here in Raleigh, NC than you have to.

You can save quite a bit on your energy bills without sacrificing your comfort. Follow these three tips, and you can free up some much-needed cash for other things.

Seal it in

The biggest problem for most homes when it comes to heating and cooling is leaks. It could be holes in your HVAC system, or drafty doors and windows. It is easy enough to repair duct tears with duct tape if you know where they are.

However, you might have to get an HVAC specialist to find them for you. While you are at it, have them clean your HVAC system. Even a little dirt makes your system work harder. This means higher energy bills. For leaky doors and windows, get busy with weather stripping and caulk.

Window magic

Your windows can do a lot to keep your home comfortable. In summer, keep the blinds and curtains closed to keep the sun out. This will help the air conditioner make your home easier to cool. In winter, keep them open to let the sun in.

Even when it is cold out, the sun’s rays are still warm. Letting them into the house can help heat it the natural way.

Set and forget

The thermostat is a technological wonder, but you have to know how to use it. Changing your thermostat setting all the time wastes energy. Set your thermostat to your ideal temperature and keep it there. The recommended setting for summer is 78 degrees Fahrenheit and 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.

However, that still depends on your comfort levels. It might be a good idea to put in a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts depending on the time of day. If you are out the whole day, you may want to set your thermostat higher in summer and lower in winter.

The point is, avoid changing the settings on a whim.

These are three easy ways to save some money on heating and cooling expense. It does not take much to do, and it can make a big difference in your energy bills.

A Breeze for Business: How HVAC Experts Could Keep Employees Focused in Your Office

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Could you imagine working in an office with no air conditioning? It would probably be a sweaty nightmare in humid days and a chilling limbo in cold weather. Wise business leaders know the importance of making sure their employees are comfortable at work.

This is to allow them to focus on the task and suffer distraction from the extreme heat or cold. Here is where HVAC experts come in, to solve any heating, ventilation, or air conditioning issues in the office. Having them around gives your workplace these six benefits.

Better Air Ventilation

Furnace repair companies in Riverton such as Desert Star Heating and Air believes you can achieve better air ventilation in the office with the help of an HVAC professional. They do this by installing things like air ducts that allow air to flow around more.

Energy Efficiency

HVAC experts also make it possible to heat and cool your entire office with less energy. This helps you air conditioning system because it wouldn’t have to wear itself out in using too much power or energy.

Reduced Expenses

A more affordable utility bill is also something an HVAC professional can help you with. With your expenses reduced, your business gets to save more money.

Consistent Room Temperatures

If there are consistent temperatures implemented in each room, the office would be more comfortable for those inside it. You wouldn’t have to wear and take off your sweater due to abrupt changes in temperature.

Longer-Lasting Systems

There would be less wear and tear of your heating and cooling system once it is regularly maintained. Because you keep weak spots strong, the HVAC system would last longer and save you the hassle of having to spend on replacements.

In conclusion, enlisting the help of an air conditioning professional could turn your office into a comfortable environment. Employees become satisfied and focused because for them, working in your office becomes a breeze.

4 Steps to Repotting Your Plants

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For the most part, potted plants will do well with little maintenance. As long as you water them appropriately and occasionally add fertilizer, they’ll thrive quietly. However, there are times when they need to be repotted, especially if they’ve outgrown their current containers. When that time comes, here are the steps you should follow to do it successfully.

1. Choose an appropriate planter

If you’re transferring your plants to new Versailles planters, make sure that these containers are the right size. Authentic Provence notes that ideally, you want a planter that’s not more than two inches deeper than the current pot. That’s because a pot that’s too large will hold too much water, and this could lead to root rot. Make sure that the pot has the proper drainage.

2. Buy a high-quality potting soil

Visit a local garden supply company and buy nutritious potting soil for your plant. Avoid the temptation to dig up some soil from your backyard to use for the purpose, as this soil tends to dry up too quickly. Mix the potting soil with a small amount of natural organic fertilizer to make it more nutritious. Fill the pot to half and add some water to moisten it.

3. Prepare the root ball

Before you repot a plant, it’s essential that you carefully prepare its root ball. This encourages it to grow properly once you have transferred it to the new pot. Water the root ball thoroughly. Removing the plant from the existing container shouldn’t give you any trouble. Simply slip it out of the container or invert the container and shake it, using your hand to support the root ball.

4. Repot the plant

Gently place the plant in the new planter and fill the space around it with potting soil until it’s full. Tap the sides and bottom of the planter to help distribute the soil evenly. Add water to the roots of the plant to promote growth. In about 24 hours, you should notice an improvement in the plant’s health.

Repotting a plant can provide it with a new lease of life, particularly if it has outgrown its current pot. The great news is that it’s a simple task you can do within minutes of your spare time.

Determining the Presence of Pesky Molds in Your Body

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Mold appears on the surfaces of your kitchen, bathroom, and sometimes even on your bedroom walls and floor. This is due to the exposure of humidity and moisture of home surfaces.

Households tend to ignore the problem, which can be dangerous. Mold build-up in homes can cause health risks, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

Acute Symptoms

Some symptoms of mold exposure can be similar to that of an allergy. Usually, nasal and sinus congestion is present along with cough and sometimes sore throat. Also, there is chest tightness, dyspnea, asthma, headache, and sometimes irritation in the eyes and skin.

Severe Symptoms

In the worst cases, mold toxicity can cause cancer due to aflatoxin being a carcinogen. Aflatoxin is a toxin produced by fungi. Mold can also cause pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary injury. Aside from this, neurotoxicity, hematologic and immunologic disorders, hepatic and renal toxicities, and gastrointestinal and cardiac conditions are also possible severe symptoms of severe exposure to molds.

Other Symptoms

Other symptoms may include psychological distress, exhaustion, changes in touch or sensation, muscle weakness, vertigo, coordination problems, mental fog, breathing problems, and digestive issues.

With the listed symptoms, it is safe to assume that molds won’t do your family any good. With this, treatment of the mold infection is necessary. First off, start with containing or stopping the exposure. Contact mold removal services in Canada to exterminate these foul organisms at once; High Tech Carpet Cleaning offers free, on-site inspections for those who are interested. Continue with boosting your detoxification pathways, and lastly, to ensure immune protection, increase your body’s levels of Vitamin D.

Protect your family even from organisms that are not visible by the naked eye. Don’t hesitate to contact mold removal services at the first sign of mold infestation in your home.

3 Best Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Festivities

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The big days of the year come with lots of excitement. The mood is light and the laughter plentiful. If you are to get the most fun out the festive season, you need to plan for it early.

Getting the house ready for the holidays is a good place to start, which is actually quite easy to pull off with some creativity and a lot of help. Here are tips to make it work.

1. Plan for festive decorations

It’s not a festivity if your house doesn’t look glamorous. Buy the appropriate decorations. Don’t let this part overwhelm you. Some professionals can do a wonderful job at a minimal fee.

A residential and commercial Christmas light installation agency such as Roof to Deck Decoration, for instance, can help make the interior and exterior of your house dreamy in no time.

2. Tidy up the home

Your decorations just won’t work perfectly if your house is messy and unsightly. So tidy it before the decorators start their job. Now is the time to take out clutter and scrub every surface in the house.

Remove cobwebs; dust the surfaces, and take out the trash. Clean the windows too. Don’t forget about the exterior of the house. A glamorous yard sets the stage for a charming Christmas setup.

3. Play festive music

With the house sparkling and the decorations shining, it is time to set the mood with some nice festive music. Most radio stations and TV stations play festive music during this period, but you can still buy a soundtrack with cheery festive tunes or download some online. This sets the mood for the season.

This year, you can make each big day count by preparing for it as early as you can. Before you go out to buy presents and food for the festivities, start by making your house as attractive and festive as possible.

Avoid Making These Costly Mistakes with Your Home’s Heating Unit

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It is much preferable to walk into an already warm and welcoming house. Unfortunately, the pursuit of this cozy and welcoming environment lead many people to make grave mistakes, note as furnace service expert in Salt Lake. It also causes you to burn away good money with each passing day.

Failing to understand how a furnace works

The first thing you’re likely to do when you walk into a cold house is to crank up the house. Often you do this with the hopes that you will get the house to warm up quickly and wade off the cold. Unfortunately, as natural as this move might seem, it is anything but effective.

See, the furnace, the part responsible for heat generation, pumps out heat at the same rate regardless of the temperature setting. The furnace will take the same amount of time to reach the optimal house temperature, regardless of the setting on the thermostat.

Rather than waste the extra energy, just set the thermostat at the normal 68 degrees and grab a hot drink as you wait for the house to warm.

Leaving the thermostat on

To avoid the hellish cold, most people leave their units at 68 degrees. The idea here is that it takes longer to heat up the house than it does to keep a constant temperature. Unfortunately, doing so keeps the house warm but will cost you a fortune in electricity bills.

Instead, you should get a programmable thermostat that lets you adjust the temperature when you leave the house. You can program the unit around a schedule to lower and raise the home temperatures are needed. That way, you can keep your furnace from working too hard to keep an empty house warm.

Factors that Help Your House Sell

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Home For Sale Real Estate SignIt could be that the house is too big after your children have all moved out. It could also be that you want to downsize to manage your expenses. Or you might want a new environment. Whatever the reason, you need to do your best to sell your house before you can get started on a new chapter in your life.

With Utah’s bountiful real estate market, the property should have something special to get attention. Consider the following:


Not everyone is aware of the dangers of asbestos and radon to the residents of a house. You can educate your prospective clients in Utah while making the property the right choice for them. Go ahead with the radon testing services so you can advertise that the house you’re selling has safe levels of radon and will not cause radon-related illnesses.


Does your house have an open layout? Do you have a big living room where the family can hang out? Does your kitchen come with the trendiest backsplash money can buy? Include these in your ads. They let you add a little more to the selling price, but most importantly, they make the property a cut above the rest. If you can improve certain aspects of the property before selling, you can also boast about those improvements through flattering pictures.


Even if your house is just like everything else on the block, you can still sell it by highlighting the location. Talk about how near the house is to schools, groceries, and public attractions. Is it family friendly? Is there a nearby pet park? How is the crime rate? Homebuyers consider a lot of things when buying, but sometimes they need a little nudge to look in the right direction.

Selling a house is all about highlighting its pros and framing it to fit your target client’s needs. If you can’t look inside the house, look outside for remarkable selling features.