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Repairing and Maintaining an Iron Roof

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Metal roofs have a distinct advantage over other types of roofs due to their durability, sturdiness, fire and heat resistance, and lower costs. But like other roofing materials, these need regular maintenance and occasional repairs.

Should you find that the roof of your home needs some repair work or maintenance, your best bet would be to call roof restoration professionals in Perth and in other cities. Restoring a roof is not about just a simple paint job, which is why you need all the expert help you can get. Here is a look at how to maintain and repair a metal roof, particularly the iron roof:

Signs of Roof Repair

Unlike steel, iron roof is susceptible to rusting given the nature of the material. That is why it is important that you check the condition of the roof periodically to observe any signs of rust and holes. You will know if you need roof repair if there are leaks when it is raining outside, there are rust marks on the roof that seem to spread over time, or the overall roofing appears to age rapidly.

Repairing the Iron Roof

If the roof of your home shows these indicators, call roof restoration personnel immediately. Do not consider a quick repair with silicone fillers, as these are not suited for roofs that lie exposed to damaging effects of the weather. Do not patch over the rust, as the rust under the patch will most likely continue to spread.

What the Professionals Do

When the professionals arrive at your place, they will first analyse the condition of your roof and determine if it needs a repair or replacement. These personnel will check for the extent of rust damage and the presence of small or large holes and their number.

If they deem that a repair job is necessary, they will prepare the roof well next to remove the damages. They do this by cleaning, sanding and filling holes. Finally, the roof restoration professionals will apply a protective coating over the roof and then paint it to give it a fresh look and lengthen its lifespan.

Things to Consider when Renting a Storage Unit

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Having problems removing all the clutter in your garage? Need more space for your valuables? The best solution would be to look for reliable self storage facilities nearby. This is a good option for movers who need temporary space for their items.

Renting a self storage unit can serve you many benefits. Apart from making your home look more organised or making your move less stressful, it also gives you that peace of mind when it comes to securing your items. Just make sure to find a reputable storage facility.

To help you make the most of your storage unit, here are some few things to consider:

Wrap everything you can

Each time you need to use a storage unit, make sure to seal all your items. You can use an industrial wrap to secure fragile collectibles.

Consider having your own personal lock

While most units are protected by a high-powered security system, it is best to have your own personal lock as well. This is to make sure you’re the only person who has access to your storage unit. Use an all-weather padlock with a short arm to secure the bolt.

Label your items

Even though you know exactly what you are putting in your storage unit, it is best to put a label on each box. It is also advisable to list down everything you have in the facility. Keep in mind that things may change every time you open your unit, especially when it takes a few months before you check your items. Organize your unit to make things easier when you need to get your items again.

Plan for long term goals

If you think you will need to use the storage unit for a long time, it’s better to sign up for long term packages. Most service providers offer bigger discounts for those who are willing to rent a unit for a long time. Just check out the rates they offer and compare them to other service providers.

Before renting a storage unit, make sure to check the facilities first. Look closely at the quality of each unit. Always consider the security system they have.

3 Plumbing Hacks Every Homeowner Must Know

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There are times when you will have to do the plumbing work. It will pay off to have a few hacks that you can fall back on to bail you out of trouble should your trusted plumber not be available.

Below are some essential plumbing hacks you absolutely need to know in the event that your trusted plumber is not available to give you his services. Though there are other plumbing woes that can happen at any time, these are the most common ones that you need to prepare for.

Unclogging Drains

Clogged drains don’t automatically call for harsh clog busting chemicals. In fact, all you need is a little baking soda and vinegar. Pour about a half cup of baking soda down troublesome drains and quickly follow it with a full cup of vinegar. Once the solution stops foaming, you can then wash it out with hot water. You’ll be surprised at how effective this handy solution is.

Quieting Leaky Faucets

Have you ever wondered what money going down the drain sounds like? It’s the sound of a leaky faucet. Each drip adds up to cost you money. Provo plumbers say a leaky faucet is a major concern. In fact, it can drive you mad once it drips continuously through the night. You can quiet down leaky faucets by tying a string and letting it dangle onto the drain. Though it does not necessarily stop the problem at its source, it can give you a good night’s sleep until your plumber’s available to fix it.

Clearing Stopped-up Toilets

Sometimes, the plunger is not enough to clear up toilet drain blockage. When they prove to be inadequate, you can always make use of plumbing snakes. These are more effective than plungers are because these are flexible and can access deep into the toilet bowl and loosen up clogs so you can flush them successfully.

Four Common Air Conditioning Problems

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Air conditioning units are important for many homes. During summer, energy usage increases, as most homes keep their AC on for longer hours. Did you know that you can limit your costs by making sure your AC is working properly?

air conditioning


Experts say you can reduce energy consumption by cleaning your AC unit and replacing filters regularly. Fixing problems as soon as you can also avoids costly repairs and part replacements.

Here are common problems to watch out for:

1. Electric Control Failure

Over time, the compressor and fan controls may wear out, especially when you turn the unit on and off frequently. Electric control failure is also common for an oversized system. Specialists at ACTION Heating and Air Conditioning notes that corrosion of terminals and wires can lead to electric control failure. To avoid making the problem worse, it’s best to have a professional check your unit’s electrical contacts and connections.

2. Refrigerant Leaks

If your AC unit is low on refrigerant, simply adding more refrigerant may not solve the problem. You need to determine the cause of the problem. The unit may be leaking or undercharged. As refrigerant leaks are harmful to the environment, the government encourages AC unit owners to contact a trained professional to evaluate and fix the problem.

3. Drainage Problems

Check the condensate drain to make sure it is draining properly. Do this often, especially when it’s humid outside. Furthermore, make sure the unit is leveled to avoid drainage problems.

4. Sensor Problems

AC units have thermostat sensors that measure the air temperatures going into the evaporative coil. If the sensor is not in its proper position, the unit may behave erratically and cycle constantly. Check the sensor and make sure it isn’t touching the coil or too far from it.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your home comfortable during the hot season. Perform regular maintenance on your AC unit and enjoy cool air without using too much energy.


Lessons from the Pool School: Choosing a Good Pool Builder

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Perhaps building a pool in your backyard is something you have dreamed of for a long time. You may even have zeroed in on the type you want. But the toughest part of the project, apart from planning, is finding a good pool builder. This is necessary if you want to get great value for your money. This is also important to ensure absolute safety while swimming. To make the selection process easier, here are a few pointers from Brisbane Pools and Landscapes:

swimming pool

Search thoroughly

The first step is to research extensively, both online and offline. Check out several websites offering pool construction services and review them carefully. You can also ask for advice and opinions from your family members and friends who are experienced in having pools built. Afterwards, sort out a few contractors you like and contact them personally.

Ask plenty of questions

When you contact swimming pools builders, ask questions about the construction process. Here are some of the things you should know:

  • if the contractor is certified in the business and if he is a member of some professional organizations;
  • if the contractor’s firm has been in the business for a long time;
  • if they have a list of references you could communicate with to judge their reliability and reputation;
  • if they’re well-aware of the safety features to be installed and if they are willing to do so during the pool construction itself;
  • if they’re willing to draw up the construction contract in writing; and
  • whether their demand is for a large downpayment or an entire payment upfront
  • if you get satisfactory answers, you can trust that the pool builder will make you a safe and sturdy swimming pool.

Don’t be hasty

Most importantly, don’t make quick decisions about your final choice. Compare contractors, their prices and customer service. Look for a contractor who’s easy to communicate with, offers a competent bid, and has a reliable track record in the industry.

Heating Your Home With a Gas Fireplace?

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When preparing your home for winter, one of the best ways to stay warm is to install a gas fireplace. It can add comfort and ambiance to any room. Even though they have been around for quite some time, gas fireplaces are becoming popular today, as they are affordable and energy-efficient. In fact, it only requires minimal clean-up and does not leave the rest of the house cold.

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