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Easy Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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A properly maintained air conditioner functions with optimum energy and cooling efficiency, and regular checkups extend the lifespan of your unit. This avoids paying for expensive repairs down the line.

Do not wait for the summer heat to begin when you finally decide to check your air conditioner for problems. Here are some easy do it yourself maintenance tips as recommended by Sandy air conditioner repair specialists.

Replace or Clean the Filter

One of the easiest ways of ensuring proper operation of your AC, no matter the type or model, is by replacement or cleaning of the filter. Airtime Heating & Cooling mentions that dirty filters can no longer clean the air, resulting in excessive energy consumption. This aggravates allergies of sufferers as well. Check your manual how to remove and replace your AC filter, or at least clean it, whichever is most practical.

Make Sure the Vents are Clean

This should be a no-brainer as dirty vents affect the quality of air coming out of the unit. This means that if you have not done this in a while, it is high time to do so, preferably before the summer season begins.

Get a clean cloth and dab it with water, then wipe down the dust that has accumulated in the unit. You may also call a professional to clean the air ducts and vents of the AC.

Check the Condenser Unit

The component of your air conditioner that draws air into the system should be free of any obstructions whatsoever. This is usually outside your home, so check if there are any plants or shrubs that have grown tall enough to block it. Take some time to clean the condenser unit of any dirt and debris that may have accumulated.

Have Freon Levels Checked

You cannot do this on your own, so you need to call a reputable air conditioner cleaner. They will check the unit for any signs of leaks, especially with the older models, and look if the level of freon is still adequate.

A properly functioning AC unit leads to a carefree and comfortable summer. Do not wait for it to breakdown. Practice some preventive maintenance for optimal unit functionality.

Hassle Free Moving – A How to Guide

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Quite a few people have very hectic lives – work, family and children’s activities not to mention caring for aging parents. In the midst of such frenetic activity, having to move can be quite stressful, right behind getting divorced or dealing with a death in the family.

The good thing is that with proper planning and using checklists, a move is a manageable affair. Using removal services companies is a good way to have a smooth transition, but before contacting them, keep in mind these simple tips:

Things to do:
  1. Sit down and make a list of all the people or companies that you need to notify. The most important companies to notify are banks, credit card companies, insurance agencies, mutual funds, utility companies like the phone company, gas and electric companies, cable company, homeowner’s association and gardeners, to name a few. It is also important to notify the postal service so that they have the new address on file to forward mail – this helps prevent identity theft.
  1. Next, contact moving companies and obtain quotes. Perth removal services such as EZi Removals Perth offer free estimates on the amount of time, material and manpower it would take to move a home. Removal companies can be local or national chains – the one advantage of choosing a large company is that they have the manpower and equipment to do the job fast. They are also usually familiar with laws in different states and countries, which is immensely useful.
  1. It is always a good idea to get quotes from three different companies and get references. One has to make sure that the moving company offers insurance on the items to move. It is always better to get professional movers to do the job if one can afford it.
  1. Many people choose this time to declutter and pare down their belongings. It gives them a chance to make sure that they take only what will fit in the new house. This is because housing is expensive in different parts of the world and you may get less living space at a higher price.

As always, being organized goes a long way to make moving hassle-free. Make sure to label all your belongings and once you have chosen a removalist, to talk to them thoroughly about the fine print on their contract.

In and Out the Benefits of a Cavity Sliding Door

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Granny flats are smaller homes built as a second living space on the same plot of land. These have floor areas typically smaller than regular homes, so designs and plans should concentrate on saving space. This can also help increase mobility by optimising the space at your disposal.

There are many ways of saving space, not just in granny flats but in homes as well. One of this is having an open kitchen that blends into the living and dining area. One of the essentials, however, that you cannot skip is a door, as in the main entrance, bedroom and bathroom. Normal hinged doors tend to encroach on the living space available in a room because of their swinging design.

The answer to this problem is a cavity sliding door. These doors do not open out, but instead slide into a cavity in the wall.

Why Choose a Sliding Door?

This type of door frees up to 8% of space in any room. This is particularly useful for compact dwellings. Besides saving space, this also lends a sleek look to room interiors.

These doors do not have hinges, deadbolt, or a doorknob, which could take up additional space (and expense). They have other means of security, though, as described below:

Types of Locking Mechanism

Granny flat designs use either kind of door – swinging or sliding – but for sliding doors, three different types of locking mechanisms are available. These are:

1. Passage pull: This mechanism has a flush that you can grasp and pull the door to close or open. When it is closed, the pull just rests on the jamb, but will not lock the door. This is ideal for areas where privacy is unneeded, or the door functions as a movable divider.
2. Privacy lock: This is similar to the first, but with a locking mechanism to latch onto a jamb. This is suitable for bedroom, bathroom etc.
3. Door Lock: The most secure of all three. This comes with a key and lock, for burglar proofing and security.

Install the one suitable for different areas and open up more space in the second dwelling planned on your plot of land. Cavity sliding doors are one of the best ways to save space while still having the security of a hinged door.

3 Bedroom Accessories That Make a Stylish Impact

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Accessories can add character to your room, and say as much about you as the style and colors you have chosen. They contribute a lot in styling and practicality. An incorrectly positioned or mismatched piece can either destroy the look you want to achieve or get in the way of your day-to-day use of the room.

Here are some accessories you can add to transform your bedroom:

Wall Art

If repainting your bedroom is not on the list (or even if it is), hanging a new piece of artwork will instantly transform the look of your boudoir. If you don’t have an ornate headboard or any other architectural feature, you really need something above your head like a wall art.

Art works are an accessory that significantly defines a room, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a museum piece. Just choose a cheap work of art that you love.

Plush Chair

If you have some extra space, visit the furniture store and find a comfortable, plush chair for a great addition to your bedroom. Make sure it’s something you can retreat to when chaos reigns elsewhere in the home.

Stripes are a good choice for a chair if you are going for a traditional style with neutral colors. Stripes and florals are a great combination, so add a nice floral cushion in matching tones.

Bold or Extra Mirrors

Mirrors are necessary in any bedroom. It’s easy to put it here and there or wherever, as long as you can see it, but try to be creative on how you position them. Place mirrors in such a way that they can reflect the light from the window and create the illusion of space. The room will also instantly look beautiful when the bedside lamps are on.

A great trick to position your mirrors in style is to create a trio of matching mirrors and hang them on the wall.

Much like choosing the perfect accessories to complement your little black dress, choosing accessories and other finishing touches in your bedroom can make or break the look—so choose wisely.

Hoard No More: Unsightly Things in Your Home You Should Get Rid of

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Many people like to shop for new clothes, decorations or furnishings, even if it’s not necessary. As a result, their homes become unorganised and full of clutter. Some types of mess are easy to determine, such as a pair of pants that’s too tight or toys that you’ve already forgotten about. These things are easy to burn, give to someone or throw away. Most people, however, love to keep things even if they are no longer useful.

Difficulty letting go of possessions is a problem that has to do with sentimental value or just not knowing where to start. Whether you like it or not, there are things in your home right now that you should get rid of. It’s time to decide which ones can go.

Here are some things you may consider throwing away if you’re ready to make your home clutter-free:

Old Furniture

Whether it’s the ratty old couch, old-fashioned vanity or rusty table, they clog up your bedroom and your living room. You don’t want to make your home a jungle, so determine what will stay and what will go. There is no room for the things you no longer need. Put them in the trash if you can’t save or restore furniture. Industry expert Kwik Skips says it’s best to hire a skip bin if you’ve noticed there is a lot of furniture to remove in your home.

Stacks of Old Magazines

You probably have piles of papers in your living room that you can easily get rid of without a second thought. It’s time to throw away those magazines you haven’t touched in a year now. Let go of those things that you can’t use anymore, even if your best friend or cousin gave some of them. You can leave ten to fifteen magazines and throw the rest.

Piles of Receipts

Storing receipts that are more than a year old is a pain. Constantly noticing all the things that should belong in a garbage truck is stressful, not to mention unsightly. You don’t want to drown in paper, so it’s best to toss those receipts. Before you throw them away, of course, it’s important to scan them first to know the important ones. A newly cleaned home feels roomy, relaxing, and functional, so start by getting rid of those papers.

Once you’ve decided to remove those old, filthy things, you will realize how great it is to have a clutter-free place. It’s comforting and relaxing knowing you have less mess in your humble home.

A Green Alternative for Hot Water

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If there is one thing that Perth has in abundance, it is warm sunshine. For this reason, most Australian households make use of solar power for their household needs. With the sun providing more energy, it is a wonder why more people are not harnessing its power.

This has led to the use of such energy saving systems such as solar heating. Cold showers can be a jolt to your system, most especially during early morning or late evening showers. It takes nice, warm water to enjoy a truly relaxing, refreshing bath. Unless you are living in a far off warm, tropical country, the truth is you can never get enough hot water. This is especially true during the winter, and even up to springtime.

Solar hot water systems generate warm water through the use of installed solar panels that collect energy from the sun. These can either be evacuated tubes or flat plate collectors worked in your home roofing.

Some of their benefits are:

• You get hot water throughout the year – It is a year-round system that can provide you with hot water any time you want it. You need not go through the trouble of heating.
• You save more on electric bills – You only need to spend for the initial installation. Afterwards, you merely rely on the most abundant energy source for free.
• You save the environment – Solar hot water is renewable that can greatly reduce carbon emissions.

You can go green and save up at the same time with solar hot water Perth residents enjoy today. The city already has many households that make use of them. Join the trend and enjoy the benefits!

Why settle for conventional water heating systems that consume precious electricity? With solar hot water systems, you go green and save up at the same time.

4 Brilliant Ways to Advertise your Property

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renting homeNo matter how beautiful your properties are — making them good investments — if the news wouldn’t reach the target market, they would be useless. Make sure to advertise your property well, making them look good enough to be the ultimate living options around the city.

Here are 4 ways to advertise your properties and get good tenants:

1. Classified Ads

As the most traditional way of advertising, the local classifieds are the least expensive form. Newspapers reach a huge audience, creating possible connections with a number of renters.

2. Web Pages

Many websites, like renthomes.com, have property listings and advanced options that can help you advertise your property. You can add virtual tour options as well as pictures of your home with your advertisement, boosting the interest of your audience.

3. Social media

These days, many people use social media to advertise their properties. You can place these ads for free. Just make sure to get a creative and efficient team that can create engaging posts, and monitor them.

4. ‘For Rent’ Sign

Putting up a “For Rent” sign outside your properties is a simple way of interacting with people and potential renters. Make them know that your properties are on the market, waiting for possible tenants.

Apart from these marketing ideas, your advertisement should include the location and details of your home, like the year of its construction. Describe its current flaws and the infrastructure details.

San Diego is a developing city with booming real estate. Properties like houses and land are in demand, so selling your property wouldn’t be a difficult task. Remember to put extra effort into creative marketing campaigns.

If you are unaware of how the business works, however, consult the property management companies in San Diego. Find property management brokers and companies through online and local directories. As these companies specialize in properties in the city, they can help you market your property with ease.

Repairing and Maintaining an Iron Roof

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Metal roofs have a distinct advantage over other types of roofs due to their durability, sturdiness, fire and heat resistance, and lower costs. But like other roofing materials, these need regular maintenance and occasional repairs.

Should you find that the roof of your home needs some repair work or maintenance, your best bet would be to call roof restoration professionals in Perth and in other cities. Restoring a roof is not about just a simple paint job, which is why you need all the expert help you can get. Here is a look at how to maintain and repair a metal roof, particularly the iron roof:

Signs of Roof Repair

Unlike steel, iron roof is susceptible to rusting given the nature of the material. That is why it is important that you check the condition of the roof periodically to observe any signs of rust and holes. You will know if you need roof repair if there are leaks when it is raining outside, there are rust marks on the roof that seem to spread over time, or the overall roofing appears to age rapidly.

Repairing the Iron Roof

If the roof of your home shows these indicators, call roof restoration personnel immediately. Do not consider a quick repair with silicone fillers, as these are not suited for roofs that lie exposed to damaging effects of the weather. Do not patch over the rust, as the rust under the patch will most likely continue to spread.

What the Professionals Do

When the professionals arrive at your place, they will first analyse the condition of your roof and determine if it needs a repair or replacement. These personnel will check for the extent of rust damage and the presence of small or large holes and their number.

If they deem that a repair job is necessary, they will prepare the roof well next to remove the damages. They do this by cleaning, sanding and filling holes. Finally, the roof restoration professionals will apply a protective coating over the roof and then paint it to give it a fresh look and lengthen its lifespan.

Things to Consider when Renting a Storage Unit

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Having problems removing all the clutter in your garage? Need more space for your valuables? The best solution would be to look for reliable self storage facilities nearby. This is a good option for movers who need temporary space for their items.

Renting a self storage unit can serve you many benefits. Apart from making your home look more organised or making your move less stressful, it also gives you that peace of mind when it comes to securing your items. Just make sure to find a reputable storage facility.

To help you make the most of your storage unit, here are some few things to consider:

Wrap everything you can

Each time you need to use a storage unit, make sure to seal all your items. You can use an industrial wrap to secure fragile collectibles.

Consider having your own personal lock

While most units are protected by a high-powered security system, it is best to have your own personal lock as well. This is to make sure you’re the only person who has access to your storage unit. Use an all-weather padlock with a short arm to secure the bolt.

Label your items

Even though you know exactly what you are putting in your storage unit, it is best to put a label on each box. It is also advisable to list down everything you have in the facility. Keep in mind that things may change every time you open your unit, especially when it takes a few months before you check your items. Organize your unit to make things easier when you need to get your items again.

Plan for long term goals

If you think you will need to use the storage unit for a long time, it’s better to sign up for long term packages. Most service providers offer bigger discounts for those who are willing to rent a unit for a long time. Just check out the rates they offer and compare them to other service providers.

Before renting a storage unit, make sure to check the facilities first. Look closely at the quality of each unit. Always consider the security system they have.

3 Plumbing Hacks Every Homeowner Must Know

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There are times when you will have to do the plumbing work. It will pay off to have a few hacks that you can fall back on to bail you out of trouble should your trusted plumber not be available.

Below are some essential plumbing hacks you absolutely need to know in the event that your trusted plumber is not available to give you his services. Though there are other plumbing woes that can happen at any time, these are the most common ones that you need to prepare for.

Unclogging Drains

Clogged drains don’t automatically call for harsh clog busting chemicals. In fact, all you need is a little baking soda and vinegar. Pour about a half cup of baking soda down troublesome drains and quickly follow it with a full cup of vinegar. Once the solution stops foaming, you can then wash it out with hot water. You’ll be surprised at how effective this handy solution is.

Quieting Leaky Faucets

Have you ever wondered what money going down the drain sounds like? It’s the sound of a leaky faucet. Each drip adds up to cost you money. Provo plumbers say a leaky faucet is a major concern. In fact, it can drive you mad once it drips continuously through the night. You can quiet down leaky faucets by tying a string and letting it dangle onto the drain. Though it does not necessarily stop the problem at its source, it can give you a good night’s sleep until your plumber’s available to fix it.

Clearing Stopped-up Toilets

Sometimes, the plunger is not enough to clear up toilet drain blockage. When they prove to be inadequate, you can always make use of plumbing snakes. These are more effective than plungers are because these are flexible and can access deep into the toilet bowl and loosen up clogs so you can flush them successfully.