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Plus-Size No More: 3 Ways Weight Loss Affects Your Breasts

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It makes breasts smaller.

There’s really no way of gently breaking this, but it’s true: along with your waist and your plates shrinking in size, your boobs can also go smaller. That’s because your breasts are made of fat and tissues. If you’ve successfully melted off some of the excess weight in the body, some of that very well came from your breasts.

Now, you may feel that most of the weight you’ve gotten off are from the boobs, that’s why it shrunk that much, but it’s not likely. You probably notice the difference more because they’re at the front center of your body. You may have lost excess fat as well in the hips, thighs, and arms. If the small boobs are a major cause of anxiety, though, consider getting breast implants. Dr. Steven Warnock noted that Utah plastic surgeons will lay down procedure options for you, depending on your goals.

It may cause the breast to sag.

As mentioned, the breasts are made up of fats. When you get rid of those excess fats, what’s left is a stretched skin that may sag. Additionally, if you’ve been running or doing high-intensity aerobic exercises as part of your weight loss routine, the bouncing movement in these physical activities can damage the tissues in your breasts fast, making it sag over time.

Some recommend doing push-ups and wearing supportive sports bras to keep a perkier pair. Also, you can go for breast lifts. It’s a safe and effective procedure to make your lady lumps livelier.

It may change nipple appearance.

Some women experience inverted nipples, or nipples sunk inward instead of the typically protruding, when they lose weight. That is when you lose weight rapidly and then gain a few more after. Crash dieting is never a good idea for your breasts and ultimately for your health. Before you do anything drastic in terms of eating habits or fitness routine, consult your doctor.

Losing weight is life-changing, at the same time, breast-changing. The good thing about it is, there are lots of safe procedures you can take to keep your lady lumps in their pleasant, pretty condition, while still enjoying that slim figure.

Mental Health: 3 Surprising Signs of Depression

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Thanks to the many contents published online, depression has recently been at the consciousness of the public. But still, there’s a long way to go to understand this mental condition deeply. For most people, melancholia is a sure symptom of depression, but there are other signs of depression that may surprise you:

1. Wanting to be Perfect

When you think about a depressive person, it’s usually an image of someone just lying in bed, curled up and letting responsibilities at work or home slide. But in some instances, it’s the opposite. Depression creates a feeling of an obsession. Thus you see depressive people trying to accomplish their tasks perfectly or keep their spaces spick and span.

This obsession with perfection is somehow related to anxiety. This obsession somehow acts as a protective shield against depression. Depressive people often feel that they’re not in control of their intense emotions. So what they do is they compensate for this feeling of helplessness by being on top of things they can manage, like being organized at work or cleaning the house.

To address this, most psychologists use cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). In Westport, mental health experts help patients combat negative thinking patterns to make a change in behavior.

2. Lack of Emotion

A lot of people believe that people suffering from depression only think about sadness or being sad. That may be true. However, there are also patients who don’t feel necessarily sad. Rather than being aggressive towards themselves, they choose not to care at all to minimize the pain of attachment. They barely show emotions because they have lost interest in such things.

This apathy is so all-consuming that they struggle to eat because they mind their hunger, they don’t put on decent clothes when going outside since appearance doesn’t matter. And because depression is often dismissed as simply losing motivation about stuff or just being bored altogether, they feel their struggle is insignificant.

3. Easily Frustrated

You probably think that depressed people’s suicidal thoughts are from the anger they direct towards them. This is not entirely correct. They sometimes get upset and mad at people around them even at the least annoying things. Sometimes, a lot of frustrated teens turn out to have undiagnosed depression.
This happens because there’s a lot of intense emotions in depressive people they don’t know how to manage. So, it often ends up with them snapping at people around them.

There are a lot more other symptoms of depression that people don’t know yet. Educate yourself to better help a friend — or yourself.

5 Things to Consider Before Getting an Aesthetic Treatment

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There is nothing wrong with cosmetic treatments as long as you do your research first. Safety should always be your top priority. Whether you are considering breast augmentation or a nose job, be sure to choose the best aesthetic doctor in Singapore or wherever you live.

To point you in the right direction, here are some of the factors you should think about:

1. A Wealth of Experience in the Field

The first thing you need to check is their experience in the field. This is crucial, especially if the clinic just opened recently. Check the profile of their surgeons and staff.

2. Credentials

Never go under the knife without checking the clinic’s credentials. The best way to do this is to join online forums or visit their website. A reputable cosmetic clinic should also provide some referrals. Learn from the experience of their previous clients. You might also want to consider their educational background and other extra-curricular activities. Some surgeons have conducted seminars and other talk sessions.

3. Rates

If you notice that the rates from other clinics are lower, you might want to do more research about their services. While expensive rates do not necessarily guarantee quality results, you need to be cautious when it comes to the promos you see online.

 4. Well-Designed Clinics or Offices

Do not be deceived by the photos you see on their website. Drop by their clinic and observe what is happening. Check the equipment and interact with the staff. From there, you can gauge if you are dealing with a reputable aesthetic clinic.

5. Expertise

Just like in the medical field, cosmetic doctors have different specialisations. Make sure the treatment you want to get is one of their areas of expertise.

Getting a cosmetic treatment is a big decision, which is why you must think clearly and carefully. Do your research and use all the help you can get from friends and family.

Why You Should Have Your Eyes Checked Every Two Years

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Eye tests are now done with automated tools that are very precise in their measurements. This is very convenient for people who need to have their eyes examined, as well as for the opticians who measure them. There is no longer an excuse not to see an optician.

Like other doctors, the Crowborough Opticians recommend that you have your eyes examined at least every two years. This schedule will help make sure that your prescription glasses are compatible with your eyesight.

Regular Check-ups

Various studies have been shown that up to half of the adult population requires prescription glasses. The eyes adjust to the life of the individual. For this reason, prescription glasses could only be assured to fit the eye grade for only a short period of time. In two or three years, an individual’s eyesight might degrade enough to warrant a change in glasses.

Eye tests include looking at the eye, both outside and the back. Tests are also conducted for any sight defects and visual acuity. A complete eye exam is not needed when going to an optician for prescription glasses. However, as part of a regular physical exam, this is one procedure that is considered as optional.

Dilated Eye Exam

A complete exam also includes what is called a dilated eye exam, which allows the doctor to see through to the back of the eye. This uses eye drops to widen the pupil of the eye. This is not normally part of a regular eye exam for glasses. This exam, however, is recommended every two or three years. The complete eye exam should be taken if the person already has some other illnesses that may affect the eyesight, like diabetes.

The Culprits That Will Stain Your Teeth

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Many food and drinks can stain your teeth, although staining happens naturally with aging. If your teeth are losing their dazzle, same day whitening can bring back your confidence and your beautiful smile.

What people eat and drink can influence how fast their teeth begin to stain. Here are some of the products known for their teeth staining ability:

Tea and Coffee

Tea is the worst offender because it contains tannins and acid. Tannins come from plants and make it easy for stains to adhere to the teeth. Acids also damage the enamel by thinning it out and making it rougher. Coffee comes in at second and also contains tannins and acids.

Fruit Juices

Citrus fruit juices and tomatoes contain lots of acids and can erode the enamel, exposing the darker layer of yellow dentin.

Fizzy Drinks/Soda

The high sugar content in a soda can gradually rot the teeth. Bacteria feed off sugar, so eating lots of sugary snacks will encourage the growth of bacteria and this, in turn, will cause unsightly holes in the teeth and the need for fillings.

Red Wine

Both red and white wines contain tannins, but white wine has no color that can stain the teeth. The stronger the color, the more chances it has of staining. Blackberries, blueberries, and other bright ‘superfoods’ also fall into this category.

The Solution

Mahoney Family Dentistry and other providers of teeth whitening service in South Bend offers a solution to discolored teeth. Patients can enjoy whitening for life at their local dental surgery. The whitening for life option allows patients to get custom-fitted whitening trays for a reduced cost and follow-up whitening treatments during their subsequent dental visits.

Tannins from tea and coffee, sugary snacks, and vivid, colorful food can damage the enamel and stain your teeth, but with good hygiene, regular dental visits, and teeth whitening, patients can enjoy a lighter shade permanently.

Help Yourself Have a Healthier Life in 3 Ways

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Most of us, if not all, want to live a long and healthy life. But do we truly know how we can help ourselves achieve this goal? Let’s check out some useful tips for taking better care of our health.

Go to regular medical checkups

The importance of going to regular physical checkups cannot be overstated. Aside from prevention, regular medical checkups can help detect health conditions, such as hypertension and venous peripheral vascular disease, at an early stage. This increases the chance of a successful treatment. While some experts recommend annual physical checkups, how often you should visit your doctor depends on several factors, including your age, current health status, and family medical history.

Lead a healthy lifestyle

Perhaps the best and most effective thing you can do for your health and overall well-being is to live a healthy lifestyle. Start by making sure you get enough rest and sleep every day, as these help your body to recover. You should also manage your weight by exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet. Of course, you also need to avoid vices and harmful stress-relieving activities like smoking, drinking, and overeating.

Have a positive outlook on life

Lastly, having a positive disposition — which, of all the three suggestions, probably requires the least effort on your part — can help you become healthier. Optimism and happiness can help you relieve stress, fight depression, boost your immune system, and lower your blood pressure. As such, try to be more positive by seeing the good side of things, not worrying too much, and not dwelling on negative thoughts. One more important thing is you should remember to smile and laugh more often.

Let’s all start creating our paths to a long and healthy life, and we can start by going to regular physical checkups, living a healthy lifestyle, and having a positive mindset.


What Should You Look for When Considering Senior Care?

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grandparents reading book with grandkidsAmericans that consider senior healthcare for themselves or their loved ones should first look into a detailed financial plan. Since there could be many unexpected costs for retirement, having an estimated budget will be important.

Whether you choose a nursing home or assisted-type of living, the costs for long-term patient assistance would primarily depend on the necessary level of care.

In-Home Care vs. Retirement Home

Many senior citizens prefer to stay in their own homes, but family members should determine if they can still be able to look after themselves particularly when it comes to hygiene. For instance, consider installing bath tubs for older adults or elderly people to prevent the risk of a slip or fall.

Even if they can take a bath by themselves, a lower risk of injury remains important. Retirement or nursing homes become a better option if you think that the patient will be safer in another place. This is particularly true for older people with Alzheimer’s disease.

If you are considering a long-term healthcare plan for yourself, the costs may help you reach a decision.

Cost of Care

In 2015, a study showed that even a healthy elderly couple at least 65 years old might have spent almost $267,000 in Medicare and additional insurance premiums in their lifetime. This amount didn’t take out-of-pocket costs that may arise from retirement.

It’s unsurprising that senior healthcare takes a significant portion of a retiree’s expenses, but long-term care is just as expensive. Americans spent an average of $42,000 every year for a room in an assisted-living facility, based on a 2014 study.

The price likely increased today, so think long and hard if your budget can support this type of patient care.

Consult a financial advisor when planning the long-term healthcare needs for yourself or another person. Those who prefer in-home care should start looking for household amenities that will make life more comfortable for the elderly.

Make Exercise Part of Your Lifestyle to Relieve Back Pain Relief

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Some people can suffer from physical discomfort, making them susceptible to future injuries and complications, due to a lack of spine care. Spine health is important to your overall health and well-being, not just your back, because it supports your central nervous system. BackForever notes that spine healthy workouts can help you get in the best shape of your life without aggravating your neck or back.

Here are some exercises that could give some level of comfort and pain relief for your back:

Exercises for Your Back

  • Hip Crossover Stretch

This type of exercise allows you to gently stretch and release the tightness in the piriformis muscle, which is located in the hip and buttocks area, and regularly adds to the lower back pain.

  • Abdominal Bracing

This exercise can systematically contract the abdominal muscles to strengthen and steady the spine.

  • Bridge Exercise

The bridge exercise helps you strengthen the muscles in your back, buttocks, and hamstrings.

  • Alternative Squat

The Spine Health Institute states that the kind of squat weightlifters use when lifting heavy barbells is not the safest activity for the spine, particularly if someone is recovering from a back injury. Alternative squat routines will help you safely build core and leg strength that can protect your spine from accidental injuries.

Exercise as a Lifestyle

You will benefit a lot from making exercise a part of your lifestyle. You can enroll in a local fitness gym or hire a personal instructor.

Practicing regular exercise can provide the following effects:

  • Boost your emotional and mental health
  • Improve your cardiovascular health
  • Prevents chronic health conditions
  • Promotes healthy weight

Soothing back pains doesn’t happen overnight. But you should consider acting as early as possible to prevent complications. Exercise regularly and consult a spine health professional to relieve your back pain as well as maintain a good overall health.

When to Have your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Your wisdom teeth come at a time when you have experienced enough pain and suffering in your life that you can’t possibly ask for more. This is why they are called exactly what they are called. Supposedly, at the ages between 17 and 25 during which these teeth appear, you have become significantly wiser as an individual that you can easily bear new sources of pain and suffering, this time concentrated in your mouth where you put stuff to alleviate pain and suffering, like food. If you are not up for this nonsense, you can easily choose to have these removed by a dentist in Skokie, Il.

Wisdom teeth, biting truth

Wisdom teeth don’t serve any significant purpose. Your original set of teeth is more than enough, and these new additions are mere gatecrashers in the 24-hour party that is your mouth. This is why dentists recommend for them to be removed as soon as they appeared. In this regard, dentists are not just finicky. There’s a good reason for their quick dismissal.

Wisdom teeth normally cause pain and discomfort. When they do not cause pain and discomfort, they are stuck or impacted, and as such insidious. If yours are stuck or impacted, they could cause jaw damage, sinus issues, inflamed gums, cavities, and teeth crowding, among other inconveniences.

Wisdom teeth removal

Dental technology has come a long way, and there should be no cause for concern if you are about to have your wisdom teeth removed. The surgery takes about 45 minutes, and you will be under anesthesia the whole time. Before the actual surgery, you have to adequately discuss your medical history with your dentist, including any medications you are currently taking, so as an appropriate medical plan can be made for you.

Wisdom teeth, despite their fancy name, are nothing to fancy. Once they appear in the backdoor of your mouth, say hi and offer tea. But do not let them overstay their welcome. That could be painful.

5 Common Types of Malocclusion and How to Get Your Bite Right

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Malocclusion occurs when teeth fail to align correctly. This bite problem can be due to several causes, and it may also have numerous manifestations. Here are five common types of malocclusion.

1. Overbite

An overbite means the upper front choppers overlap the lower front teeth. Overbites are often hereditary, but some overbites are due to malformed jaws caused by childhood habits that put pressure on jaws.

Besides aesthetic concerns, a deep bite may cause problems such as unhealthy teeth wear and jaw pain. Your orthodontist in West Jordan can correct an overbite with orthodontic appliances.

2. Underbite

An underbite happens when the lower front teeth overlap the upper front teeth. Underbites usually occur because of lower jaw misalignment and habits such as thumb-sucking and tongue-thrusting.

Problems associated with underbites include eating and speaking difficulties, sleep problems and jaw pain. Underbite correction measures include jaw surgery and use of orthodontic appliances.

3. Open bite

If you have an open bite, your molars may fit together, but your upper front teeth and your lower front teeth won’t overlap. An open bite can be due to jawbone problems as well as habits that put pressure on the jaws.

A gap between the rows of teeth affects the appearance of a smile and can also cause speaking difficulty. Orthognathic surgery and use of dental appliances may help fix the problem.

4. Spacing or crowding issues

Crowding and spacing problems happen when there is either too little or too much room in the mouth for the teeth. The inadequate space can prevent adult teeth from erupting as they should.

Crowding might also lead to impaction. Orthodontia and extraction can fix this kind of malocclusion to avert dental health complications.

5. Upper protrusion

Upper protrusion or buck teeth, means the top front choppers are pushed outward. Usually, people with buck teeth have a small lower jaw. However, thumb-sucking and pacifier misuse might also push teeth outward. Orthodontia and surgery can correct upper protrusion and fix the problems associated with this issue.

Malocclusion is a teeth misalignment problem. There are many types of malocclusion, and each can lead to aesthetic concerns and oral health complications. If you have any malocclusion, your orthodontist in West Jordan can recommend an appropriate treatment option.