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Bald Patches Caused by Dry Shampoo: Should You Be Worried?

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Dry ShampooIf you’re the type of person who bathes at night to forego washing your hair in the morning or struggling with oily hair, then you’ve probably heard of dry shampoo.

Contrary to popular belief, this product isn’t just for women; because this is popular among men, as well. If you’ve just discovered the wonders of dry shampoo, you’re in for a treat. However, while it serves many benefits, scientists found a major downfall that could have you swearing off the product in no time – bald patches. Before you consult with hair treatment centers, such as, why not get the lowdown on this beloved solution to flat, unwashed hair.

What Dry Shampoo Does to Hair

People who are always on the go find comfort in using dry shampoo because this is the solution to oily, limp hair after you’ve slept on it and have no time to wash. What it does is keep your hair from looking greasy. You can use this to add volume and texture to your limp or thinning hair.

What Dermatologists Think

While dry shampoo may make your hair look and feel cleaner, it really doesn’t, and you still need to wash your hair. In addition, it’s not really a shampoo, so don’t expect the same results that you get from its wet, bubbly counterpart.

If you have thin hair and you’re an avid user of the product, you are at risk of hair loss. This is because you may develop a skin allergy (dermatitis) that stems from exposure to certain preservatives found in hair products. Dr. Carolyn Goh from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA shares, “Sometimes having too much build-up on the scalp could make hair fall out, especially if there’s inflammation.” She added, “using a dry shampoo instead of washing the scalp could contribute to the problem.”

What to Use in Place of Dry Shampoo

If you think you’ve been using too much dry shampoo and worried about losing your hair at some point, you might want to try some of these alternatives:

  • Use setting powder – If your sister or your girlfriend has this in her bag, then you’re in luck. If you want a quick fix, dust this onto your scalp. Compared to dry shampoo, which is thick and prone to clumping, this alternative is nearly undetectable.
  • Hair brush liners – These deodorizing cotton brush liners absorb dirt, oil, and other debris that may get stuck on your hair.

Dry shampoo isn’t so bad, as long as you use it in moderation. It’s better to be on the safe side and use alternatives instead. If you’re already suffering from bald patches, don’t worry. There are various ways you can eliminate the condition – through medication, creams, hair transplant, or scalp micro pigmentation.

Selecting The Ideal Dentist: The Trick to Flawless Teeth

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Sioux Falls If the modification of your smile is in the pipeline, then you certainly owe it to yourself to do your due diligence and take several factors into consideration. Dentistry on its own is an art, and as such, you will want certainty that the dentist you select has the expertise to exceed your expectations. Bearing that in mind, below are the important criteria you need to look into, when choosing a dentist.

Quality of Performance

Keenly assessing the quality performance of a dentist is essential in determining whether or not you will acquire amazing results after your procedure. Due to the advent of the Internet, you can check on the dental office’s reviews from previous as well as current patients. Additionally, you can conduct an analysis of the before and after photos of previous clients.

Dedication to Excellence

For a fact, the field of dentistry is always diversifying and therefore, new technologies, as well as cosmetic procedures are constantly on the rise. Reputable offices of cosmetic dentistry in Sioux Falls comprise of dentists who are members of medical bodies such as the American Dental Association. Additionally, they have a strong dedication in upgrading their knowledge and expertise to be in line with all the latest procedures.

Office Ambiance

More often than not, many people tend to be oblivious to the office environment because they are more focused on the dentist’s capabilities. However, you should keep in mind, that you will be spending a significant amount of time in the dental office. Therefore, you should opt for an ambiance which is hygienic with friendly staff, for an overall pleasant experience.

Besides the above key factors, there are others to consider such as the charges for the procedures. Seeking the assistance of a dentist is a critical decision as many treatments is irreversible. As such, you should patiently select a dental office which is fully capable of delivering your desired results.

Why are Healthy Gums Important?

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Dental care in Salt Lake City

Many people in Salt Lake City suffer tooth loss mainly from injury and gum diseases. In the past, the only available treatment options for people with missing teeth were dentures and bridges. Fortunately, quality dental implants are now available. Well, to have this treatment, Crayton R. Walker DDS, MD says one needs to have healthy gums.

Here are more reasons you need to maintain healthy gums:

No Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a disorder that involves bacterial infection of the gums. Approximately 35.7 million Americans have the disease. Plague induced gingivitis is the most common in America. Plague is a sticky substance that develops on the portions of the teeth that are exposed. When gums are healthy, no plague will form in the mouth and thus no gingivitis.

No Bad Breath

Having a bad breath can adversely affect your confidence. For prevention of bad breath, it is important to keep your gums clean and healthy.

Healthier Heart

Research has linked oral inflammatory disease with a higher risk of heart disease. Excessive bacteria exposure causes gum diseases which in turn can cause cardiovascular disease as it increases inflammation level in the body. Inflammation is among the leading risk factors for heart disease thus the important of healthy gums.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Research has shown that gum disease affects blood glucose control which causes diabetes. When one is suffering from the periodontal disease, the bacteria produces some toxins that have an impact on carbohydrates metabolism in the cells. The same bacteria is known to escalate insulin resistance and consequently blood glucose. You need to take care of your teeth rather than wait to fight diabetes.

Prevent Tooth Loss

The core cause of tooth loss is gum disease. Maintaining a healthy gum minimizes the chances of losing your teeth. Brushing your teeth after every meal or flossing are some of the important ways of keeping your teeth intact.

Taking care of your gums should be every individual’s priority. Always ensure you maintain excellent oral health practices and schedule for regular dental visits for cleaning and check-ups.


The Biggest Difficulties Low-Income Asthma Patients Face

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Low Income in AustraliaMinority of adults living in poor conditions are the reason for most of asthma-related hospitalisations and deaths. The problem is most asthma studies do not really concentrate on these precise patients or where they reside, which are usually in complex situations. Instead, the researchers concentrate on the superior convenience of having the patients go to clinics. Families who have loved ones who partake in asthma training from Australia Wide First Aid must be aware of the facts below:

The Insightful Study

Some adult asthma patients may already have several diseases and are always at risk of exposure to tobacco smoke. However, the study concentrated on patients who are not suffering from comorbid diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

The researchers came from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the Community Asthma Prevention Program (CAPP) at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). They explained the above difficulties in a study they published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. They claim that the home visits they did provide a more thorough understanding of the way the social surroundings of asthma patients affect their general health.

The Revealing Discovery

Andrea J. Apter, M.D., MSc, MA is the primary investigator of the study, as well as, the Chief of the Section of Allergy & Immunology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. She says that medical staff does not provide house calls anymore. This research intends to provide them with a front row view of unfavourable home conditions, lack of social resources and poverty. She adds that those factors restrict each of the patient’s capacity to access healthcare.

Apter explains that the lack of information regarding the barriers hinders health providers from necessary data to develop an emphatic and custom approach to managing asthma. The study examines the patients and acquires further details from community health workers who visit patients in their own home.

Researchers discovered that most lived in dangerous conditions that have neighbourhood violence, poor housing and the absence of social encouragement. The aspects form barricades of public health care and premium research.    

The lack of study before regarding this concerning issue is quite alarming. Most people have ignored the causes of triggers that were right under their noses all along. Fortunately, this research published will encourage the healthcare providers to try to find a way to deal with it.

Looking For a Fun Stress Reliever this Weekend? Try Playing Paintball

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Playing PaintballIt’s Friday again, and you’re thinking of the best way to de-stress this weekend. Instead of a regular afternoon picnic or watching the latest blockbuster, Dash Paintball Complex suggests trying out paintball as a new weekend sport. Not only is it active, it’s fun to do with friends to boot.

What Is Paintball?

Paintball is a game played on a special platform where players are equipped with guns they use to shoot coloured balls at enemies. It’s a live combat situation requires good strategy and on-field tactics to complete mission objectives and win the game.

Adding Fun to Your Workout Routine

Playing paintball is a great alternative if you want to add something extra to your workout regime or as a replacement to gym time. Paintball is a sport that requires a lot of physical activity, such as running, climbing and ducking, so it can be a fun and productive way to get some exercise.

Encouraging Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Paintball promotes team spirit because it encourages everybody to work together. The war-like aspect of paintball gives an added intensity to the game, and leads to a lot of learning experiences out in the field. It can bring out the best in some players, boost morale and improve leadership skills.

It’s a Game for Everyone

Unlike other sports, paintball doesn’t require a certain ability or skillset: all you need to know before entering the field is that you should hit others before they hit you. The game is fun and easy enough to play — in fact, even marines play paintball to loosen up after returning from a deployment!

Plain, Colourful Fun

The feeling of running around a field shooting people with colourful paint balls may sound ridiculous, but it’s a proven way to de-stress. Whether you are a paintball pro or a green recruit, the sport will make your adrenaline rush and inject excitement and non-stop laughter to your weekend. 

Paintballing is a great way to have fun and reduce stress. Anybody feeling a little too wound up will feel like a child again once they take to the arena and start shooting their opponents with their paint guns.

Snoring Solutions: 3 Ways to Cure Your Snoring Problem

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Snoring Problem in Northern IndianaSnoring is among the most common sleeping disorders that afflict almost half of the population of average adults. However, even as a common disorder, it can become quite the issue not only for the sufferer but also for their partner or spouse.

As a potential cause of other disorders such as sleep apnea, which could lead to other conditions, it is important to check with TMJ doctors for some good tips on how to get rid of this bad sleeping habit, suggests TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Northern Indiana.

Switch sleeping positions

How you sleep actually makes a big difference when it comes to improving or worsening snoring. Some positions are more susceptible to snoring, such as lying straight on your back, according to WebMD.

A good sleeping position is sleeping on your side, which can be maintained using a body pillow. However, for those who are more comfortable sleeping on their backs, it is still possible to alleviate snoring by tilting the pillow upwards to avoid closing the nasal passage.

Avoid alcohol and relaxants

There’s another reason alcohol is bad for your health. Snorers will need to try and avoid alcohol before sleeping, as these can serve as relaxants that will make the throat muscles and tissues slack. Some TMJ doctors agree that this is one reason drinking sometimes makes the snoring a lot more intolerable.

In addition, taking certain medications like Ativan and Valium can worsen snoring. On the flipside, antihistamines, which reduce the congestion in the nasal cavity, can actually help.

Keep off the excess weight

While this may not have any direct connection with snoring, the surprising fact is that it does. For one thing, it is important to maintain a healthy weight, since an overweight figure actually contributes to snoring.

According to the NHS, fatty tissues around the neck can actually close up the nasal airways when sleeping while this can be remedied by switching sleeping positions, it is crucial to avoid developing the habit due to poor dietary choices.

There are simple ways to avoid snoring. While commercial devices are available in the market, it is good to try and look at your habits first, and see which is causing your snoring.

3 Credible Ways to Grow Your Salon Business

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Salon Business in Salt Lake CityGood grooming is an essential part of life and helps to build your self-confidence. Neat hair, manicured nails, and sharp dressing can lift your mood and project confidence. Your appearance bears a significant influence on the way people see you. It can make people listen to you or even buy your services.

As people are conscious about their looks, you can latch on to this need and establish a successful salon to improve your finances. However, you need to take note of some factors before venturing into the grooming business.

Stay on Top of Your Game

Since the ability to groom ties closely to people’s happiness as well as professional success, you need to stay on top of the game. Therefore, you need to boast exceptional skills, knowledge, and keep up with the latest happenings in fashion. By attending a beauty school in Salt Lake City or anywhere in Utah, you can acquire the knowledge, skills, and trade secrets to get you off to a good start.

Roll out Effective Marketing Strategies

Word of mouth is an effective way of marketing a business and is quite useful in the beauty industry. People are likely to recommend remarkable services to their friends and relatives. Therefore, providing quality services to your customers is a good marketing strategy. Having an active social media platform is also a great way of increasing your reach and interacting with your clients. Quick response to inquiries on you pages helps to establish authority and build trust among your customers.

Value Your Customers and Show Them Appreciation

Customers are happy to spend money in an environment where they feel valued and appreciated. Therefore, you need to extend them utmost courtesy and professionalism at all times. Keep your rates affordable and the level of quality high and they will keep coming back. Ensure your staff members have proper training and skills to meet the needs of the clients.

To look good and lift their mood, people often turn to beauty salons for help. This makes them a viable business venture. With these pointers, you can stay ahead of the curve and keep customers happy and stylish.

Must-Knows about Undergoing Smartlipo

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Cosmetic Procedure in LaytonThere are times when you would feel that diet and exercise are not enough for you to improve your body shape. To get rid of the stubborn fat on your buttocks, arms, and thighs, one great option is a cosmetic procedure known as Smartlipo. It has become one of the most popular procedures these days thanks to modern science.

For more insights about Smartlipo, here are some facts from Davis Surgical Associates:

Smartlipo reduces abdominal fat.

The procedure can help reduce fat above the abdominal wall which is closest to the surface of your skin. However, it cannot lessen the visceral fat which is under the abdominal wall. Only diet and exercise can help.

The result is permanent.

Smartlipo results are permanent and guaranteed provided you maintain your weight and your physical condition remains the same. However, pregnancy may alter the result. For this, it is best to consult an expert first.

Dark-skinned people can undergo Smartlipo.

Skin color has nothing to do with the result of the treatment because the procedure is done under your skin. However, the scar may be different for dark- and light-skinned individuals.

The procedure is safe.

Smartlipo uses a laser to burn and liquefy fat. The cells and tissues retract and coagulate making the body part cellulite-free. Unlike the traditional surgical procedures, the treatment does not damage the other soft tissues of your body. Furthermore, the Federal Drug Administration has approved the procedure and device used by experienced professionals.

The recovery time is fast.

There may be swelling and bruising but you can achieve healing in a couple of days.A follow-up visit is a must to monitor the healing process. The person can go back to their regular activities in a few months time.

If you want to look and feel great, a cosmetic procedure could be the answer. However, as with any other treatment, there are possible risks for complications if not done the right way. Therefore, make sure to have the procedure done only by a reputable and licensed professional.

Ways of Knowing Whether Your Barber is Good or Not

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Barber in Salt Lake CityYour hairstyle can greatly impact people's first impression of you. Make sure your hair complements your face and personality. A barber who is good at his job will be able to help you. How exactly would you be able to tell if your barber is capable of doing a good job? Here’s what you need to know.

Training and Background

More than anything, a barber’s background is important, especially if you want to have great quality hair. If a barber has an impressive background, such as being trained at a barber school in Salt Lake City, then it means he would be able to turn your hair into a work of art. You can check the barbershop for certifications, talk to people who know the barber or ask the barber himself.

Being Stylish

Another important thing to take note of is whether the barber knows the latest trends, and can give you ideas about cuts and styles that are good for your hair — instead of just asking you what you want, and having no idea how to go forth with it. A good barber can give you suggestions on hairstyles that fit the shape of your face. 


And of course, apart from his skills, a great barber should also be approachable and friendly enough. He has to exude some warmth so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable while he’s working on your hair. He may even give you suggestions on what brand of shampoo to use or whether you'll improve your appearance by giving your hair a new color. 

When you find your hair in the hands of a great and reliable barber, you can be sure that you’ll get the hairstyle you want — and that you wouldn’t feel awkward at all.

The Road to Healthy Pregnancy & Delivery

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Pregnant Woman in ChicagoYour way to motherhood is coming up. As a future mom-to-be, you would want nothing but to stay safe and healthy for you and your baby's sake. To help you get in the best possible condition, here's some pre-pregnancy advice to serve as your guide.

1. Eat healthy and properly. Munch up five to six well-balanced meals per day. This is necessary since you're not only feeding yourself now, but also your baby. Refrain from eating foods with preservatives, like canned goods and chips.

2. Take prenatal vitamins regularly. Consult your physician on what specific vitamins you can take. Strictly follow whatever your doctor has instructed you to do to avoid complications or problems later on.

3. No to smoke and alcohol. Any exposure to these substances may lead to various health conditions and abnormalities to your baby right before the delivery. It is necessary to stay away from these things.

4. Do prenatal exercises. This is necessary to ensure that the baby inside you is in the correct position. Along with that, it also reduces the pain as you give birth to your child.

5. Visit your OB/GYN. During the first trimester of your conception, it is necessary to seek your doctor's opinion about it. If you want to undergo to ultrasound, Women's Aid Center recommends waiting for the advice of your gynecologist for safety purposes.

6. Rest well. Get at least eight hours of sleep every night. If you have any sleep problems, be sure to seek help the soonest time possible or else you — along with your soon-to-be-born child — will be at risk.

7. Wear comfortable clothes. Avoid tight-fitting dresses and high-heels or closed shoes that can hurt your feet, legs, and ankles.

Be healthy and happy throughout your pregnancy when you follow these tips. Remember to take extra care of yourself, especially now that it’s no longer about you. Eat healthy, rest properly, and stay safe.