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How to Look and Feel Great for Every Occasion

Fashion and Beauty

Let’s admit it. We all want our best looks on every occasion. Looking good does not just make us Instagram-worthy subjects. It also gives us confidence and helps define our personality. According to a survey conducted by Harris Poll last 2017, 84 percent of American women think that beauty is one of their best assets in life.

How can we look beautiful then?

Develop a Routine

If you want to look great, you have to take care of your body, inside and out. Doing exercise is a must. Make sure to burn calories and stretch your muscles to have a good posture. You also have to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. By eating nutritious food, you can have glowing skin.

Invest in essential and vital skin care products, too. Natural ways are good to practice, but sometimes they are not enough. Learn what your skin needs and get the right items for it.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

Aside from the event, you should also consider other factors when you choose your attire. Be mindful of the weather and people. If you will move or walk a lot, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Do not wear high heels if you cannot walk properly using them.

Moreover, use simple accessories. Choosing comfort over fashion does not downgrade your look. It helps express your personality, which makes others interested in you and not just in your fancy outfit.

Act Properly

Looks truly matter. However, they do not define you completely. If you dress up properly but look angry, people will definitely not approach you. You do not have to be talkative and friendly, just smile when you greet. Respect others’ opinions and give yours in a polite manner.

Looking good is also about showing your personality, so express yourself, not just with your looks, but through your behavior.

Having good looks brings positive things. We need to know how to look and feel great because it boosts our confidence and makes us presentable. It makes others understand what kind of person we are. Most of all, it helps us appreciate and love ourselves.

Cowboy Must-Haves: 4 Clothing Items Fitted for the Wild Outdoors

Fashion and Beauty

Cowboys form a large part of American culture. You see them in films and other media that invoke imagery of the Wild West. You probably have an idea of what cowboys look like, based on these movies; they ride horses, wield pistols, and turn their hats to the side.

While this might seem exaggerated, parts of these are true and actually worn by cowboys up to this day. Here’s a closer look at how:

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots for men are a common purchase among members of this culture. This is a practical article of clothing because cowboys spend lots of time on rocky or muddy terrain, something that normal shoes wouldn’t endure. Boots allow cowboys to traverse these pieces of land without getting their feet hurt.

Belts and Suspenders

Because cowboys live an active lifestyle, it makes sense to wear belts and suspenders to make sure clothing won’t get loose. This is important because uncomfortable clothing could distract a cowboy from riding a horse properly or treading an uphill path to the farm.

Hats and Sunglasses

Hats and sunglasses are also worn by cowboys to protect their head and eyes from intense sunlight. Because cowboys are usually in sunny states, such as those in the Midwest, they would need sun protection as they herd animals or take care of the farm.


Cowboys need gloves as they work with ropes, metal tools, and other products that might injure exposed hands. Manufacturers make gloves using durable material that can withstand friction from ropes or heat from the fire while providing a steady grip for the cowboy.

Cowboys are known not just for old Hollywood movies, but also for their clothing. Iconic things that they wear include cowboy boots, hats, belts, and gloves. These are essentials for cowboys to do their outdoor tasks efficiently.

Family Legacy: Passing Down Heirloom Jewelry

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One of the best ways families in Utah can keep their family history and memories alive is to have a family heirloom. Antique jewelry pieces carry so much history that a glance at the intricate details triggers so many memories. However, it’s not just the very item, along with its sentimental value, which makes heirlooms memorable; it’s the “ceremony” of passing it to down.

Here are ways to make passing down heirloom jewelry more special:

Reserve a Special Occasion for the “Ceremony”

Timing is important here. The best time to give an heirloom to the next generation is during celebrations of major life events. For instance, you can give your grandmother’s diamond earrings to your daughter on her 18th birthday or wedding day. No doubt, this gift will be most appreciated.

Remember, though, that while diamonds are forever, they could wear down and start to look lackluster. So, before you pass it on to your daughter, see if it might need jewelry repair. Jewelers in Salt Lake City, such as AAA Jewelers, help you assess the quality of your piece and restore the stylish, elegant look of the diamond.

Share the Story Behind the Jewelry

Don’t just give the heirloom. Spend some time to tell the story about what makes this jewelry piece special. It’s best if you can mention interesting details; the little anecdotes make the piece all the more memorable. If your grandmother gave you the diamond jewelry the day you got engaged, relate the romantic bits of that event to your daughter so that she will appreciate the item more. She would love to hear it.

If your jewelry doesn’t have a bold, grand story behind it, don’t worry; that’s fine. Focus on the sentimental value of the piece to you, and how it played a special role in your life.

Let Them Know Its Value

Apart from the sentimental value of the jewelry, it’s also good to share with your children its monetary value so that they would appreciate the piece. If you had a recent appraisal, you could give that document along with the item. Or if you haven’t yet, then tell your loved one the importance of getting it appraised.

Passing down heirloom jewelry is one of the greatest ways to keep your family’s legacy alive. Give your treasured piece in the most special way with these tips.

Quick and Safe Methods for Breaking In New Leather Boots

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Part of hippie women sitting on curbA new pair of handmade leather boots can go great with most of your wardrobe, but the newness can take a toll on your feet. New boots are stiff and hard. When you wear them for the first few times, you may experience discomfort; you may even develop blisters.

You can save your feet, and yourself, however, by breaking in your boots quickly and correctly.

Mix Alcohol and Water

You can mix one part rubbing alcohol and one part water in a spray bottle. You can then spray the mixture into the inside of your boots, the light mist relaxing the fibers of the leather. Next, you can wear the boots indoors as much as you can.

Footwear expert HELM Boots USA, LLC states that the more you wear them, the faster they adapt to the shape of your feet.

Apply Leather Conditioner

You can use a leather conditioner instead of the rubbing alcohol-water mixture. Leather conditioner can also soften leather fibers, but it has the added benefit of waterproofing your boots. You can then wear your boots indoors and even outdoors once you feel more comfortable in them.

Blow Dry Tight Areas

You can use a blow dryer to break in your boots as well. You simply have to wear thick socks inside your boots. You can then blow dry for twenty to thirty seconds the areas where your boots feel the tightest. After blow-drying, you can walk around your home in your warm boots to let the leather stretch as it cools.

Repeat as needed, but apply leather conditioner once you finish maintaining the boots.

Insert Boot Stretchers

When you purchase leather boots regularly and wear them regularly, you may want to invest in a boot stretcher. The stretcher takes the form of a foot and allows you to stretch your boots without wearing them.

You simply insert stretchers into your boots and expand them. Lastly, you can leave the stretchers overnight.

With the different breaking in methods above, you can keep your feet safe from any blisters or pains. You can now enjoy your new pair of handmade leather boots as well.

Tanning and How to Achieve the Perfect Shade

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Every woman’s worst nightmare is to turn orange instead of tan and have the same shade like President Donald Trump. Luckily, there are ways to have the perfect tan at home, minus the basking under the sun part.

You may have probably chosen your go to tanning oil with SPF, or is still searching for the right one, but the bottom line is, the whole tanning process starts from the choosing part to the maintenance end.

Here are some tips to have the perfect tan at home.

Practice makes perfect

Washable tans are available in stores, and these products allow you to have an idea of what you would look like tan, while at the same time give you the feel of applying tan.

Washable tans are a great way to practice tanning oil application as well as the amount that you need to get the shade you want. As they say, practice makes perfect. It works with tanning too.

Choose your shade wisely

Every person has different skin type and colour, make sure you choose your tan based on YOUR skin type. Do not be afraid to try on swatches of shades and see one that would best fit your tone.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Exfoliate! This is the secret to getting that tan you have always wanted. Starting with a clean canvass ensures that the tanning oil penetrates deep down your skin for a lasting and perfect tan.


Tanning oils can alter the quality of the skin and can make it slightly drier. Make sure you do not forget to moisturise from head to toe concentrating on parts like your elbows, knees, heels and your fingertips among others.

Have the right tools, or the right people

Mitts and brushes are great tools to help you with hard to reach places. Another great help would be finding someone to do it for you. Applying tanning oil at your back can be tricky, but having a person to assist you can give you a peace of mind that you cover your back, literally.

Do not just dream of that summer tan. Have it, evenly and perfectly, with these helpful tips.

Keep Your Spa Healthy with These Maintenance Must-Dos

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As a residential or commercial spa owner, it’s crucial that you maintain the safety of your tub. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do on your own to ensure this machine made for relaxation is always ready for use.

Proper maintenance requires both your efforts and the expertise of Salt Lake City spa service professionals. Don’t worry; your responsibilities won’t take much of your time. In fact, just spending a few minutes regularly on taking care of the tub will help you get the best use out of it.

Filtration System

Proper cleaning and maintenance of the filtration system is key to keeping the tub in great shape. As with any other appliance or equipment that makes use of a filter, you also have to regularly change (or wash) the spa’s filter to keep the water clean. Although it depends on the type of the filter and the frequency of use, you should change/clean it at least once every five to six weeks.

And don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This is especially true for replaceable filters. It’s also a good idea to have an extra filter on hand, so that you can change the current one without having to miss any of your tub sessions.

Water Sanitation

Hot tub water maintenance requires a bit more work, but as long as you work with a reputable spa maintenance service, you can prevent health and safety risks. Spa service experts will guide you through the selection of the right solutions to keep your machine’s water clean and sanitary under all conditions.

It also pays to know that water maintenance doesn’t just involve filtration or sanitation through sanitizers; it also has a lot to do with correct chemical balance/pH control. Again, your trustworthy spa experts can help you with this crucial component of tub maintenance.

Why Are Wedding Rings Worn on the Left Hand?

Fashion and Beauty

Wedding Ring On Woman's HandYou seldom see wedding rings worn on the right hand. It is always the left that grooms ask of the bride to place the symbolic accessory on, no matter what the strong hand is. 

The ring's type, value, or origin are also non-factors in the placement. Whether the weddings rings are from Utah or elsewhere, simple or grand, it is always set on the left hand. 

Have you ever wondered where this tradition started? It turns out both sides of the world have different takes.

Eastern culture representations

The tradition traces its roots to Eastern culture. Chinese belief states that the five fingers on each hand represent different familial relationships: The thumb stands for parents, the index finger for siblings, the middle finger for yourself, the ring finger for your romantic partner, and the pinky for the kids.

A gesture further explains these associations. Imagine holding a ball in the middle of your palms, with your fingertips touching each other. Try to separate the thumbs (parents) first. It will be easy, since you won't be living with them for the rest of your life. The same goes for the index fingers (siblings), the pinkies (children), and the middle fingers (yourself, with the idea of being engaged in a selfless, romantic relationship). The hardest, and heaviest, to break will be the ring fingers, which represent your romantic partner.

A more medical Western take

Western traditions, specifically Ancient Greek and Roman, also have its iteration. According to them, the vein that runs through the left ring finger connects directly to the heart. It is also called the "vena amoris" or the vein of love.

The next time you see someone wearing a wedding ring, remember that its placement on the left hand has explanations from both sides of the globe.

Coolsculpting: How It Induces Weight Loss

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Woman needs coolsculptingDo you feel anxious because your clothes do not fit you anymore? Perhaps you want to achieve a slim figure before you attend a memorable event in your life?

If you are seeking an immediate solution to fat buildup in your body, a coolsculpting center could offer a solution. Coolscupting is a modern weight loss alternative that could eliminate resistant fat in lipid-rich areas such as the lower abdomen, flanks, and bra-line. Here are some things you should know about the basics of coolsculpting.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is an FDA-approved weight loss technique which uses the exposure of tissues to extreme cold. A weight loss specialist attaches the coolsculpting device to target resilient fat that cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise, according to It has a built-in censor to regulate the temperature of the surrounding tissues. This ensures that optimal temperature is attained to prevent frostbite and other cold-related injuries.

How Does Coolsculpting Work?

Coolsculpting primarily works by targeting the cells that store fats underneath your skin. A transducer is placed on the skin to freeze away fat by releasing cold temperature. Upon exposure to low temperature, the adipose cells undergo the regular process of death, which results in natural fat removal. This reduces the thickness of the fatty layers found under the abdomen, arms, thighs, neck, and flanks.

When Will I Notice the Effects of Coolsculpting?

After the first session, expect the results of coolsculpting after two to four weeks since the fat cells will undergo a dissolution process. During subsequent coolsculpting sessions, you may experience the effects after one to two weeks since the initial procedure.

The Bottom Line

Coolsculpting has become one of the most prevalent cosmetic techniques among women who desire instant weight loss. Statistics show that coolsculpting treatments have risen over the past five years due to its noninvasive nature. Thus, it is crucial to visit an aesthetic clinic that offers coolsculpting to eliminate stubborn fatty deposits in your body.

Under Eye Fillers: The Secret to Maintaining Radiant Skin

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Woman about to get cosmetic surgery

Do you feel bothered by the increase in scars and fine lines under your eyes? Perhaps you want to achieve radiant, young-looking skin despite the stress that surrounds you daily at work? If you feel like under eye scars ruin your physical appearance, you may opt to undergo injection of under eye fillers.

Dermal fillers are modern cosmetic devices used by surgeons to get rid of unwanted skin lines and creases.

What are Under Eye Fillers?

Under eye fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance that is present in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is an important component that cushions skin layers. By injecting an under eye filler from a clinic in NYC, the collagen fibers and elastin within the skin cells undergo stabilization.

Some soft tissue fillers may also trigger regeneration of surrounding skin cells. This reduces the saggy and puffy skin lining under the eyes.

How Should I Prepare for Under Eye Filler Injection?

Any cosmetic surgical procedure requires sufficient preparation to prevent adverse reactions during the process. You have to avoid topical medications applied to your skin. Maintenance medications for other conditions will undergo review before the procedure.

If you have a recent history of taking blood thinners and anticoagulants, your doctor will also advise you to delay the procedure until two weeks without intake.

How Long Does the Effects of Under Eye Fillers Last?

After the initial session of filler injection, the decrease in under eye hollows will last for six to nine months. However, the duration of action will last longer during your subsequent visits. Hence, cosmetic surgeons strongly advise regular consultations to prevent recurrence of wrinkle formation.

Hollow facial lines are signs of gradual skin degeneration and impaired tissue healing. As you age, you are more predisposed to developing chronic skin problems. Thus, it is crucial to find an aesthetic center that offers restorative under eye fillers to maintain vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

The Modern Man’s Guide to Wearing Cowboy Boots

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A Cowboy

There is a reason Western fashion has become an iconic style. The gun-toting and pistol-slinging real cowboys are gone now, only immortalized in books and movies, but the style will stay to teach the modern man how to select footwear. In this case, it's the cowboy boots.

Cowboy Boots Explained

Don't worry about the expense and focus on the advantages of wearing this pair of fancy footwear. First, it has a unique shape, thanks to its taper. Your foot will look sexy and manly because of the distinct curves on the shoe. The heels also give you additional height, which makes you look more in control of the situation. It is rare to see plain men's cowboy boots on sale, but you may choose a shoe with minimal designs, so you won't feel uncomfortable.

What to Pair with Cowboy Boots

If you don't like to imitate the traditional Wild Wild West fashion, you can ditch the all head-to-foot Western look. Stay classy when you combine your cowboy boots with the following apparel: casual suits, dress trousers, collared and checkered shirts (you may also wear plain collared shirts), dark tight jeans, jackets, fringed belts, and straw cowboy hats.

Why Wear Them

Men who are vertically challenged could wear cowboy boots to look taller. The heel catches a lot of attention, too. This kind of boots also shows the uniqueness of your character. For the more historically inclined, wearing cowboy boots gives a sense of entitlement, as if saying they are proud to wear the history of America.

How to Buy Cowboy Boots

Know the anatomy of cowboy boots: the tabs, shank, heel, sole, and toes. This will help you select your footwear more objectively, instead of buying a pair just because it looks good on you.

Check the fit of the boots. Your toes should not be too cramped up, and it should have enough room to wriggle and breathe. The tabs, on the other hand, should enable you to wear the boots without pulling up too hard. Remember that comfort should not be taken for granted.

Giddyup you 'ol cowboy and say howdy to a pair of cowboy boots, you wouldn't regret it.