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In and Out of Season: 3 Timeless Rules to Make Your Office Design Ageless

Architecture and Landscaping

A trendy office design is good, but a timeless one is better. Your workplace may be so ‘in’ right now, with the nap pods and bright, colorful walls you’re planning to copy from Instagrammable offices, but all this could quickly lose appeal, when another design trend pops up in a month or two.

What you need then are timeless design principles to make sure that you and your team will be able to enjoy and more importantly, work productively at your space for a long time. Here’s how you can make your office ageless.

1. Prioritize Purpose

The first rule in design isn’t about aesthetics — it’s function. Every design element in your space should have a clear purpose, and that purpose should align with your company culture.

For instance, if your goal is greater team collaboration, then it’s best to invest in flexible layouts, better acoustic controls, and moveable office furniture from Salt Lake City stores.

If your culture values creativity, then your office should feature more artistic elements, such as accent walls in the reception area and innovative furniture, those which have striking shapes and patterns.

2. Consider Sustainability

Timeless means sustainable. When adding a design element in your space, you have to think about how you’re able to maintain it for a long time and avoid wasteful practices. When choosing furniture, pay attention to materials and manufacturing process used for the piece.

This can give you an idea on how long the furniture will last. Make sure that the piece can also be easily repaired and upgraded. Go for manufacturers and distributors that provide service plans and obsolescence contingencies.

3. Go for a Neutral Color Palette

A neutral-colored space is versatile, visually appealing regardless of the season and suitable for different design details. So, whenever you feel like introducing new aesthetic features or updating the entire design, you can do that freely with a neutral base.

There are lots of options for neutrals: black, white, beige, and ivory. Note that white has different shades you can explore to break the monotony in the space.

Instead of going trendy, go timeless when it comes to office design. Keep these tips in mind as you decorate or revamp your workplace.

Snag a Profitable Franchise in 2 Smart Moves

Architecture and Landscaping

While buying a franchise holds the promise of great business success, not everyone who buys one realizes these lofty promises. To avoid falling victim to this, you need to practice great caution during the selection period.

If you don’t mind a little dirt under your fingernails while looking to start a business, you should chase the lucrative HVAC franchise opportunities. Such a move increases your chances of success in lucrative sectors. knows that air-conditioning systems cost homeowners a pretty penny. As such, it is in their best interest to get the installation right and keep their air-conditioning systems in excellent shape. With the necessary skills and knowledge, you can tap into this need an create a thriving service business for yourself. However, before inking that deal, you need to tread carefully to avoid making costly mistakes.

Go deep on the research

The difference between buying a franchise and starting your own business is that the former affords you a proven business model. Unlike striking out on your own, you have a blueprint that guides your actions along the way. It is, therefore, vital that you assess the business model to see if it lives up to your expectations.

You need to be sure that the franchisor can help you hone your skills until you’re comfortable with your new role. Check with other franchisees to get a firsthand account of their experience. A franchise disclosure document contains a list of the current and former franchise owners.

Crunch the numbers

Although you’re buying into a well-established brand, that is not an assurance of success. As with any other businesses, you will need to put in work before you can turn a profit. Just be sure that the profit margins are healthy enough to justify your investment.

As part of the franchise agreement, you will pay part of your total revenue collection to the franchisor for the privilege of using their brands. Taking a fine-toothed comb over the number gives you clear insights into the business performance as well as the profit margins. It’s advisable that you retain the help of an expert to help you with this step.

The key to realizing the full benefits that come with buying a franchise lies in making the right choice from the get-go. Therefore, you need to approach the selection process with a considerable amount of care and precaution.

3 Ways to Create a Unified Look on Landscape Design

Architecture and Landscaping

Have you ever walked into a yard and everything feels all over the place despite not having clutter or litter? That’s probably because the area lacks the design principle called unity. Unity refers to the sense of harmony and wholeness, concerning the aesthetics of the space.

If you’re planning to give your yard a facelift and give it a unified look, here are ways to pull it off:

1. Decide On a Theme

One of the best strategies to create a sense of unity in any space is to have a theme. For instance, you can anchor your theme on a particular season. If you’ve decided to go for a summer motif, plant blooms that have bright pops of colors, like orange and yellow, and match your furniture with these hues. You can also add water features, like water fountains or pools, for a refreshing feel. Consult a custom landscaper in Utah, like Impressions Landscape, to help you mix and match softscaping and hardscaping based on your chosen theme.

2. Repeat Design Elements

Another way to pull off a unified look is to replicate details throughout the space. One common repeated element in most landscape designs is color. Some homeowners pick up the dominant colors of the flowers they have, giving other features, like plant containers, fences, walls, furniture, the same hue. Another element you can repeat is the type of plants. If you populate the space with the same species, you can easily create a well put-together design.

3. Prioritize Continuity

Sight lines are important in pulling off unity in landscape design. Elements in the space must be able to help a viewer’s eyes freely move through the area. You can do this with a lawn or a horizontal wood fence that sprawls across the yard. Pathways that have the same material can also help in guiding sight lines. In formal gardens, patterns are used to promote continuity throughout the space.

Unity may be the missing ingredient in your outdoor space. Take note of these tips as you revamp your yard.

3 Things Not to Do when Installing an Aluminum Fence

Architecture and Landscaping

Aluminum fences are a great option if you want to up your game when it comes to your home’s security. Doing the installation yourself can be quite difficult and confusing though, so make sure to know the ropes before deciding on doing so.

Great Fence gives some tips on the things you shouldn’t do if you’re installing those aluminum driveway gates for sale by yourself.

1. Cutting Cables Underground

One thing to remember before installing your aluminum fence is those underground cables. You definitely don’t want to cut off yours or your neighbors’ service just because you decided to install your aluminum fence. Make sure to check the lines and ask a professional for help when it comes to this. It’s always better to be safe rather than be all sorry once you’ve cut down those important cables.

2. Using the Wrong Concrete

Consider the concrete that you’re going to use. There are two types, namely the wet set and the dry one. The wet set is the one that’s preferred for this type of project, as it provides a more solid anchor system for the posts. The dry set allows the posts’ plumb to be aligned properly, although it has a tendency to dry irregularly compared to the wet set. Always do your research first before deciding which one to use.

3. Placing the Posts in the Wrong Location

You want each post to be properly spaced from each other to allow proper installation of the aluminum fence. You want to get the posts as close to your own house as you can without having to touch your home. This factor can be a little confusing, so be sure to consult a professional when working with the posts.

It would be best to hire a professional team to install your fence for you. This way, you can be sure that the fence will be properly installed and completely under warranty.

3 Times It Makes Sense to Repair rather Than Replace Your AC

Architecture and Landscaping

Granted, all AC units need replacement at some point, but is it really time to replace yours? The fact is new ACs doesn’t come cheap, and doing a replacement too soon may not make the most financial sense.

The good news is that when well maintained, your AC can do just fine with minimal repairs and replacements. Here are three top occasions when repair — not replacement — is the best way to go.

1. The system is still relatively new.

Air conditioners are designed to run for more than 10 years. If you’ve only had yours for five years and it’s broken down, reliable contractors such as Whipple Service Champions will most likely be able to restore it to good working order in no time.

Often, it’s an electrical mistake that’s causing issues, and any experienced contractor will have no problem fixing that.

2. Repair costs less than half of the unit’s value.

If after calculating how much money you need for repairing your unit, you discover that the amount comes to less than you’d need to replace it, it makes more sense to choose repair over replacement.

However, you need to be sure that you won’t have to do similar repairs every other month as that might weigh heavier on your checkbook in the long run.

3. Your trusted AC contractor recommends it.

Your AC contractor knows what’s best for your AC. If after examining your AC unit, they deem repairs necessary rather than replacement, it’s in your best interest to follow their advice. That said, it’s still important to ask for the assurance from the contractor that similar problems will not arise frequently.

The desire to get a brand new AC unit might be great, but there are occasions where such a move is neither necessary nor financially sound. Usually, your good old AC will keep your home cool and comfortable after a few repairs.

3 Types of Dishwashing Machines You Should Know

Architecture and Landscaping

Ensuring that all your glasses and dishes are clean is vital to your business’s success. Keeping your soiled wares clean is always a plus point for health inspectors and can even help build your establishment’s reputation.

That’s why it’s essential to choose a reliable dishwasher for your business. Although occasional repair for your commercial dishwasher may happen every once in awhile, selecting the right machine can drastically help reduce the level of labor required to take care of dirty dishes on a daily basis.

Here are a few basic types of dishwashers that you may want to take a look at.

High and Low-Temperature Dishwashers

When choosing the right dishwashing machine, it’s important to know whether your business needs a low temperature or a high-temperature dishwashing unit. Although you need rinsing chemicals and detergents to do the job, it is important to note that both machines work differently.

High-temperature machines are great for sanitizing while low-temperature dishwashing machine is great for businesses who have limited space since it doesn’t require a hood.

Door type dishwashers

Door type dishwashers are the most common types of commercial dishwashing machines in the market today. Although it may appear small, the machine fits a specific number of dish racks inside. It’s ideal for a large restaurant setting because of its large capacity.

Conveyor dishwashers

Conveyor dishwashers are probably the largest type of dishwasher available for purchase. These powerful dishwashers can clean up to 1000 plate racks a day. It’s ideal for cafeterias that have a lot of glassware and dishes passing through.

There are many various types of commercial dishwashers today. Just ensure that you choose the right one that’ll fit your business needs. It’s important to maintain your dishwashing machine properly so it’ll last for several years.

Are You Wasting Too Much Water On Your Lawn?

Architecture and Landscaping

The summertime brings higher temperatures along with the need to make sure plants and flowers receive the right amount of water, but most property owners know this can be a challenge.

If you live in Florida, commercial landscaping services in Winter Haven and other cities become necessary especially during the hotter months. Landscaped areas in Orlando, however, require more attention due to the city’s vulnerability to lawn disease and weed growth.

Efficient Water Use

The application of mulch serves as one way to keep plants healthy as it supports water retention, improves root and soil development. Plants require different levels of water, so make sure your property is divided into a specific zone for plants, trees and shrubs.

Whenever possible, the use of drip irrigation also lets you save up to 80% of water compared to traditional overhead sprinklers. Drip watering is also recommended for shrubs and plants. Remember that soil moisture should not be too high to prevent the growth of certain weeds, including crabgrass.

Controlling Weeds

Crabgrass thrives in Florida and certain parts of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. A high level of soil moisture and warm weather serves as the perfect breeding ground for this type of weed. Hence, it’s important to check your lawn for any signs that may encourage their growth.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) expects lawn disease to become worse in 2018, particularly in states with higher temperatures in the summer season. Aside from Orlando in Florida, the most vulnerable cities include Atlanta, Boston and Philadelphia, according to the NALP.


Talk to a professional landscaper if you still have doubts on the right time and way to water your lawn. Controlling lawn irrigation is important not only to save water but also prevent weed growth and avoid paying hefty fines for non-compliance on your city’s regulations.

Create Lush Ground That Serve You All Year-Round — Here’s How

Architecture and Landscaping

Healthy and vibrant ground around your property lend an air of peace and tranquility, in addition, give the landscape a picturesque appearance. The lush green scenery creates a peaceful environment that improves the curb appeal of the property.

While having an exceptional lawn care routine is essential, it takes more than mowing to achieve such a feat, notes reputable commercial landscaping services in Naples. You need to build your ground from the bottom up if you are to create outstanding and functional grounds.

Pick your grasses carefully

There’s a close relationship between the performance of your lawn and the grasses that you pick. Typically, turfgrasses fall in two temperature categories — cool and warm season grasses. Naturally, these grasses perform optimally in regions with temperatures that match their growth patterns.

Cool season grasses, including fine and tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, annual and perennial ryegrass, perform thrive in temperatures of between 60 and 75°F. Warm season grasses, such as Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia grass, prefer a temperature of between 80 and 95°F. Ignoring these categories leads to poor performing lawn regardless of how much effort you put into it.

Match the grasses to the ground’s usage

The higher the activity on the ground, the higher the wear and tear on the grass. Therefore, you need to match your pick of turfgrass to the activity on these grounds. For instance, sports grounds and pitches probably have the highest level of wear and tear.

The situation compounds in soccer and football pitches which see action all year round. To avoid ugly looking patches in areas with the most action, you need to pick high performing cultivars.

Tall and Chewing’s fescue, perennial ryegrass and smooth-stalked meadow grasses make the best choice for such high activity grounds. Additionally, you need top-notch care and maintenance to keep the pitch in tip-top shape.

While regular year-round care and maintenance are essential for a lush green and healthy ground, you need to get all factors right from the onset. Matching the turfgrass to the climatic conditions and ground usage is the key to rich and velvety grounds.

Common Problems You Might Experience with Your Spa after Considerable Use

Architecture and Landscaping

A swimming pool and spa are an integral part of almost every home and profit-making cosmetic service business. Apart from relaxation, a spa has therapeutic benefits. The water jets massage your aching joints and provide relief for a myriad of health issues.

There are times, however, that you might be in need of spa repair in your Salt Lake City home or business. Broken down spas can be frustrating and timely intervention is essential. Here are some common issues that may call for a repair expert.

Cloudy Water

The common reason for cloudy spa water is an elevated level of calcium or total alkalinity. The ideal calcium level for spa water should not be more than 300ppm with a total alkalinity of less than 150ppm.

Chalky white deposits on your spa’s walls are moreover a consequence of calcium buildup. Cloudy water could also be an indication of dirty filters resulting from residue and body oils.

Low Water Flow

Low spa flow is typical of a dirty spa as debris clogs your pump’s impeller, spa drain covers, pips and closed valves. The debris over time leads to complete breakdown of these crucial spa elements and hence timely intervention immediately you notice low flow is essential.

An air leak in your suction piping evidenced by unexplained air bubbles at your pump’s jets or outlets could also affect your water flow.


Leaky seals typically cause water chemistry issues even before you realize the leak. If you do not spot leaks early, you will find that by the time you notice them, water will have built up around your spa equipment, and this will have led to electrical shots.

The ideal way to avoid leaks is to regularly check and replace old pump seals, O-rings and filters.

The common denominator in preventing all the issues above is expert maintenance. This keeps your spa in excellent shape and diagnoses any problems early and prevents costly repairs later. The frequency of your maintenance works depends on how often you use the spa.

How Much Worth Do Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels Have?

Architecture and Landscaping

Nowadays, it’s normal to want a bathroom or kitchen remodel for your home to raise its value. After all, a high-value home may have a higher selling price when listed on the real estate market. That higher price, in turn, helps you earn more and possibly give you enough for a new and better home.

How much can a bathroom or kitchen remodel help exactly? Trinity Builders of South West Florida and other experts list some details you may want to know:

Remodel the Kitchen

A kitchen remodel counts as one of the top remodels that pay off in the long run. Even a simple home can be priced high if it has an impressive kitchen. In kitchen remodeling, you can focus on new cabinets, upgraded countertops, and well-thought colors and textures.

Remodel the Bathroom

A bathroom remodel comes close to a kitchen remodel in terms of return on investment. You can have your toilet replaced, your tiles re-grouted, and your caulk in the area replaced. You can also change the fixtures and mirrors. When you have a tub, you can consider swapping it with a shower, which has more selling power.

ROI of Remodels

In more detail, bathroom and minor kitchen remodels have the most return on investment (ROI) based on a recent study by Remodeling magazine. Minor kitchen remodels have a national average cost of $21,198 and an average sale value of $17,193. With this, minor kitchen remodels have an 81.10% ROI. Bathroom remodels, meanwhile, have a 70.10% ROI based on a $19,134 average cost and a $13,422 average sale value.

The more you spend in a kitchen or a bathroom remodel, however, the fewer returns you receive. Upscale bathroom remodels averaging $61,662 only sold for $34,633 — a 56.20% ROI. Major upscale kitchen remodels have a similar ROI at 53.50%, according to a national average cost of $125,721 and an average sale value of $67,212.

With such statistics, you can go ahead with your bathroom or kitchen remodeling to raise your home’s value but make minimal changes only to recoup costs the most.