Beyond Business: Company Events That are Worth Celebrating

Team Building in Herston

Team Building in HerstonOther than the typical holidays, team building programs, and promotional and marketing conventions, a company should have more reasons to celebrate. After all, hosting special events improves employee relations and morale, and is a way of promoting better teamwork and cooperation.

Here are some of the other events you can celebrate as a team.

Employees’ Day

Your employees are more than just people working in office cubicles. Allow them to connect with their colleagues and leaders by planning an Employees’ Day celebration. It can be as simple as sharing a meal and having a fun program or it could be an all-out weekend getaway at a resort. Come up with unique activities that will fit all ages.

Charity Event

Sharing is a great way of giving back to the community and promoting compassion and empathy among employees. Hold a charity event for a specific cause and ask every member of your workforce to be part of the drive. You can likewise create a follow-up event when all the donations are in. Request for some willing volunteers from your staff to minimise cost.

Employee Awards Night

Motivating your workers to do their job goes beyond giving them a fair salary. Victoria Park recommends recognising your employees’ consistent punctuality, attendance and performance, and planning an awarding ceremony. You can rent any of Brisbane’s corporate function venues and invite everyone to attend, even longtime clients and partners.

Training with a Guest Speaker

Asking a well-known business personality to talk to your people can also raise their spirits and enthusiasm. Invite a qualified and dynamic speaker who can get your audience’s attention and deliver an informative piece.

Corporate events need not always be about sales, achievements and promotions. There are a number of other occasions your company can celebrate and still benefit. These events are likewise effective ways to mix business and pleasure.