Better Business: Guaranteeing Satisfaction with Your Supplier

Supplier ChartSuppliers are an integral part of any business. The quality of their products and the performance of their business can directly affect yours. Should your supplier fail to deliver, it’s your reputation on the line so it pays to choose well.

Value for Money

Choosing lower cost materials increases your profit margin. If you make your supplier choices based only on the price, however, it can backfire. Check the reliability of the supplier. Completing a rushed client request relies heavily on the ability of your suppliers to deliver the materials you need to fulfill the order. The adage “you get what you pay for” is apt in today’s market. What you need then is to strike a balance between reliability, quality, price, and service from your suppliers.

Business Stability

A way to ensure proper handling of your orders and purchases is to check your supplier for stability. Some enterprises require steady and stable sources for materials. A microbiology lab, for example, is among the businesses requiring a reliable source for supplies. If your supplier suddenly closes down or disappears, this can spell trouble for you.

Fort Richard Laboratories Ltd recommends checking how long the supplier has been in business. This is an easy way to gauge their stability. Some may even have readily accessible financial records so you can see for yourself if they’re stable. This can assure that you could partner with them for a long time.

Tried and Tested

While you can easily Google for suppliers, it helps to get referrals from people you trust. When evaluating a possible supplier, ask for the contact details of their other clients. Check the suppliers’ website as well for customer feedback. While it’s possible that the supplier will only provide contact details of customers they’re sure will give a favourable review, if you dig deep enough then you’re sure to discover if they have any anomalies.

Though you may have a trusted supplier, it always helps to keep a second referral on-hand. Should there be any emergencies or a sudden increase in demand, having a backup means having a safety net to ensure continued service for your clients.