Best Event Lighting Options for Your Next Corporate Event

While event lighting is usually not a top priority for some companies when they throw parties or events, it should be. Excellent light is one of the keys to the success of an event, but is typically an element that’s lacking in most events. The right event lighting could create the most appropriate kind of atmosphere you want and lends that professional edge you need to make an impression on your guests. Below are examples of event lighting that could give your event a powerful and memorable impact:


This is used for directing attention to particular elements in your event. For example, when marketing a new product or product line, spotlighting could be used for drawing the eyes or attendees to your products. Spotlighting could likewise be used for highlighting décor, centerpieces, etc.

Stage Wash

This lighting technique is perfect for speeches, presentations, and entertainment as it’s a subtle way to focus people’s eyes on the stage, suggests an AV and lighting specialist from a top production company in Kent. This technique utilises even colour and light spread on the stage to highlight it.

Moving Lights

This is perfect for animating otherwise dull, dreary, and overly formal events, with the use of light, texture, and colour. This could be combined with moving and flashing spotlights and GOBOs would produce a magnificent light show that your guests would truly remember. For gala events of awarding ceremonies, preset lighting changes during countdowns to important announcements are a terrific way to drum up anticipation and excitement and highlight where the winners are.

GOBO Lights

Gobos are light beams shining through metal stencils to produce specific patterns. They are ideal for showcasing your brand, through projections of your logo on walls, ceilings, flooring, etc., or for enhancing your event’s theme. GOBO light could either be moving or stationary depending on your preferences.

Event lighting isn’t just about illuminating your venue. It is no doubt one of the most affordable and easiest ways to bring excitement to any corporate event and help make sure that it’s an event that attendees will always remember, not to mention the sponsorship and/or branding opportunities it could bring.