Being Proactive About Reviews Helps Your Local SEO Strategy

A businessman staring at a blackboard, focused on the five star option In a typical Google search, reviews now play a big role in how people (more importantly, potential customers) perceive your business. Searchers can immediately see your rating, on the first page, and it sets the tone for the way your customers perceive you.

It’s a tricky thing, getting a customer to review you. You don’t want to seem pushy because that turns customers off, but neither is it wise to your services or products go unnoticed. This is why you must proactively urge customers to leave reviews whenever they can. It can be as simple as leaving a short comment on Google reviews, or as thought-out as submitting a long testimonial or in Yelp. It’s just a matter of asking your consumers after all – something, by the way, which is always more effective when you offer an incentive.

Getting those precious five stars isn’t the endgame, though, as you can push these reviews and enhance your local reputation. The more positive your reputation, online, the bigger your profile and reach become. That can only be good for boosting your local SEO efforts.

Building Trust

This is, in part, what SEO services are about, whether you’re in Denver or Los Angeles. It’s about convincing people that you’re worthy of their precious time, and a positive review goes a long way in proving that. It trickles down, too: you can make positive claims within your web copy, establish your authority and improve your PPC chances – but bear in mind that your claims have to be grounded in truth.

A Bigger Priority

These days, SEO services are no longer privy to just a few select businesses; big or small. This year, investment in SEO is projected to increase to 20%, which means that you won’t be the only one who will leverage the popularity of Google search within your vicinity. This also means that time is of the essence, for you to get a leg up on the competition, and there’s no better time to get into local SEO than today.

Leveraging Optimism

Marketing is a lot more effective when you utilize several methods. Don’t limit the reach of those positive reviews. Use them in press releases, make these the focus of your off-page blogs, and leverage these to get more sales.

The best thing about being proactive is that you’re getting exactly what you want without broaching ethical standards. You get reviews, you leverage their value, and you’re able to improve the quality of your service. This comes full circle when you draw in new customers and are able to provide them the same level of service. It can only be good for your business, in the long run.