Bed Bug Invasion: The Signs You Need to Observe

bed bug

Bed bugs can turn your dreamy sleep into a nightmare. These pests have had a resurgence in the US with 97percent of companies taking care of bed bug removal in homes. Single-family homes (at 91 percent) take up most services, with apartments (at 89 percent) and motels or hotels (69 percent)trailing.

Bed bugs disturb a good night’s rest and leave you with red marks the next day. They do not transmit disease, but they do carry disease organisms, and you could get a secondary infection if you fail to clean the bite. Some children and seniors may also experience an allergic reaction to bed bug bites, especially with compromised immune systems.

So it’s crucial to get rid of these bloodsuckers. Here are signs that indicate you may have bed bug infestation.

Blood Stains on Your Sheets

You may find blood stains on your sheets in the morning. You might unconsciously squash on a bed bug after it bites you at night, and this may leave a bloody spot on your skin, pajamas, or the linen.

When You Wake Up with Itchy Red Spots

Itchy spots on the skin are the most noticeable signs of bed bug infestation. Their bites are usually small, but they could become inflamed and itchy over time.

A Collection of Bed Bug Shells

Bed bug egg shells are white and look like husk specks, but sometimes can be mottled. While the typical place to find these shells is along the headboard or in the mattress, you can still uncover them under household furniture and between sofa cushions. You could also discover them under wooden or fabric materials, but are rarely seen in metallic or plastic households.

Bed bugs are nasty and can make a home inhabitable. In fact, they can have a significant impact on the quality of your life and health. Therefore, learning to spot them can help prevent and control an infestation. Don’t wait to experience the ill effects of these insects before you hire a pest control service.