Bald Patches Caused by Dry Shampoo: Should You Be Worried?

Dry ShampooIf you’re the type of person who bathes at night to forego washing your hair in the morning or struggling with oily hair, then you’ve probably heard of dry shampoo.

Contrary to popular belief, this product isn’t just for women; because this is popular among men, as well. If you’ve just discovered the wonders of dry shampoo, you’re in for a treat. However, while it serves many benefits, scientists found a major downfall that could have you swearing off the product in no time – bald patches. Before you consult with hair treatment centers, such as, why not get the lowdown on this beloved solution to flat, unwashed hair.

What Dry Shampoo Does to Hair

People who are always on the go find comfort in using dry shampoo because this is the solution to oily, limp hair after you’ve slept on it and have no time to wash. What it does is keep your hair from looking greasy. You can use this to add volume and texture to your limp or thinning hair.

What Dermatologists Think

While dry shampoo may make your hair look and feel cleaner, it really doesn’t, and you still need to wash your hair. In addition, it’s not really a shampoo, so don’t expect the same results that you get from its wet, bubbly counterpart.

If you have thin hair and you’re an avid user of the product, you are at risk of hair loss. This is because you may develop a skin allergy (dermatitis) that stems from exposure to certain preservatives found in hair products. Dr. Carolyn Goh from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA shares, “Sometimes having too much build-up on the scalp could make hair fall out, especially if there’s inflammation.” She added, “using a dry shampoo instead of washing the scalp could contribute to the problem.”

What to Use in Place of Dry Shampoo

If you think you’ve been using too much dry shampoo and worried about losing your hair at some point, you might want to try some of these alternatives:

  • Use setting powder – If your sister or your girlfriend has this in her bag, then you’re in luck. If you want a quick fix, dust this onto your scalp. Compared to dry shampoo, which is thick and prone to clumping, this alternative is nearly undetectable.
  • Hair brush liners – These deodorizing cotton brush liners absorb dirt, oil, and other debris that may get stuck on your hair.

Dry shampoo isn’t so bad, as long as you use it in moderation. It’s better to be on the safe side and use alternatives instead. If you’re already suffering from bald patches, don’t worry. There are various ways you can eliminate the condition – through medication, creams, hair transplant, or scalp micro pigmentation.