Are You Wasting Too Much Water On Your Lawn?


The summertime brings higher temperatures along with the need to make sure plants and flowers receive the right amount of water, but most property owners know this can be a challenge.

If you live in Florida, commercial landscaping services in Winter Haven and other cities become necessary especially during the hotter months. Landscaped areas in Orlando, however, require more attention due to the city’s vulnerability to lawn disease and weed growth.

Efficient Water Use

The application of mulch serves as one way to keep plants healthy as it supports water retention, improves root and soil development. Plants require different levels of water, so make sure your property is divided into a specific zone for plants, trees and shrubs.

Whenever possible, the use of drip irrigation also lets you save up to 80% of water compared to traditional overhead sprinklers. Drip watering is also recommended for shrubs and plants. Remember that soil moisture should not be too high to prevent the growth of certain weeds, including crabgrass.

Controlling Weeds

Crabgrass thrives in Florida and certain parts of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. A high level of soil moisture and warm weather serves as the perfect breeding ground for this type of weed. Hence, it’s important to check your lawn for any signs that may encourage their growth.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) expects lawn disease to become worse in 2018, particularly in states with higher temperatures in the summer season. Aside from Orlando in Florida, the most vulnerable cities include Atlanta, Boston and Philadelphia, according to the NALP.


Talk to a professional landscaper if you still have doubts on the right time and way to water your lawn. Controlling lawn irrigation is important not only to save water but also prevent weed growth and avoid paying hefty fines for non-compliance on your city’s regulations.