A Responsibility to Millennials: Letting Them Know About the Rules

Young Employees in New ZealandYoung people today know what they want and what they need to do to achieve it. This ends up at the subject of working, something they are famous for, but not for something good. They know what they have to do, but as employees, they must know where their obligations start and end. This means explaining to them the rules that they have to follow and the law that requires it.

It is not the easiest thing to talk to ‘millennials’. Most of them are only starting to work and while they are technically adults, they still need guidance. They may never break these rules, and knowing about them will definitely play a part.

The Unseen Rules Matter the Most

As the employer, you have no obligation to ensure your employees are taking the right path. You pay them in exchange for their effort, but it is a part of your responsibility to know what they can do and what you can do. This is why a course on employment law is important. It is far from a prelude to a late career in law, but it is what you need. You will then use this knowledge to create your own rules in the company, one that you find fitting in your industry, and pass it on to them.

A lawyer is necessary at times and in most cases, it is about setting boundaries. You do not want to suffocate this crowd, but if they know their limitations, it would be easier for them to do their work. Either this or utter chaos when someone breaks the rules; it is your duty, plain and simple.

For the More Serious Part

As young people get older, they will have more freedom to do what they want. A good foundation for this inevitable occurrence is for them to know what happens when severe actions receive an equal reaction, i.e. about redundancy. NZ’s I.R. Thompson Associates notes that this is one of the more serious things they should be made aware of. Fair is fair, which is the most important thing about redundancy, among other austere issues about employment.

It may seem a lot now, but this will become a mere footnote of your business. Rules are there for a reason and in a work environment, it will lead to more learned employees and a more fit workplace.