4 Steps to Repotting Your Plants

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For the most part, potted plants will do well with little maintenance. As long as you water them appropriately and occasionally add fertilizer, they’ll thrive quietly. However, there are times when they need to be repotted, especially if they’ve outgrown their current containers. When that time comes, here are the steps you should follow to do it successfully.

1. Choose an appropriate planter

If you’re transferring your plants to new Versailles planters, make sure that these containers are the right size. Authentic Provence notes that ideally, you want a planter that’s not more than two inches deeper than the current pot. That’s because a pot that’s too large will hold too much water, and this could lead to root rot. Make sure that the pot has the proper drainage.

2. Buy a high-quality potting soil

Visit a local garden supply company and buy nutritious potting soil for your plant. Avoid the temptation to dig up some soil from your backyard to use for the purpose, as this soil tends to dry up too quickly. Mix the potting soil with a small amount of natural organic fertilizer to make it more nutritious. Fill the pot to half and add some water to moisten it.

3. Prepare the root ball

Before you repot a plant, it’s essential that you carefully prepare its root ball. This encourages it to grow properly once you have transferred it to the new pot. Water the root ball thoroughly. Removing the plant from the existing container shouldn’t give you any trouble. Simply slip it out of the container or invert the container and shake it, using your hand to support the root ball.

4. Repot the plant

Gently place the plant in the new planter and fill the space around it with potting soil until it’s full. Tap the sides and bottom of the planter to help distribute the soil evenly. Add water to the roots of the plant to promote growth. In about 24 hours, you should notice an improvement in the plant’s health.

Repotting a plant can provide it with a new lease of life, particularly if it has outgrown its current pot. The great news is that it’s a simple task you can do within minutes of your spare time.