4 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Fishing in Orlando

Fishing in OrlandoAre you visiting Orlando? Are you thinking of doing something else besides riding roller coasters or looking for Mickey Mouse? Then why don’t you try fishing!

Does the idea get you excited? Before you book a trip, learn these cool facts about Orlando fishing:

1. You can fish in a Disneyland Resort.

Although Orlando is home to seven of the ten most visited theme parks in the country, it’s always known to be Disneyland’s address. In 2015, around 2.4 million people visited the Magic Kingdom, an increase of 6 percent from the previous year. While many are still crazy about the rides, others drop by the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa to relax and fish!

2. Orlando is Florida’s prime fishing ground.

The metropolitan city sits in the heart of the Sunshine State, but it’s also surrounded by water—lots of it. Not only does it have the longest coastline in all of the contiguous United States, but it also boasts of more than 19,000 kilometers of rivers and streams. Its freshwater lakes cover more than 2 million acres, and these bodies of water are natural habitats of over 200 freshwater fish species.

3. There are five lakes.

Orlando has a robust marine program designed to encourage quality fishing. Under it are five lakes: Ivanhoe, Turkey, Starke, Underhill, and Clear. Even if there are a couple more amazing lakes in the city, these five have some of the best-quality bass fish. Local fishing guide Captain Micah Tolliver also adds that these lakes have an abundance of fish and wildlife that will thrill a nature lover, from alligators to dolphins.

4. Tourists can fish with a guide.

Confused where to fish in the city? You can call a fishing charter in Orlando, and you will get more than a boat. There’s a good chance you’ll also have a guide who can teach you the basic fishing skills, rules and regulations, and the best spots to fish. All these make your fishing experience more pleasant and memorable.

With so many options, fishing in Orlando is a must during your visit.