4 Common Problems That Could Be Messing Up Your Refrigerator

man talks to a woman after repairing refrigerator

Is your refrigerator losing its frosty feel? Does it squeal when you turn it on? These are two of an array of problems that plague refrigerators. Unless you fix them promptly, these issues can be the source of ongoing stress in your family.

Before you call an appliance repair expert in Millcreek like Best Home Appliance to resolve the issue, you may want to know what could be causing the problem in the first place. Here are top suspects.

The condenser coils are dirty

Your refrigerator’s condenser coils are responsible for dissipating heat as the refrigerant passes through them. With time, the coils can gather debris and stop working as efficiently as they should. That makes your refrigerator work extra hard to keep the temperature low. But when the coils have collected too much dirt, then your refrigerator won’t work as well as it should. The solution, of course, is to clean them regularly.

The start relay is defective

Your refrigerator’s start relay works together with a start winding when starting the compressor. A defect in the start relay interferes with this process, and sometimes the compressor will not work at all. The result is that the refrigerator does not cool enough. Once you realize that there’s a problem with the start relay, simply replace it.

The start capacitor is dead

The function of the start capacitor is to boost the compressor’s power once you switch on the refrigerator. Once the capacitor stops working, then the compressor has trouble starting. That hamper’s the refrigerator’s ability to cool. The obvious solution to this problem is to replace the defective capacitor.

The condenser fan motor is faulty

When the condenser fan motor stops working properly, then your refrigerator will not be able to cool appropriately. The motor’s function is to draw air through the condenser coil and over the compressor. Replacing it can help solve the problem.

There are many simple ways to troubleshoot your refrigerator once it starts exhibiting problems. By knowing how to pinpoint where the trouble is, you can get the problem quickly resolved.