3 Ways to Create a Unified Look on Landscape Design

Beautiful garden landscape

Have you ever walked into a yard and everything feels all over the place despite not having clutter or litter? That’s probably because the area lacks the design principle called unity. Unity refers to the sense of harmony and wholeness, concerning the aesthetics of the space.

If you’re planning to give your yard a facelift and give it a unified look, here are ways to pull it off:

1. Decide On a Theme

One of the best strategies to create a sense of unity in any space is to have a theme. For instance, you can anchor your theme on a particular season. If you’ve decided to go for a summer motif, plant blooms that have bright pops of colors, like orange and yellow, and match your furniture with these hues. You can also add water features, like water fountains or pools, for a refreshing feel. Consult a custom landscaper in Utah, like Impressions Landscape, to help you mix and match softscaping and hardscaping based on your chosen theme.

2. Repeat Design Elements

Another way to pull off a unified look is to replicate details throughout the space. One common repeated element in most landscape designs is color. Some homeowners pick up the dominant colors of the flowers they have, giving other features, like plant containers, fences, walls, furniture, the same hue. Another element you can repeat is the type of plants. If you populate the space with the same species, you can easily create a well put-together design.

3. Prioritize Continuity

Sight lines are important in pulling off unity in landscape design. Elements in the space must be able to help a viewer’s eyes freely move through the area. You can do this with a lawn or a horizontal wood fence that sprawls across the yard. Pathways that have the same material can also help in guiding sight lines. In formal gardens, patterns are used to promote continuity throughout the space.

Unity may be the missing ingredient in your outdoor space. Take note of these tips as you revamp your yard.