3 Times It Makes Sense to Repair rather Than Replace Your AC

Granted, all AC units need replacement at some point, but is it really time to replace yours? The fact is new ACs doesn’t come cheap, and doing a replacement too soon may not make the most financial sense.

The good news is that when well maintained, your AC can do just fine with minimal repairs and replacements. Here are three top occasions when repair — not replacement — is the best way to go.

1. The system is still relatively new.

Air conditioners are designed to run for more than 10 years. If you’ve only had yours for five years and it’s broken down, reliable contractors such as Whipple Service Champions will most likely be able to restore it to good working order in no time.

Often, it’s an electrical mistake that’s causing issues, and any experienced contractor will have no problem fixing that.

2. Repair costs less than half of the unit’s value.

If after calculating how much money you need for repairing your unit, you discover that the amount comes to less than you’d need to replace it, it makes more sense to choose repair over replacement.

However, you need to be sure that you won’t have to do similar repairs every other month as that might weigh heavier on your checkbook in the long run.

3. Your trusted AC contractor recommends it.

Your AC contractor knows what’s best for your AC. If after examining your AC unit, they deem repairs necessary rather than replacement, it’s in your best interest to follow their advice. That said, it’s still important to ask for the assurance from the contractor that similar problems will not arise frequently.

The desire to get a brand new AC unit might be great, but there are occasions where such a move is neither necessary nor financially sound. Usually, your good old AC will keep your home cool and comfortable after a few repairs.