3 Hacks for Tying All Your Things Down to Your Car or Truck

Moving HacksAre you moving or delivering a large order? Even if you’ve bubble-wrapped everything delicate and put them in boxes, you have to account for the rough road ahead. Even properly-cushioned items can get wrecked if they’re not packed properly. People in the trucking and moving business, though, know exactly how to secure your stuff.

Here are essential things to know when you plan on moving large amounts of product or stuff around:

1. Use the right straps

Tying down your stuff to the floor or sturdy, unmoving part of the vehicle is your best bet. But what do you use to tie stuff down? Perhaps the best option you have are cargo ratchet straps, says X-Pak Global. These belts are very secure and will make sure that your items don’t move. Commonly used in large shipping containers and trucks, you should use these instead of bungee cords that stretch.

2. Think about how the vehicle moves

How do you tie the stuff down anyway? Think about the movement of your car or truck. The sudden application of brakes and the swerving or turning are the most likely culprits of moving cargo. Reinforce the straps according to these movements. Make sure that you also be careful when you drive. It doesn’t matter if you get to your destination at a slower pace — as long as the stuff you’re packing isn’t damaged.

3. Grab, shake and check frequently

Securing your things isn’t just a one-time thing. Once you’ve tied everything down, wait fifteen minutes before tugging at the straps. You could also try to dislodge your cargo to see if the setup can handle jostling.

Keep in mind that you must check your cargo along the trip. Tug on the bindings and adjust the straps accordingly. If you have to re-tie them, then do so! It’s better than broken stuff.