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Event Catering Styles: Which is the Right Option?

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cateringHosting a party involves many responsibilities, but among the biggest priorities is making sure that guests havea great time and the best possible dining experience. Deciding on a catering style, however, is not always the easiest thing to do. A sit down dinner, an informal dining event, or buffet catering – which option is best for your party?

Read on for more information about the three choices and decide which will work best for your party or event.

Formal Sit-Down Dinner

Sit down dinners with course meals create a more formal atmosphere, making the choice ideal for events like weddings or if you just want things to be fancy and classy. This option also works best for intimate gatherings.

Hire a reliable caterer if you want to host a formal sit-down dinner. This will allow you to enjoy the party without any worries regarding food service. According to Manolas Bros, this catering style is also suitable if you have several elderly guests.

Informal Sit-Down Dinner

An informal sit-down dinner involves serving food in a more casual way, but still follows the dining etiquette guidelines. Informal sit-down dinners are usually served at the appointed time and there are assigned seats for the guests.

With this catering style, you can arrange the table in an eclectic style and use serving containers consisting of different shapes, colours, and materials. You can also place all the food on the table at one time and have everyone partake in the meal family style.


Buffets indicate a laid back and casual vibe that allow guests to relax and eat at their own pace. This is usually less expensive, as it requires less staff and menus are easier to prepare. A buffet catering setup also encourages more mingling among guests.

If you’d like your event to be more casual, you can have a lap service buffet, where guests can eat while standing or seated on a sofa. For elaborate occasions like family holidays or small weddings, a sit-down buffet is a good option.

Choose the catering style suited for your event. Get help from a reliable caterer to make your event interesting, easy, and stress-free.

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Photo Display Methods: Cakes and Canvas Prints

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Photo Display Methods: Cakes and Canvas Prints

When celebrating a loved one’s special day, many people like to express their creativity using customised canvas cakes. The technical process in the creation of these sweet delights include the use of canvas prints similar to a photo display method.

Eatyourphoto.co.uk offers a short guide on the technology behind these products:


The term canvas came from 13th century Anglo-French. Today, it is used in the virtual arts to mean an area where you can create a design. It is a type of heavy duty, yet simple woven type of textile conventionally used for making boat sails, canopies for tents, marquees and other products where certain strength of fabric is needed.  Canvas is quite popular with design artists and painters where it is used as the painting surface while stretched along a wooden frame.

Characteristics of a Canvas Print

The best kind of modern canvas consists of a woven plain weave of cotton, polyester or linen.  But, historically, it was made out of hemp, which was replaced with cotton later on.  Polyester canvas poses a big challenge to traditional canvas, as the technical characteristics of the former far outweigh the latter in terms of quality, versatility and longevity. When talking about canvas printing, the excellence of dye sublimation methods is more superior than traditional ones because the print is embedded into the fibers using a technique that fuses ink with a substrate that allows for continuous tone of printing.

 Gallery Wrapped Canvas

This is essentially a digital photograph developed to continue all around the edge of a stretcher frame. It can be utilised to augment the three dimensional effects used on a mounted canvas.  There are other methods that aim to replicate the procedure, such as the mirror wrap or spot color applied to the edges.

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What Your RV Tells Dealers

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What Your RV Tells Dealers

It is amazing what daily habits can say about a person. For example, chewing on a straw while drinking soda can be a sign of repressed anger, while rolling eyes to the side means that person is lying. Profiles have gone a step further and can actually guess someone’s personal details of the things they own.

One of the most interesting aspects of this type of guesswork is what RVs say about the people who own them. For instance, if you are an RV owner, you’re probably around 48 years of age, married with at least two children, and have an average household income of $47,000.

That is a significant amount of information from coming from something as ordinary as owning an RV. That is mostly general information, and can get more specific with added information. For example, if someone owns an RV, it has been said that they are probably living in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina, British Columbia or the areas near the borders of these states.

Noted industry authority Moix RV Supercenter says RV dealers gather these numbers of all of their transactions to get a better idea of who their customers are, and what they can do to offer better products and customer service.

In gathering the average age and family structure of RV owners, dealers can stock on the vehicle types that most appeal to them during the seasonal vacation months. Those months being April, June, July, August, and September, which comprise the summer season, where school is out and holidays abound.

The practice is a common one, but restricted to the dealings customers have with their dealers. Nobody is taking a close look at your private files to get this information. So, do not be surprised if you find something on the RV lot that looks perfect for your family, because odds are it is.

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Four Common Air Conditioning Problems

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Air conditioning units are important for many homes. During summer, energy usage increases, as most homes keep their AC on for longer hours. Did you know that you can limit your costs by making sure your AC is working properly?

air conditioning


Experts say you can reduce energy consumption by cleaning your AC unit and replacing filters regularly. Fixing problems as soon as you can also avoids costly repairs and part replacements.

Here are common problems to watch out for:

1. Electric Control Failure

Over time, the compressor and fan controls may wear out, especially when you turn the unit on and off frequently. Electric control failure is also common for an oversized system. Specialists at ACTION Heating and Air Conditioning notes that corrosion of terminals and wires can lead to electric control failure. To avoid making the problem worse, it’s best to have a professional check your unit’s electrical contacts and connections.

2. Refrigerant Leaks

If your AC unit is low on refrigerant, simply adding more refrigerant may not solve the problem. You need to determine the cause of the problem. The unit may be leaking or undercharged. As refrigerant leaks are harmful to the environment, the government encourages AC unit owners to contact a trained professional to evaluate and fix the problem.

3. Drainage Problems

Check the condensate drain to make sure it is draining properly. Do this often, especially when it’s humid outside. Furthermore, make sure the unit is leveled to avoid drainage problems.

4. Sensor Problems

AC units have thermostat sensors that measure the air temperatures going into the evaporative coil. If the sensor is not in its proper position, the unit may behave erratically and cycle constantly. Check the sensor and make sure it isn’t touching the coil or too far from it.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your home comfortable during the hot season. Perform regular maintenance on your AC unit and enjoy cool air without using too much energy.


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Beyond Better Asset Management: Why Companies are adopting the EAM System

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Beyond Better Asset Management: Why Companies are adopting the EAM System

If you are in the business world, EAM system is a term you would have heard often. EAM is the abbreviation for Enterprise Asset Management System, which refers to the overall life optimal management of any organisation’s physical assets for value maximisation.


Every enterprise has two prominent objectives: to maximise their profits and to manage their assets better as a means to increasing returns on investment. All businesses are constantly developing strategies and policies to meet these two goals, but through the enterprise asset maintenance systems, they can effectively integrate their strategies and policies to boost productivity and profits. To understand what this system contributes to any enterprise, here is a discussion from mainpac.com.au:

More on EAM

Essentially, EAM refers to asset management. It comprises of planning of investment, specification and design and maintenance of available assets. Through the implementation of an effective EAM system, an enterprise can gain better control over its inventory, improved business operations, enhanced serviceability and boosted growth rate.

How it Works

EAM works by creating a database of all available assets, including important information such as costs, location, serial number and other vital information that the asset managers can use for the following:

Identifying repairs and maintenance
Analysing vendor performance
Analysing capital utilization with greater accuracy
Improving the understanding of company operations

Simply put, the database created by EAM gives the managers a clear idea of where the company assets are, what condition they are in and whether they need any repairs or maintenance.

Advantages of EAM

With a proper EAM system, a company can enjoy the following benefits:

It helps an organisation manage its processes in a better manner.
It helps make its operations more efficient and cost-effective.
It helps reduce the costs of labour, production and maintenance.
It helps boost the life cycle of the company’s assets.
It boosts all the stages of company operations right from planning to execution and maintenance.
It enables the company to perform in compliance with strict regulations.
It enables the company to control its assets properly.
It minimises the downtime for the company.

Through these benefits, what an EAM system does is to improve the overall productivity and profits gained for a company. No wonder why more and more enterprises are adopting this system for better operations.

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Defining the Characteristics of a Great and Reliable Dentist

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reliable dentistA dentist’s people skills are an important part of making patients feel comfortable and at ease during a dental appointment. In major cities like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago where there are numerous dentists practicing, how would you know which to choose?

Asking family and friends for referrals is one of the first options, but just because someone you know is comfortable with a particular dental professional doesn’t always guarantee you will experience the same. ArtofModernDentistry.com echoes what professional associations like the Illinois State Dental Society say: define the characteristics you look for in a dentist before trying to find one. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Dentist Who Truly Cares

Anyone who makes a dental appointment does so because they want to keep their teeth healthy. While all dentists will do everything they can to make sure a patient is in the pink of health, some are simply more genuine about the care they provide than others.A dentist who sincerely cares is something that can make all the difference on your next appointment.

Reasonable Prices

Dentists who care don’t charge outrageous fees. Quality performance and practical service charges should go hand in hand. Check the dental service prices in your area and maybe use this information as a baseline for which dentist you schedule an appointment with.

Good Communication Skills

A dentist makes sure dental procedures go well by communicating with patients. You can tell whether a dentist is friendly or not as early as your first consultation. How they interact with you will affect how you feel before, during, and after the procedure.

Specific Expertise and Extensive Knowledge

Dentists have different specialties, so consult with one according to what you need done. Ask if they specialize in gum care or orthodontics – if it’s an area of dentistry they don’t provide services for, ask if you can get a recommendation.

You only see your dentist every so often, but it’s important that you trust them completely. Find a dentist who knows how to take care of your oral health and well being. A well-rounded, experienced, and friendly dentist will make every visit fun and worthwhile.

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Residency Programs for Dental Implants: What they Offer

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Residency Programs for Dental Implants: What they Offer

Implantology, the process of dental implants, involves surgery and teeth restoration.  Many of the highly required procedures cross lines between a few disciplines.  It involves surgery, prosthodontics, aesthetics and occlusion.

According to specialists, a general dentist is in the best position to work on quality dental implants, and specialisation may not be necessary.  Many believe that an oral surgeon and periodontist should place implants in the bones, while a good restoration dentist can do the crowns.

There are a few residency programs available for dental implants.  What does such a course cover? Here is a brief discussion.

  • To be able to sign up for this course, participants are required to have a degree in dentistry.  The next step is learning what implants are about. Academics and clinical course work is included.  Participants will not only observe, but they will also perform dental implant surgery on patients.  They get time to review instructions and gain practical experience, which can be used in their offices on a weekly basis.  As it is a hands-on course, they will follow the cases of at least 30 patients.
  • The basic objective is to make sure live surgeries are viewed each week to get an in-depth understanding of different patient needs.  Guidance is also part of the program to evaluate and choose patients based on each case.  Hands-on surgery is conducted along with fixing prosthetics and devising care plans for patients.
  • Dentists get AAID ad ICOI credentials after completing dental implant courses.  Participants learn how to evaluate patients well based on several criteria using available diagnostic protocols. Afterwards, they use CT diagnosis and plan a course of treatment.  They also get an in-depth understanding on how to perform basic root form surgeries and do immediate implants, if possible.  Implant prosthetics, removable implant over dentures and many other techniques form a part of this course.

Some specialists are invited to lecture on topics like Anatomy, Oral Diagnosis, 3D Radiology, choosing the right implant system and doing pre-op evaluations. They also deliver lectures on bone biology, prosthetic superstructures, bone grafting and membranes, dealing with complications and other topics.

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